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Long Teenage Poems

Long Teenage Poems. Below are the most popular long Teenage by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Teenage poems by poem length and keyword.

Below the Horizon - Shallow Shame
Agony be to society's demise
Labels are for fools, not for the wise
Play the familiar tune of in-unison serenity 
Fatality won't come any time soon, thankfully...

Homeless people were on the news not to long ago...I weep...

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Categories: teenage, cute, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member THE JOURNEY
Once upon a weedy lawn
At Cedar Oaks Retirement Home
There sat my mother, weak and old
On an afghan knit to block the cold.

It was summer, but in mom's grey eyes
Was winter, when all around us dies.

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Categories: teenage, appreciation, child, daughter, devotion, family, forgiveness, mom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Seek The Lord - The Star Of David Style

~ Seek  The  Lord  ~
( Star Of  David )

For sure
Knows  sees  all
Wants best  for  you
He  sure loves  us  all
Lord wants us to have Love...

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Categories: teenage, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Used to go to this Bar
Red light, the neon beer sign on the distant wall reflects off the long expanse of polished bar top, overpowering the quiet brown wood. It’s after lunch, only a few people in to stir the...

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Categories: teenage, addiction, beauty, drink, religion, society, solitude,
Form: Prose
Hello? Are you there today?
Have I scared you away?
Spent my whole teenage life, 
Preparing for this day of strife 
To say my goodbye's
To your love-me-not lies
Oh well, oh well
I'm not saying farewell
Where do you dwell?

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Categories: teenage, deep, desire, emotions, encouraging, feelings, grief, growing
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Halloween Night in the Apple Orchard
Young Timmy saw Jim walking down the street.  Timmy considered a quick retreat, but steadied himself with a shrug.  Timmy dreaded the sight of Jim, a teenage bully and wanna be thug, who...

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Categories: teenage, children, fear, scary,
Form: Narrative
Tell Them
Tell Them

To all who have never known, it's time that you've been told. 

Tell the population to change its ways before these lost lives and souls are all in vain. 

Tell the girls to think...

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Categories: teenage, inspiration, drug, universe,
Form: Free verse
Stimulation: mE
De ja vu is seen right before my 7 senses...don't listen to the cries of lies...
Complete me...don't leave me empty - let my 6 become 7 (complete me) This bothersome feeling of disbelief intensifies -...

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Categories: teenage, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, desire, hope, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
Legacy of Penang
Back in 1962 when I was just a lad
my dad gave me a holiday
the best I ever had.
A holiday of every dream
that one lifetime could hold
so listen while this wondrous time 
to you I now...

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Categories: teenage, culture, father, food, friendship, introspection, paradise, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Sooner Recruit
Fifty years, boy and man, I’ve been a Sooners fan;
And watched thousands of recruits try to make my Sooners Team.
Often, I’ve enviously wondered what it must be like
To be a touted Sooners recruit, living out...

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Categories: teenage, celebrity, character, childhood, courage, dedication, desire, dream,
Form: Rhyme
Figure Me Out part 2
Pre-chorus: Mmmm ohhhh ohhh 
The worst pain I've felt in my life was when I left your side
I'm slowly breaking down, so build me up with your confidence...your confidence
I fear that I might lose you,...

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Categories: teenage, deep, desire, feelings,
Form: Lyric
Look Through Any Window
If you could look through any window
Of any house on any given street,
You might find yourself quite surprised 
At the variety of people you would meet.

The couple at number twenty-three
Have been married nearly seven years

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Categories: teenage, community,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member For Each a Second Chance
For Both, a Second Chance

“So tell me…what’s adopting like? Seems a little risky - picking out your children from the local lost and found! 
Suppose the kid’s a ‘loser.’ Do they let you bring ‘em...

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Categories: teenage, child, family,
Form: Rhyme
Watching Me
It was midnight and my dream was shattered
I fell into darkness
A nightmare
I was sinking, drowning, dying…
But then I heard the laugh of a child
Carefree and joyful was the music of her lips
She smiled and suddenly...

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© Cayla Carr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teenage, dream, life, miracle,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member reply from the nonexistent
please tell me ...

what happened?
what dire damage have i wrought?
what did i do to ruin it, that friendship, rare?
you once knew me better than most ...

my darkness didn't frighten you, didn't rattle,
you sighted those demons...

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Categories: friendship, loss, memory, missing, missing you, teenage,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
                            ~ Punished~

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Categories: horror, innocence, sad, teenage,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Memories and Melaine My youngest Daughter In the meantime
Memories And Melanie .
My youngest  Daughter

Taking a stroll, this day, through the pages of time.
Time that has passed into history, a history that is yours and mine.
That history, my Dear, are the memories, and...

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Categories: teenage, daughter,
Form: Rhyme
Baby birds tweet as their long skinny necks stretch towards blind faith. Somewhat frantically; newly born; next to dead; fragile existence; protected with life. Regurgitation from the same embodied mouth that an egg came from....

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Categories: teenage, imagery, innocence, metaphor,
Form: Narrative
The Catch and The Tremble
Lady dearest, fair Romeo, is this the name
the title you wish to bestow upon me
or is it one shared among multiple hearts shot at by multiple nets
I ask only in truth, in search of truth,...

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Categories: beautiful, imagery, love, metaphor, teenage,
Form: Narrative
A Journy From Teenage To Adulthood
A boy named Joseph lives in an old city,
But his family lives so far from his living place.
He came here for study purposes.
Next year he will complete his graduation from the local university.
Now he is...

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Categories: teenage, blessing, change, dedication, devotion, fantasy, giving,
Form: Narrative
I know you’re happy,

Guess I’m stuck bein’ me,

Guess I stay missin’ out on chances that I couldn’t see.

But in the meantime,

Keep your head,

And know I’m doin’ just fine.

You know, maybe I’ll get lucky and catch...

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Categories: teenage, angst, emotions, growing up, high school, introspection,
Form: I do not know?
The Visit
Go ahead, you freaking coward, I thought. You drove all this way, with your new 6" GPS. Now you’re a bowl of jello who can't ring a bell? I took a deep breath and pushed...

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© Tom Arnone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teenage, best friend, death, first love, halloween, lost
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Starry Starry Night
When Wishes were made on a shooting star
The Heavens looked down and smiled
With sprinkles of stardust on a whisper of moonbeams
They created for us a child

Soothed you were by twinkling stars
In a crib that faced...

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Categories: teenage, anti bullying, art, beauty, death, depression, sad,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member She Spoke
I was in 4th grade - when most kids are 9 or 10 years old.  Not yet to the semi-adulthood of the teenage years, and not just "little kids" anymore, either.  You might...

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Categories: teenage, growing up, memory, , 4th grade,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Wounded Orphans
A Taoist's View of Bill Plotkin's
Wounded Southern Orphan.

Really, dear,
that's too long for a co-inviting title,
How about just-us for
Wounded Taoist Anawim?

I don't think we want to go 
grieving back there,
Those early teenage years
of viral WinLose hurts

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Categories: teenage, conflict, confusion, courage, faith, health, hope, love
Form: Political Verse