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Friend Me Poems

These Friend Me poems are examples of Me poems about Friend. These are the best examples of Me Friend poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Day My Life Changed
The day my life changed when I was seventeen,                ...

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Categories: me, dad, food, friend, hurt,

Premium Member Remember me my love
Remember me my love

When darkness has come...
descended hard upon you...
When your mind is weary,
so weary... from the strain

When your heart is heavy,
and you're down on...

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Categories: me, dark, depression, encouraging, i

Premium Member The Lady Down the Lane
I loved your garden and wanted some pictures.
One day I stopped by to introduce myself.
After taking my pictures you said, let's sit and talk for...

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Categories: me, friend, fun, travel,

Premium Member Many Friends
In life we have many friends.                   ...

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Categories: me, friend,

She Reminds Me

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Categories: me, beautiful, care, friendship, love,

SOTHO - Speak to me in my language
Speak to me in my language

S  - Serenity is what I seek in my language
O – Oratory unbounded and understood
T – Tone natural and...

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Categories: me, adventure, africa, community, feelings,

I enjoy making people smile
Folk enjoy my quirky fun style
If someone's feeling down
I will reverse their frown
With silly poems that I compile

I’m awful at cleaning...

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Categories: me,

Premium Member All Things Can Tempt Me
All Things Can Tempt Me

All things can tempt me - my pen remains quiet,
Spellbound by downpours - thunder in riots;
A walk with the dog –...

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Categories: me, humor, writing,

Premium Member In Presenting The Faintest Of Echoes Of Me
In Presenting The Faintest Of Echoes Of Me

Sleep beneath towering white cliffs of life sublime
waiting with bated breath for each rewarding dawn
is it not so,...

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Categories: me, appreciation, art, deep, feelings,

Come Up and See Me Some Time
Come Up and See Me Some Time.

Outside my kitchen window, concealed by drapes, hangs a bird feeder.
Come, come my chick-a-dee-dee-dee, come and enjoy your seed.

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Categories: me, beautiful, bird, hope, nature,

Premium Member With Me Every Moment
You are the tea leaves
I am the tea pot
I the tiny snowflake 
and you the snow


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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, mother daughter,

Premium Member My Mom Lets Me Roller Skate in the House
My mom lets me roller skate in the house, the new boy said.
Liar! I thought, but I kept it to myself.
She lets me paint murals...

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Categories: me, parents,

I will always fight,
on the right side of good.
Against those who bring hate,
like everyone should.

I welcome your trolls,
I will show them their place.
And if we...

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Categories: me, anti bullying,


I stare each day at my available balance
And I wish I had more in the pot
I feel as if I’m under constant surveillance
By the hierarchy,...

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© Dave Cox  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The Me- In Me
              The good in me,

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, introspection,

Premium Member Sowing a Seed to Make Me Bleed
Much consideration was spent choosing a seed with intent 
For I didn't want a weed,  I had a much higher need
So I planted the seed deep...

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Categories: me, bridal shower, growth,


They say I am a dreamer and a true romantic fool 
Happiest living in my own little world though you are welcome too ...

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Categories: me, strength, uplifting,

Life? What is the point of life? No one can even tell you the point, because they don’t even know what to say to you....

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Categories: me, 9th grade, abuse, addiction,

I was born to be a survivor and a fighter.
That's why I became a writer.
As a child the physical abuse I endured.
Being a baby it...

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© Erica Berg  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, absence, abuse, addiction, anger,

Premium Member She Makes Me Smile
Satiny paw pads tap my cheek
and I awake to the tickle of
whiskers upon my nose.
With another morning begun,
a lulling purr produces a giggle
and I open...

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Categories: me, animal, cat, friend, nature,