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The Lay of The Best Man - Part 2
The Lay of The Best Man - Part Two I will not understate my distaste, but I do not hate. I rate hate as being irate Shall I underrate the spate of your hate as you devastate; leaving the ‘diva’ in a state? You segregate, that’s active hate. I will not exterminate you, rather, deactivate. Given the way you operate, I will recalibrate, and recreate - without the hate. Hate shall no more reverberate, instead let love reciprocate as you procreate The late great man I delate; hate shall abate, come that great date of debate with fate. Yes, I have seen the devastated diva in a state; heartbroken. …OMG, it’s hell. From boy through to man, you inflict pain on the girl .…as you ‘kiss and tell’. Be it emotional, be it physical, pain is still pain, you cantankerous dumbbell. A burp is still a posh mouth-fart from belly swell - just as cankerous a smell. Pretend to love; then ‘from hate to hurt’; you’ve charmed her with your spell Your level of wickedness sure shocks my God - ‘Oh My Me’!!!….He’d yell. Who will raise their hand in agreement that man is ‘lost in lust’? How many shall concur that man’s law is just so unjust? What will make you see that to bust a crime, proper retribution is a must? Where is the jury? Are they not simply ‘pre-compost’ judging those that accost? Do you believe that dust is the most useless thing on this Earth’s crust? When then will you learn: we are nothing more than reconstituted dust!?!? Understand man’s foolishness and disingenuousness Accuse him of childishness; watch him prove it, no less! Criticise a character trait - just watch him rise to the bait This thing called ‘pride’; his failing and his ultimate fate Learn this lesson: Think that man ‘clever’, or think that man ‘thick’ He becomes a genius …when plotting a despicable ‘sick’. Look at your husband, spouse or your life-mate, intended Is he not simply your stalker - had you not consented? Hand on heart. Yes, place hand on heart; deny his jealousy. Deny his possessiveness ..and his accusations of ‘Floosie’ Many-a-woman has been stung into heart-wrenching realisation You do not really know the man you call ‘spouse’? ....Take caution!!! If you want to know the truth of your shortcomings, look in the mirror. Alas, what you see is only part truth and there is a much greater horror Because what you see is not what you see, but what you think you see And what you think you see is what you want to see, better still, what you want to be. You are a liar, a fraud and a hypocrite, in almost everything you do Ask the blind man about you…he can actually see ‘you’ a whole lot better than you! Oh yes. Hypocrisy!!! How you wallow in the murky mire that is ‘hypocrisy’ You criticise, ostracise then casually do the same - to shameful profligacy. One law for you, one law for them. You can spit, they can’t. You’re averse “After all, they swallow…don’t they? You say. That’s like spitting in reverse” “I’ll mistreat the wife, but don’t you dare mistreat yours” …she’s my sister!” “I’ll abuse and hurt her … get her a doctor; don’t you dare get a barrister”! Yes most men can be loving, decent and kind Most men can be honest - with a mild caring mind Most men can be dependable, trusting and fair Applying reason , meting out justice with admirable flair Most men can be good, and that [really] is the truth Sadly, it starts as a youth; Sadly, most are uncouth. Look at the aggrieved victim retort ‘revenge is sweet’, as revenge is sought He seeks life for a life, avenge, so deems his kangaroo court Simple-minded moron celebrates his deed, a warped victory Yet swift death is probably a blessing in a world of vicious history. Will you tell the celebrant he may have done the victim a favour, or shall I? Because most caged killers would much rather die; like in ‘an eye for an eye’. Where is the discipline? You see; that is the flaw Who is in charge? The Parents; the Teachers; or the Law? Where is the punishment befitting a crime? …Doing real ‘time’. Between justice and injustice lies a laughable pantomime Sadly, the Laws of Entropy relate to both motion and emotion. Men always revert to type, a kind of reverse, perverse evolution.
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