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Funny Metaphor Poems

These Funny Metaphor poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Metaphor Funny poems written by international poets.

Fast Food
I have a box that I keep locked
In my bag
Pockets deeper than six feet
My friend Andrew died
But he still helps me pay for things
Jack let...

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Categories: food, funny, metaphor, money,

On Point
Pith is pithier than pithy
-it’s not a question of if.
You know atoms are tiny
when you get at ‘em.
Sometimes they’re the point.
Meanings have layers
like lasagna.
Two or...

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Categories: metaphor, 12th grade, allusion, body,

Premium Member I'm Writing This Before You Get the Chance - Cat Sat on Mat
Inspired by a dear friend - iykyk

In a land where camels stitched their dreams,
With needles sharp and lofty seams.
A tailor's shop like desert wide,
Where humps...

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Categories: extended metaphor, funny,

Artful Discord
A picturesque portrait
tightly embraced with golden grace
in the aisles of the orchard
torturing watercolors vividly displayed

Now how do we interpret
all these riddling shades of grey
so silently...

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Categories: art, funny, metaphor, perspective,

Premium Member Shooting Birds At the Moon
Was I maudlin over our breakup? For a minute.

If I think of you now, it’s like a slideshow of unflattering images.

At the time, my breakup...

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Categories: metaphor, absence, break up, humor,

A Liar Being Lied
A liar was 
Lying on the road
And being lied
By some professional liars. 

May 9/2023
By Alfonso Warally Ngengethe 
       Mussabwa Chris...

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Categories: metaphor, 12th grade, angst, funny,

A Stage
What, I cannot say,
A feeling something's wonkey.
Like mucking muddy sand at the bottom of the ocean,
Beneath acrobatic, trapeze artist monkeys.
What can be said,
About the snorkeling...

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous, metaphor,

Sicknesses In Action
Bp is up 
Tb is breaking 
Asthma closes up ?
Ebola is exterminating 
HIV is viral 
Cancer is cutting 
Diabete is destroying  
Corona is crushing 

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Categories: metaphor, 12th grade, death, feelings,

Will I Find Love
will i ever find a love?
a love my father failed of thought
 a mother's love i never got. 
a love with abundant craziness with right...

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Categories: metaphor, care, fate, funny love,

Poetry is the beauty of the mind
Only the clever can define

It is the dance of the pen
Only the toddlers call it a ten

It is a...

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Categories: 1st grade, africa, metaphor,

Premium Member Crimson Clarity
Funny, it is how witnessing the root form of greed
Can cause an otherwise healthy vision to bleed
Humorous is a poorly conceived disguise
So much so that...

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Categories: deep, extended metaphor, hyperbole,

Premium Member Aspiring Alliteration Completed 2-28-23
All answers affect aspirations
By belittling bygone barbarizations
Constantly criticizing correlations
Defined dumbfounded dictations
Edicts evaporate everyone's expectations
Foregone frustrations failed flirtations
Gone great grace giving generations
Harmonies have harmonious hesitations
Impotence influences...

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Categories: metaphor, art, beautiful, creation, extended

Rock On
Don’t take for granite who you are
Just be a little boulder
Remember that you’re made of stars
And someday when you’re older

You may be a marble statue

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Categories: funny, metaphor, nature,

Grammy Number One
Shout out to my depression
My best friend 
It takes courage to live
But we take living for granted 
Until a pandemic comes along and puts everyone...

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Categories: depression, encouraging, metaphor, poems,

Sleepy Eye
There's sleep in my eye
I see it nod
I won't look right at it
I know it's a stodd

I can't tell what's bored it
I know it's a...

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Categories: extended metaphor, funny, giggle,