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Loss Narrative Poems

These Loss Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Narrative Loss poems written by international poets.

Something About Ed's Wife, Part II
We though she was just feeling alone,
and we wanted to be there for our friend,
but what happened when we stepped inside
shocked both me and my...

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Categories: friend, life, loss, marriage,

Something About Ed's Wife, Part I
I first met Ed’s wife when he moved in next door,
it was hard not to see such a beauty,
nearly six feet, with long, honey-blonde hair,

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Categories: friend, life, loss, marriage,

The Girl with Eyes as Black as Crows
On that night the moon seemed hidden from her starry brothers
The kind of night not suited for the fighters nor the lovers
I ventured out only...

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Categories: dark, death, fantasy, murder,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part III
For a month Laurie mulled and brooded,
even tried to think it wasn’t her fault,
if Stan had just told her the things he did
maybe she wouldn’t...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part II
She thought he would rage, clean blow his stack,
but he just nodded with a sad look,
said,”After what I saw, I can’t go back,
there are many...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part I
When Laurie was just eighteen years of age
she fell in love with a brazen young man,
rode his own bike, knew just what to say,
ever quick...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

Knox'd Out
It was early, 
The solemn, silent sunrise wrought its
Rays across the untamed land like a
Shorn-clad Delilah.
Dew glistened the foliage
Like undefiled razer blades nestled
Within a mortar's...

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Categories: absence, anger, best friend,

You were exceptional, son of Simon,
A Judean among Galileans.
You were beloved, son of Simon,
Dependable. Unfailing. 
You were trustworthy, son of Simon,
How ironic for me to...

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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, bible, corruption,

Pioneers Without Frontiers
When I was a kid on the bus,
I looked at all that surrounded us,
out the window I always gazed
seeing old fields, half-trees, half-hay,
beyond them rose...

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Categories: childhood, how i feel,

Carmena the American, Part II
...By now Carmena’s anger had built up,
and she glared searing flames at her ‘friend,’
said,”You shut you damn mouth and listen close,
everything you just said does...

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Categories: america, culture, discrimination, freedom,

Premium Member Home early from work
Home early from work
   Yippee! Yippee!
Hey, you guys
   It's really me!

What's this I hear?
   Not a sound --
The house...

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Categories: family, husband, loss, wife,

Night Tidings
A jackal cries in the distance
And I jolt awake
The candle is still awake 
And my falcon glares at me, 
one stern, yellow eye keeping me...

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Categories: africa, bereavement, death, loss,

Peace Be With You
Peace be with you
are the words she said
Flowers placed appropriately 
Saying goodbye to the dead.

She wasn't false
And yet, it wasn't true
Because there were things
She just...

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Categories: care, funeral, grave, grief,

Sitting on the pavement
Alone I sit
Thinking about the things I will miss.

The days flew by
and all I could do was cry
And cry
And cry.
Never could I...

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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, hurt, loss,

Daughter of Zion II
Lord, let Gog mourn in the Mountains of Israel,
Let is cry echo through the valley of Medina,
And through the mountains of Ararat.
From the lands of...

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Categories: bible, christian, jesus, jewish,

In Honor Of Her Brother, Part II
...For a year they lived and were not bothered,
began to question what it was they’d heard,
but one careless night, though the love was sublime,
Miriam got...

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Categories: conflict, dark, farm, fear,

In Honor Of Her Brother, Part I
Miriam Colrick and her husband Brad,
tired of dank cities, crumbling and bad,
moved to New Hampshire, bought themselves a farm,
a place they could raise children without...

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Categories: conflict, dark, farm, fear,

Premium Member On searching for a vocation in the Universe
Nothing is devised or divined in the Universe to forever be.
Nothing is held always in truth; nor ever wholly wrong.
So look to those who find...

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Categories: conflict, men, music, power,

Feeling the Fear

I can feel the walls closing in ...
I’m so afraid
of the pulmonary crumbling

The glass ceiling is falling,
shattered expectations of a jagged relation
pierces my Peter Parker...

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Categories: heartbroken, loss, lost love,

Haunting The Ghost
I’ve been haunting this old gothic
since nineteen eighty,
when I died from a brain tumor
at the age of sixty-three.

I cannot leave this antique home,
I am well-bound...

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Categories: death, forgiveness, heaven, house,