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Loss List Poems

These Loss List poems are examples of List poems about Loss. These are the best examples of List Loss poems written by international poets.

Premium Member THE VOID OF YOU

There are days I wonder how I could ever bear the loss of you. It scares me. Your absence. The silence. The emptiness. How I...

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Categories: introspection, loneliness, longing, lost

Eyes Closed
Its a Marathon 
forgot to tie my laces,
Ran for the finish line
To get the trophy,
Crossed the line 
to experience the other side,
From escaping the void

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Categories: art, i am, identity,

Premium Member amazon book list
All Books
By CS Parker
On now

Edge of the undead (novel)
Cosmic (novel)
Cosmic: alpha project (novel)
Green 18 (novel)

Into the unknown (short stories)
Sky Unseen (short stories)
A collection of...

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Categories: list, addiction, adventure, age, allusion,

The Despairer's Tragedie
Fighting for depression
Crying for depression
Eating for depression
Drinking for depression
Sleeping for depression
Not sleeping for depression
On tranquilizers for depression
In rehab for depression
Hospitalized for depression
On suicide watch for...

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Categories: death, depression,

List rudder
Lost my oar
 In the middle of Wular, lost rudder 
 Ripple of love forcibly  dragged me down,
The skilled plank heavy swimmed across the...

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Categories: list, grief,

No Respect
He came, then he left.
From that moment I noticed the level of respect was nomore.
Left behind in the cold , I hold onto to the...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, how i

Queen Chaos
Council of loss
Absent morality
Morbid Dynasty
Monarchy of corrupted rules
all the worlds fools
chasing our tails
we do not notice
we slip through each others fingers.,

Aug. 2014

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Categories: for her, soulmate,

Premium Member Feeting Shadows Moonlight Mists , You Reject That Deathbringing List
Feeting Shadows Moonlight Mists , You Reject That Deathbringing List

Fleeting glimpses, much like visions of foggy distant shores
 flashing about , vanishing behind imaginary doors

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Categories: list, death, life, loss, time,

Life after Death
Whispering thoughts dream hopes of afterlife
Born with life to absorb the world without
Explore beauty as to smell it's skin deeply
Lucious loves opposed to fearful fears

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Categories: death, fear, life, life,

00:41 - It's All About
My eyes remember you.
My ears replay you.
My hands miss you.
My heart hates you.
My arms lost you.
My thoughts find you.
My self is you....

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Categories: introspection, loss, sad

Tears so warm and bitter, pain so hurtful and mode. "I wish I 
cannot feel this again." I can't take this anymore I want to...

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Categories: confusion, depression, devotion, forgiveness,

What Choice
Adventures and Allegories 
Angst and Animals
Anniversary Art 
And African Brothers 

Businesses and Caregiving
Childhood and Internet
Confused Cowboys 
And Daughters Death 

Dedication and Depression 
Devotion and Education...

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Categories: politicalinspirational, work, education, work,

The One I Lost
On this date, one year ago
My world was shattered, as I watched you go
With a bleeding heart, in God awful pain
I stood in total disbelief,...

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Categories: loss, marriage,

Premium Member eap: I'm Free
A few days after Big Daddy's death
In the night don't really know if asleep
And the man appeared to me, spoke deep
Of the assurance the he's...

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Categories: loss, love, mystery, sad,

Premium Member Addiction Took
The things addiction took from me
My Lord
My family
My goals
My career
My friends
My self- esteem
My self- respect
My pride
My compassion
My mind
My heart
My soul
My freedom
My health
Addiction took everything from...

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Categories: life, loss, recovery from...

Go Away Baby
One night long ago
I felt as though
You were nothing to me
everybody tried to make me see
I went to a clinic
Where they took you away
Gone forever

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Categories: confusion, death, depression, loss,

A Year Ago

It was just a year ago...

the skies were blue,
the seas did roar,
the tree who grew
and crows that cowl.
the bells would ring,
the wind would sting,
the snow...

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Categories: death, life, loss,

Naming German Shepherd Puppies
Alpha Ursa Major, Alert (Ali),
Bardonino (Bart), Barbera,
Cory, Cody, Cowboy
Deschka, Dodger, Drummer Boy,
Eroica, Elektra,
Firebird (Sandy’s daughter), Firecracker, 
Gangster, Gandy Dancer, Gimmick,
Happy Feet, Hellsapoppin, Hurricane Hattie,
Image, Iesha,

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Categories: animals, loss, pets,


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Categories: depression, loss, drug,

Unfinished Business
He rose
She watched
He paused
She gazed
He twitched
She sighed
He packed
She froze
He waited
She turned
He glanced
She shivered
He moved
She whispered
He paced
She sobbed
He freaked
She called
He frowned
She pleaded
He kissed
She wept
He turned
She knew

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss,