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Funny Murder Poems

These Funny Murder poems are examples of Murder poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Murder Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Dear Dr Fred You Missed the Big One
When I was young,                     ...

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Categories: murder, birthday, death, drug, mom,

Gulp: a Murder Conspiracy
Have you ever heard a crow caw in the dead of night
Never the thought crossed my mind until such was my plight
In the bright of...

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Categories: murder, animal, bird, funny, silly,

Gravely Mistaken
There was a man that lived they said
his whole life in grief and dread

A fool who did but once entwine
in his arms a maiden fine


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Categories: murder, angst, bereavement, conflict, death,

Bedlam Blues
Cain killed Abel on a Monday night 
Abel didn’t get a chance to put up much of a fight
Cain said, “am I my brother’s keeper?”...

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Categories: allegory, funny, murder, mythology,

Premium Member Putrid Putin
Putins invasion is his perverse fun
But we all know he's a murderous hun
When Ukraine counter attacked
Putin's generals were sacked
And soon had Vlad Putin's scum on...

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Categories: murder, war,

Premium Member Silence Is Never An Option
The wild, wild, west he shot his last gun,
the big bad felon that thought he had won.

His boots are now kicking his big toes,
He's left...

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Categories: murder, death, destiny, introspection, life,

Barnabas Oral's Sightless Game
He plays throughout the house at night 
a braille touch for his lack of sight
and dreams of all the crippled things 
with broken legs and...

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Categories: murder, dark, games, humorous, psychological,

Dining With Dysfunction
Mother asked her big brother to pass the sugar;

big brother ruined it by splashing on liquor;

father rued spilt liquor by throwing his jigger

that hit sister...

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Categories: murder, cat, conflict, dog, funny,

Premium Member A Murder Mystery

Buzzing above me
Whizzing through shadowy flight
Stabbing fangs in skin
Causing welts and itchy bites
Festering plots slay these pests

A Buggy Tanka Contest
Sponsored by: M. L. Kiser
August 21,...

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Categories: murder, fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member The Gambler and His Wife
There once was a gambler named Brent
Who had all his wife's money spent

She heard of his debt
Then worked up a sweat

Cause a hole is where...

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Categories: murder, addiction, funny, games, humor,

Premium Member Upon My Two Knees
Gosh-o-Roonies, said the Moonies,
Drag you out into the boonies
Watch you be cut up by loonies
Feed you to the starving goonies....

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Categories: murder, death, funeral, funny, humor,

Premium Member That's a Promise -- Not a Threat
Most of you, I don’t suppose, devote a lot of time to wond’ring ‘bout your death, but, now and then, 
I begin imagining some pretty...

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Categories: murder, car, funny, humor,

Premium Member Murder In the Tunnel
Each morning I took the train to work,  
each evening I took the train back home. 
Each way we went through a long dark...

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Categories: boy, murder, rain, scary,

There For Me
Looking back, one thing comes clean-glass clear
you were always there for me subduing every fear.

I tried to do my duty, be a husband strong and...

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Categories: murder, 12th grade, character, hope,

Junior Mafia
Life these days is hard for any man
But not uncle Vinny, you see he’s in this gang,
He’s living a real good life
Got more money than...

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Categories: murder, america, city, corruption, culture,

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