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A Kwansaba poem is a type of non-rhyming poem that is comprised of lines composed of seven words in each and every line. At the same time, the lines are confined within a design of each word being made of words with seven letters not unless it is a proper noun.

The Kwansaba poem is based on the blueprints of the honor of the holiday celebration of the seven principles among the African American communities. The Kwansaba borrows heavily from the 7 principles (Kwanzaa Nguzo Saba), hence the number. Additionally, it does embrace the Praise poem roots of the South African tradition. Such borrowed structures make the Kwansaba a praise poem.

The Kwansaba poem is designed to praise and celebrate the African-American culture. It can be described a septastich since it is made of seven lines. Its birth being on the celebration of the 7 principles, it praises the economic cooperation, purpose, responsibility and collective work, self-determination, faith, unity and creativity among the African-American. 

The Kwansaba is a non-rhyming form that consists of seven lines of seven words per line and each word cannot include more than seven letters unless it's a proper noun. It's based on Kwanzaa, the African American holiday that celebrates seven principles.


KWANSABA FOR QUINCY TROUPE by Reginald Lockett Lion roaming the vast Serengeti of verse On the Great Plains he stalks words Dogs the scents of verbs and nous King of musical lines tracks poetry's song In the forest there stands his prize, A sleek gazelle of a poem desired He makes a quick study and pounces.

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