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Long Centered Poems

Long Centered Poems. Below are the most popular long Centered by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Centered poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Feeling Better
and ego body-systems,
patriotic systems
and feminist systems
mutually improve,
grow more robust,
resonant when WinWin relationships
between diversely paradigmatic elements
within said system
and between unsaid systems
grow more healthy wealth together
well-greased co-operative channels
and web-structures
WinWin overwhelming WinLose
competing smaller self-centered investments.

Capital small-self promotion tends...

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Categories: centered, earth, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Fuller Ironic Future
Your true self is intelligence
and the rest of you, only appearance,
don't lose sight of your true self,
don't waste your time chasing trivial
yet unobtainable goals.
Rumi (M Mafi, trans)

Physical is always special case.
Energy is physical
and always special...

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Categories: centered, math, peace, philosophy, science, violence, wisdom, integrity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Watering Terror
I'm so confused,
raised to believe cooperative love overpowers competing fears
about scarcity of time, 
and other resources,
and anger about past over- and under-valuing of myself
as a regenerative resource,
CoPresence Source,
raised to believe the Golden Rule
is most effectively...

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Categories: centered, anger, destiny, fear, hate, love, power, violence,
Form: Epic
Premium Member What I Didn't Know
People, Places, and Things I Didn't Know I Trusted

I rather suddenly, and belatedly,
realized I trust the highest and best use for language,
for every community and communication of faith,
for every school and pedagogical political enculturation,
for every...

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Categories: centered, culture, health, love, political, power, psychological, trust,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member THE JOURNEY
Once upon a weedy lawn
At Cedar Oaks Retirement Home
There sat my mother, weak and old
On an afghan knit to block the cold.

It was summer, but in mom's grey eyes
Was winter, when all around us dies.

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Categories: centered, appreciation, child, daughter, devotion, family, forgiveness, mom,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Remembering Radical Relatives
Explain your historical evolution radically, inclusively, expansively, good-humoredly; 
not carefully, deductively, reductively, sarcastically.

We once had a school of thought
among up and coming geneticists and historians
that the precursor to the regeneration of a species,
or even an...

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Categories: centered, beauty, culture, health, humor, philosophy, psychological, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Life Through a Thousand Deaths
Here life waits
with a thousand little discontinuous deaths, again,
right here in The Evolving Self's
sixth principle of preferable options for more humane revolutions
of evolution,
lurking behind Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi.

I had seen this life coming
when he began by rooting...

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Categories: centered, blessing, freedom, health, humanity, humor, science, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Social NonDarwinists
We need to talk.

Is this one of those times
where you need to talk
and I must pretend to listen
while you rant?

Well, yes,
if you could extend this favor.

Your topic?

Social Darwinism.

Isn't that the birthplace of unfettered Capitalism
and Fascism

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Categories: centered, environment, gospel, health, humor, psychological, social,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Seek The Lord - The Star Of David Style

~ Seek  The  Lord  ~
( Star Of  David )

For sure
Knows  sees  all
Wants best  for  you
He  sure loves  us  all
Lord wants us to have Love...

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Categories: centered, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Same Ol' Song and Dance
As I look back across more musical times
of rhythmic reflections,
ceremonies and commemorations
of each dawn and dusk eremitic liturgy,
if that is not an oxymoron
of sound and sight,
song and dance,
tragically sad, yet also bilaterally bound with happier...

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Categories: centered, community, dance, humanity, humor, integrity, love, music,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Saviors Near - The Jewels Rule Style

~The Savior Is Near~
 (The Jewels Rule)

 Jesus  is near 
 With  Him  there's nothing to fear 
 He's returning any time 
 His  Love  sublime- 
 Return  prophesied...

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Categories: centered, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Engaging the Family Laundry
Perhaps infertile
unwashed memories
of elder v younger,
Goliath v David,
crusades v communion
critical, yet part of chronic, events
speak extended family disengagement truth
to powerful dirty laundry engagement failures.

That disclaimer said,
I have two incomplete conversations
in mind and heart
and what I...

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Categories: centered, culture, destiny, games, health, integrity, peace, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member AbNormalOriginals
Setting aside richly incorporated through homeless economies,
we have three political ways
to compare a population's internal status:
a. Aboriginal populations,
b. Immigrants--sometimes appearing as multiculturing creolic waves,
c. EmPowered Natives.

Natives are aboriginals
unless a more self-centered wave of supremacist immigrants

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Categories: centered, betrayal, christian, health, humanity, humor, immigration, love,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member BothYang and AlsoYin
It's hard to think in Either-Or Deductive,
while speaking and acting in Both-And Inductive.

For example,
If my Brother is kind and loving
(and he usually is),
and really not all that judgmental and condemning
with his wife and kids especially...

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Categories: centered, christian, earth, family, health, history, humor, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Week 1 - Brian's Poet of Note - 'Jack Gilbert'
A Brief For The Defense 

Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies 
are not starving someplace, they are starving 
somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils. 
But we enjoy our lives because that's what God wants....

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Categories: centered, joy, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Personal Worth 
Everyone has value. Everyone has been called for such a time as this to use their unique gifts and experiences to serve others and to serve God. But what are those gifts? And...

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Categories: centered, spoken word, sympathy, words, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Allah and Buddha were Talking
You know what I think sometimes?
said Allah to Buddha,
Of course you do
and yet you don't.

I think I gave this gift of language
because you have a uniquely humanurtured gift
of comprehending
and transposing
and translating languages thru-out each and...

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Categories: centered, body, health, mentor, political, psychological, religion, rights,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Following Earth's Light
Borrowing from David Holmgren, Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond [Win-Elite v Lose-NonElite] Sustainability, 2002, p. 1

Health ethics are Beloved Community normative principles
used to guide action toward good and light and right outcomes
and away from degeneratively...

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Categories: centered, creation, destiny, earth day, environment, health, humanity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Deep WellHearted Minds
I suppose my worldview life of mind
and witnessing view of few
deep well
hearted Earth

Would feel easier
more powerfully co-inviting
without chronic win/lose stressors
popping up
against downstream sundry, multiculturally 

and yet Organically EcoGreen 

Future prophets
without ecologically probable 

Potential for...

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Categories: centered, earth day, health, home, integrity, mother, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Slow Gin and Astral Conversations

"Slow Gin and Astral Conversations"

A maze me?

I’m the architect 
of my own destiny
he beguiled her 
from the depths of 
his bottled up Carceri
she knew him 
before he became 
a complex 
twixt your world

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Categories: centered, dark, muse, symbolism,
Form: Epic
It is so hard to let go of love,

It sharks, 
unpeels more gut more quickly
than reel or reeler ever lost
in all those years of lazy inches
in and out:
winding in and playing out,
hardly fishing, rarely catching

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Categories: centered, allegory, passion, woman, memory, sea, fish, lust,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Jesus Christ as Climate Savior
To my sisters,
and narrow-way brothers,
in Jesus Christ
as Supreme U.S. Savior,

I reached U.S. voting age during the 70s.
During this time,
the Religious Right
and Republican Party Center
were about the same place;
not distinguishable,
inscrutable, perhaps.

In strong conserving defense of retail-commodified...

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Categories: centered, appreciation, christian, culture, health, history, love, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Pirates Without Ships
Beware of pirates without a ship
like rebels without a transportive WinWin cooperative cause,
like ego-politicians without sacred ecological-economic portfolios.

One of the ways we communicate cooperative values
and choose not to communicate disvalues
is by how and where and...

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Categories: centered, addiction, anti bullying, courage, depression, green, health,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Surviving Chronic Eclipses
I was on my ambivalent fence
about who to watch watch the solar eclipse,
my alcoholic allies
or the designer THC corporate investors.

Wherever it was,
we read excerpts from two permaculture designers,
to get our minds ready for this great...

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Categories: centered, culture, gender, health, humor, integrity, math, seasons,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Neglecting Democratic Health
I'm feeling some civil
democratic health

To re-member
monocultural anthropocentrism
is a mental health crisis

In our U.S. Win/Lose normative
miseducational systems,

In our anti-democratic
unhealthy parenting,
self caregiving,
uncare-receiving deformative win/lose
devolutionary anti-thesis

to prophecy ReGenerative Earth's unParadise demise,
ecologically degenerative
and theologically rationalized:

Earth isn't Heaven
as Nature isn't...

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Categories: centered, caregiving, community, education, health, humanity, integrity, senses,
Form: Political Verse