Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Coming Out of the Closet MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne02/10/2017
Closet of Shame MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne02/10/2017
Forgiveness MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne02/10/2017
My Soul is Downcast MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne02/10/2017
Great love MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni02/04/2017
Autumn MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/29/2017
Collide MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/27/2017
If We Touch Now MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/26/2017
Piece by Piece MalaysianMalaysiaAsmeralda, Lisa01/24/2017
Let Me Greedily Consume Your Presence MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/22/2017
RAIN OF TORTURE MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
THE DARK AGE MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
MY FAVOURITE GAME MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
OOPS MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
BREAKING DAWN MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
STANDING IN THE CROWD MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
THE SUNSET MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/20/2017
LOST MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum01/19/2017
Bold MalaysianMalaysiaBINTI MOHMAD SOFFI, SITI NUR ALIFAH01/19/2017
RIP And The Fraility Of Life MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/18/2017
Heart Attacked MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/18/2017
Napalm And The Evil That Man Do MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/15/2017
Love Induced Narcissism MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/15/2017
Chaotic Silence MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/12/2017
Delicious possibilities MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni01/10/2017
FIFA Puska's Award Goes To Faiz Who MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/09/2017
A Walk MalaysianMalaysiaYahya, Fatin01/04/2017
My Teddy Bethany MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne01/03/2017
Emptiness MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne01/03/2017
Principles of Protection or Destruction MalaysianMalaysiaChong, Wilson01/02/2017
Why MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
Embracing the Blue MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
I Am Not as Youthful MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
A Christmas Gift for You MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
Independence Day MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
Singleness MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne12/31/2016
Greetings For A New Year MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/31/2016
Merry me MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah12/31/2016
Pay It Forward MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/29/2016
Unspoken MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni12/26/2016
1MDB Walking Free MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/23/2016
Today MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin12/22/2016
Love To Me MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin12/22/2016
Luscious Sausages Anyone MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/21/2016
Calender But Not Dated MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/21/2016
THERE MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum12/21/2016
I WATCHED MY FEET MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum12/21/2016
REGRET DOES NOT CURE THE PAIN MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum12/21/2016
THE BOY HAS NO SOUL MalaysianMalaysiaChiean Tien, Thum12/21/2016
Gift Of Being Alive MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG12/21/2016