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Imagination List Poems

These Imagination List poems are examples of List poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of List Imagination poems written by international poets.

Levitating: calling all 
Molded into a bowling ball, 
six pins on the wall
At evening all go low 
Silver light shining
White beams flashing,
Closed eyes and minds...

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Categories: imagery, imagination,

Eyes Closed
Its a Marathon 
forgot to tie my laces,
Ran for the finish line
To get the trophy,
Crossed the line 
to experience the other side,
From escaping the void

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Categories: art, i am, identity,

A man's work is his kingdom 
So I never stop constructing,
Equipping my throne 
With armor and weaponry,
Force field's and hidden nukes
But my garden green!
A lawn...

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Categories: i am, identity, imagination,

The Game
The game just began
With two teams,
On red and the other blue
We in this too,
And all are in...
Fans cheering and some booing 
Yeah! we love y'all...

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Categories: games, imagination,

Premium Member Listing A Personal View Of What Poetry Is
Listing A Personal View Of What Poetry Is
    1. Poetry is a stone,turned to expose to searching winds...

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Categories: art, imagination, inspiration, poems,

Today's List
Never die from natural causes
Shoot bullets into water instead
Drink wine with breakfast
Learn to take your heart attacks 
Love them back with buttered bread 
Make sure...

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Categories: list, education, fun, identity, imagination,

We first saw
Then we learned through observing 
So we created order to repeat our lessons, 
then we came together 
Now we shine,
We see through the...

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Categories: image, imagery, imagination, innocence,

Wanted list
They called my friend and I over 
The atmosphere was mad tense
Peril floated nimbly in the crisp air 
Bloody pictures messed with our imagination
"Terrorists wanted...

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Categories: list, poetry,

Have you ever
Have you ever tried staying awake in your sleep?
Or fly when walking?
Maybe screamed loud in your silence?
Well that’s the way you make me feel

When you...

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Categories: addiction, art, desire, love,

bucket list of wants
Tons more I wish to do,
Much more I want to do,
Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue,
Much more I wish...

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Categories: list, adventure, dream, imagination, inspirational,

Premium Member Just a load of cliches
I once lived in a notebook but now I live in your head with your dreams.

And I scheme.

He was warmed to the truth by tea...

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Categories: confusion, fantasy, imagination, introspection,

Wake up

Wave at a palm on the other side of ocean,

Hitch a ride on a shooting star.

Reach the peak of Mt. Everest,

Slide belly down with the...

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Categories: imagination, life, peace,

a list of thoughts
apple sauce
chicken and dumplings
hot stove
cooking all night long
clear my mind 
clear my thoughts
hot kitchen
all night long

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Categories: imagination, inspirational, night, night,

Asinine Thoughts 2
Cutting Thyme

Cooking time

Reducing Thyme

Yorkshire Pudding

Chef's bottle
Diner's delight!!...

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Categories: imagination,

Mysterious Mind
Meadows swaying with fresh plant life
Cliffs stand chalky surround the valley
Deep within it breaths heaven
Habitants there within caves
Ladies of hair scarfs and long dresses
Men with...

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Categories: adventure

First Day
Wake up alone, fix my coffee
sit and ponder the day, New Year's Day
Just another day
Happy day
celebratory meal
songs and sundaes.
third wheel date
animated movie
table top easel
blank canvas

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Categories: angst


A    -   BOA,    is where I found stuff on Asian midges
BOA – CON   ...

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Categories: childhood, education, imagination, nostalgia,

What Choice
Adventures and Allegories 
Angst and Animals
Anniversary Art 
And African Brothers 

Businesses and Caregiving
Childhood and Internet
Confused Cowboys 
And Daughters Death 

Dedication and Depression 
Devotion and Education...

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Categories: politicalinspirational, work, education, work,

Premium Member eap: The Dove
The dove of the night has flown
With the whirr of his wings a song
By the early light his coo no wrong
And the signs of spring...

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Categories: animals, hope, imagination, nature,

Premium Member Who I Am
My Inventory:

high-performance yo-yo
poetry books
fishing poles
ice-fishing hut
pocket knife
sharpening stones
life's artifacts
Grandpa's Fishing Hat
hope and joy
Guardian Angel
wooden snow-sleds
more poetry books
camping gear
Babar, the Stuffed-Elephant
McCoy Cookie Jars
nature field-guides
ties I don't...

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Categories: life