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History Lay Poems

These History Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about History. These are the best examples of Lay History poems written by international poets.

On These Plains I Lay
On These Plains I Lay

White fire and heat, blinding light, blinding bright.
Shot down on these plains,
My soldiers, My warriors,
Fading from my sight.

Battle lost?  Battle...

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Categories: lay, bible, heaven, history, military,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 5
The Lay of The Best Man - Part Five

Have you heard about the bespectacled man who wore his glasses to bed?
Because when he awoke mornings...

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Categories: humanity, men,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 2
The Lay of The Best Man - Part Two

I will not understate my distaste, but I do not hate. I rate hate as being irate

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Categories: humanity, men,

Lay down beside me
Lay down beside me
Let's break these picture frames
and roll around in the glass
until our bodies are as bloody as 

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Categories: lay, dream, heartbreak, imagery, introspection,

Avia, A Memory
The darkened stair
The footsteps coming down
The hunger there
The dove sang and then flown

The sudden kiss
Of constant memory
The sweetly missed
The sad, sad history

Avia, I
See not why...

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Categories: death, friendship,

Have you ever sat by the telephone
For days, and weeks on end
Waiting for some good news
For your real life to begin.

The phone call that tells...

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Categories: imagination,

Every moment always hollow beneath,
Blap blap blap blap, bullet holes weave;
The body weeps like a river.

Many currents bubble, folding dreams;
There is a fabric  that...

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Categories: history

Premium Member heh-LAY-na
Trojan Abduction
Borne in Greek legend she is
Sparta's King declares

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Categories: lay, history, lost love, love,

As I lay Upon Mother earth
Wishful thinking
rests upon soft summer 
butterfly wings
warm breeze
swims across my body
taking with it
thoughts, dreams,wishes
now they float, high
above the endless 
clouds, like seeds
from an empty 

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Categories: lay, adventure, childhood, family, happiness,

Words from the Oracle
We are in our fall before the season comes
Misting eyes and dropping a dandy heart
A sullen silence around the bee hive hums
History has no center...

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Categories: allegory, philosophy

Working Class
Wrinkles and twinkles and wind colored cheeks
callused old feelings well hidden

Take a ride in Old Vermont across the covered bridges
Wander through the woods of Maine...

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Categories: history, on work and

A Hawaiian Lay
Let me tell you of a man in a roundabout way
As you casually straighten your tie
The first I heard of Wales 
Was in a public...

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Categories: lay, history, life, on work