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Rhyme Limerick Poems

These Rhyme Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Limerick Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Snory Cory
there was a boy named Cory
one night he claimed great glory
	his moniker came
	he arose to fame
his snoring laudatory...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Babyhood Syndrome

In Christmas this old man thought time was good
To drink foaming beer as much as he could
Fell asleep after last sip
Didn’t foresee he’d start to...

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Categories: drink, humorous,

From Friar Thomas Aquino
AABBA cinquins did flow
With rhyme anapestic
the form did the trick
inspiring Lear et al to have a go...

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Categories: history, poetry,

Premium Member Chatter
Quote By Poet  "Chatter ~ Many words all with no meaning."    

Chatter~many words all with no meaning 
I think your words...

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Categories: crazy, sound, words,

Free To Roam
When devouring a hot chicken pie
An advertised flat caught my eye,
     I would hazard a guess

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Categories: business, conflict, discrimination, hate,

Premium Member The Fiddler and The Frog
The bow would let out a groan
the big green frog sang baritone
we had great home cooked food
with stars for the best mood
heavenly nights at the...

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Categories: friend, humor, music, night,

Pious goes Davos
It’s perhaps accident, chaos
Happens to rhyme well with Davos—
A talk shop of the world  
Where bales of wisdom’s heard,
A shop known for big talk

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Categories: humor, world,

Murdering Your Wife
If you’re planning to murder your wife,
Using poison, a gun or a knife,
You must plan things with care
Or, if not, then prepare
To face jail for...

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Categories: murder,

Premium Member Eve Roper
Eve Roper loves to read nursery rhymes 
She's held contests for these many times
She's written some books 
To get children's- looks 
It was worth spending...

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Categories: dedication,

Premium Member Rudolph Can You Help
The hot sticky cinnamon buns,  
gave Santa a troubled case of the runs.  
Rudolph can you help,  
he said yes with a...

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Categories: christmas, food, humor, uplifting,


As Santa left gifts by the tree,
He smiled and said, “What’s this I see?
For the one thousandth time,
Someone’s left me a rhyme;

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Categories: christmas,

The pink polka-dot nightgown,                     ...

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Categories: christmas, fun, giggle, humor,

Premium Member Good Dog
My good dog he's getting old
Slowing down and not so bold
To lazy to bark
Slow walk in the park
Still keeps me warm when I get cold...

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Categories: dog, fun,

Premium Member Eighty
Bacon and eggs each morning his treat
Chocolate and candy and all that's sweet
No helmet with pedal
No seat belt to meddle
Making eighty years old was no...

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Categories: age, birthday,

Premium Member Birds Of A Feather
Jeff Kyser
Andrea Dietrich 

Jeff Kyser is my kind of mind, 
His humor sense witty and wide -
So often frenetic 
But deep and poetic -

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Categories: humorous,