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Integrity Men Poems

These Integrity Men poems are examples of Men poems about Integrity. These are the best examples of Men Integrity poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Protect and Serve - for the men and women in blue
What is strength if not compassion 
For the weak and those in need,
Does a smile not show more prowess
Than a fist that makes you bleed.


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Categories: men, character, community, conflict, courage,

Dear men
there are some barriers,
some words,
which don't let her to escape
when her feet are burning
from the place she is in,
because many times she don't feel like...

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Categories: men, abuse, betrayal, integrity, march,

Make Me A Good Man
Give me a good man
not a smart man.
Make me a thoughtful man
not a politician.

Take me to rich land
not a poor land.
Make me a stronger man

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Categories: men, allusion, appreciation, image, inspiration,

Premium Member Pride and joy of his family
Having lived on earth for some time now
Impatiently he dwells, harboring self doubt.
In face of impediments he loses his mind
Acquiring dispositions like hate and lies,

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Categories: integrity, life, men, people,

Premium Member chivalry

of modern times
no less heroic

posted on September 28, 2018


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Categories: courage, hero, integrity, men,

Premium Member WHAT DO GOOD MEN DO
Should we call him a man 
A demon or a pervert.?
Should we pull out our detectors
For predator alert.
A MAN without sagacity
impaired from his salacity
Creating insanity,...

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Categories: men, abuse, america, children,

Cad aver
Hither and thither and yon
Is a place where all cads belong
An internet tweet
Records their deceit
To haunt them their whole life long...

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Categories: men, character, first love, integrity,

Premium Member OBEDIENCE

For the one who is willing the laws of our Lord forever to obey

Easy would find it the laws established by men not to disobey...

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Categories: god, integrity, men,

Murky shadows slink around the darkened rainbow
like black eels embracing the dish hi-lighting mankind’s testes.
As today Man’s testicles still hold the world hostage
and reveal...

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Categories: america, integrity, men, political,

And It Goes
And it goes on 
Mass murdering of the innocent
Gentrification of the minorities
And it goes on
Life is not a perfect story,
Happy endings are quite scarce 

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Categories: anger, conflict, environment, humanity,

Real men

Seriously do real men need to groom?
spend so many hours on their appearance 
slapping on face creams,  applying perfume,
deodorant sprays or designer scents,

Seriously do...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: confusion, gender, image, men,

Man's world
mail your king your heart with love
manage your union with integrity, honestly, 
   and grace
march to beat of his drum; his ego that...

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Categories: men, blessing, for her, for

Premium Member A Good Man
Even if he has the physical strength
To crush you with just one blow,
A good man wouldn’t hurt anyone;
He always shows self-control.

He’s slow to get angry...

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Categories: men,

Premium Member My Idea Of A Good Man
            My man does not have to be handsome
nor does he have to be...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: men,

Onwards Men,Victory
Onwards men 
Let us succumb 

Like a lion with its pride  
We shall certainly play our prey 

Off we March
Into the fray 

Hold your rifles...

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Categories: men, march, integrity,

Premium Member Little Men
Little Men

They speak
Before thinking
They speak 
After drinking
They speak
When silence would make them wiser
They speak
The words of little men

Sadly they know not the land of the...

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Categories: men, anti bullying, fairy, humanity,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 3
Ask your friend, neighbour or even a stranger newly-met
Have they ever been damaged by a ‘trust’ ….now turned ‘regret’?
Most men, if not all, have fashioned...

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Categories: men, abuse, corruption, earth, i

The Wise Men and the Roman Authorities
“Are we under them or not?” they debated, 
“Do we owe them explanation?”, they demurred, 
Sure of their validation of this baby, they stated, 

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Categories: men, baby, birth, christmas, corruption,

The Wise Men and the Roman Authorities
“Are we under them or not?” they debated, 
“Do we owe them explanation?”, they demurred, 
Sure of their validation of this baby, they stated, 

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Categories: men, betrayal, bible, birth, christmas,


The king is dead! Long live the king!
History of rulers is no different from ordinary mortals,
The crowns and kohinoors travel from one head to another...

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Categories: death, history, imagery, men,