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Daughter List Poems

These Daughter List poems are examples of List poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of List Daughter poems written by international poets.

I Theme To List Toward Secular Humanism
I Theme To List Toward Secular Humanism ©ø¥

Mine excel leant
     powerfully pointed

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Categories: list, 11th grade, 12th grade,

The List

His name is Bob and he is a mechanic 
He suffers from liver disease 
But doesn't panic

He is in need of a transplant
It's very urgent...

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Categories: list, health, life, poems, recovery

Premium Member 7 Ways to fight the Flu

1. Get your flu shot every year
• Flu is serious
• The flu shot is your best protection
• This year’s shot targets this year’s viruses

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Categories: child, childhood, christian, kid,

Premium Member An Early Mother's Day
I had much to accomplish last Saturday,
But far too many  things got in my way:

As always when awaking, I  took a pee,
then went...

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Premium Member What I Accomplished Today
Woke up this morning,
To a bright, cheerful day,
And this is what I accomplished today:

Sat down with my Bible,
took time to pray.
Asked for God's guidance,
and blessings...

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Premium Member Best for Last
Best for last

Lizard lips
Blizzard tips
Cow pies
Cannon fodder
Tobacco breath
Primitive Quest
Papilloma’s daughter
Whale droppings
Frantic knocking
Eutectic solder
Anal eyes
Flabby thighs
Don’t bother

Petal pink
Purple ink
Sugar water
Melon slice
Sticky rice
Bubbly juice
Fruit tree
Pretty feet
Bustin loose

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Categories: allusion, humorous, wisdom,

Premium Member Qualities of Health Engendering Women
They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black

Premium Member 10 Things to Eat Instead of Red Meat
Is your go-to lunch roast beef sandwich?
Tomorrow you might want turkey instead
Here is why
In gen. red meat- such as roast beef

Not as healthy as other...

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Categories: baseball, boyfriend, brother, child,

Rules in the eyes of a toddler
If it is off, I must turn it on.
If it is on, I must turn it off.
If it is folded, I must unfold it.
If it...

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Categories: caregiving, childhood, daughter, education,


Photo of my wife  holding a rose...

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Categories: happinessautumn,

Love List
Love List

This is my love list
Joey was my wife
She is gone and very much missed

My daughter Barbara was our first one 
Then came my son...

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Categories: list, lovedaughter, daughter,

From daughter to father
For give me for my sins.
Lord have mercy on my soul.
The Evil thoughts.
The vulgar words that flow from my mouth.
For not renewing my mind daily.

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Categories: faith, forgiveness, life, religion,

Defining Phyllis
Phillida a variation of Phyllis, defined as a green leaf.
In Greek mythology Phyllis is the daughter of Lycurgus, king of Thrace and wife of Demophon...

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Categories: sister

Who Am I
I'am a wife
A mother
A sister
I'am faithful
A friend
I'am scared, 
And strong
I'am a provider
A daughter
I'am beautiful,
And insecure
I'am a woman
Thats who Iam...

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Categories: visionary

Trying to forget what she's seen for years
She starts to cry
She's 13 and ready to leave
Without even saying good-bye
Her parents have beat her black and...

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Categories: childhood, confusion, daughter, depression,

Naming German Shepherd Puppies
Alpha Ursa Major, Alert (Ali),
Bardonino (Bart), Barbera,
Cory, Cody, Cowboy
Deschka, Dodger, Drummer Boy,
Eroica, Elektra,
Firebird (Sandy’s daughter), Firecracker, 
Gangster, Gandy Dancer, Gimmick,
Happy Feet, Hellsapoppin, Hurricane Hattie,
Image, Iesha,

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Categories: animals, loss, pets,

I Needed Just One More Second
If every time we...

Watched a movie
Swam in the river
Hung out with the kids
Talked at work
Went out to eat
Got stuck in traffic
Raced on the highway
Bumped elbows...

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Categories: death,

Lake House (part 2)
The sun is rising
You awaken, and wrap in a sheet
Grab a cuppa coffee
A beautiful day to meet

Wonder to your outdoor recliner
Warmed by the sun
Thoughts are...

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Categories: family, life, nature, passion,

A Baby
A gift from above,
straight to the heart.
A love so sure,
A template secure.
         A Baby!...

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Categories: caregiving, childhood, daughter, devotion,

Four years ago today
9/11 rang in our ears
Our Nation still cries a river
Into a sea of tears

Patrick Driscoll 70, was retired
Jane Folger 73, retired as...

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