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Kangaroo Poems

Kangaroo Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of kangaroo poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for kangaroo.

New Poems

Premium Member Comedy of Impeaching Errors
The Republican congressmen,
and I do mean white privileged straight men,
came to their Democratic opposition
concerned about how depressing
December can be,
and all of winter,
come to think and feel
of dark discerning Advent,

So maybe we could stage
a comedic debate
about Trumpism,

To say the most extravagant...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, caregiving, earth, health, humor, integrity, political, trust,
Form: Political Verse

what's a man to do
when he meets a kangaroo
and the kangeroo's called Andrew

he said how do you do
can you help me out I'm new
I'm a kangaroo called Andrew

is it really true
you're a talking kangeroo
and your name is somehow Andrew

he said...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, children, humorous, kid,
Form: Rhyme
Kangaroo Court
A donkey and an elephant in a kangaroo court.
Are turning the zookeepers into a political sport.
The zookeepers are in a frustrated rage.
By the donkey's fabricated stage.
They seem to be down on their luck.
But if it looks, walks, quacks, its probably...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, political,
Form: Political Verse
Tribute to the Taxman
Mister Government Taxman,
IRe See
you’re reaching into the citizens’
		              pockets again

Mister Caesar Palace Chamberlain,
your adept eyes
	          are deeply searching
every...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, corruption, fun, money, word play,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Reality Check
A kangaroo in dungarees hops hopefully 
	To win first prize in the Favs contest hot
		On the heels of an enlightening glow worm

Surely life is no competition but the stage lights
	Reverberates all the promising contenders
		Reincarnation oils the wheels of the jury

Dolly...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, fashion,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Midnight to 3:33 Morning Kills

"Midnight to 3.33, Morning Kills"

He said, 
“Go to where the poets go
Love rolls wet and sways
Intensity wraps itself inside out
and somersaults its legs backward
to open a way
It’s kind of burning hot 
like Summer burns 
bare feet on 
powdered shells
there it...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, feelings, freedom, muse,
Form: Free verse
Kelps report
Nussar " BigKnuckle" Dander, "Godbout" Lovell Moody
and "Oklahoma Cowboy" verses "Chef" Gussal Van  Galloure
," The Goofy" Bostonain and  Kaultour Jinx  
Ended with a inverted figure four submission
When the Jinx caught Lovell Moody in his patented
Hussy Has-been. 45;44.

Ghetto...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, clothes, music, repetition, slam, sports,
Form: Ballad
Salt Lake
On my first trip to the outback across the endless plains,
I saw a harsh and hungry land in pastel coloured stains.
There are more secrets out there, than sun and shifting sand -
It would take more than my lifetime to ever...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, beauty, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Judging Others
Judging Others…
whimsical law?

It is a kangaroo court, 
and the clowns have just arrived. 
Dressed in suits and ties, 
eating pies.

They think they know best, 
they have been put to the test. 
Liars on fire…
every “one”.

Taking care of a tiger, 
that...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, betrayal, confidence, gender, leadership, missing you, moving
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Running Out of Ideas is Impossible
Running out of ideas?
That is impossible if you have a:
TV set
toilet paper
drum set
spiders web
grand child
space aliens

...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, write,
Form: List
Christmas Trees at Smithfield Central Doctors
“ spring, the most delicate feathery yellow of plumes and plumes and plumes and trees and bushes of wattle, as if angels had flown right down out of the softest gold regions of heaven to settle here, in the Australian...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, caregiving, christmas, color, encouraging, flower,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Anorakorama
The Flashing Blade
Mister Ed
Bagpuss and Hector's House.

The Double Deckers
The Herbs and Dangermouse.

Out Of Town
Jackanory and
Thunderbirds (Are Go!)

The Tomorrow People
Catweazle and
The Tomfoolery Show.  (What do you mean, you don't remember this??...OK..substitute The Phil Silvers' Show then..)

The Flaxton Boys
The Prisoner and
The...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, memory,
Form: Rhyme
His Voice
When he speaks,
with hands… not words,
he takes a breath after every sign,
repeats every sign twice.

When he’s nervous
he hums, sometimes he’ll squeal
On a bad day, he’ll flick spit into the corners of her mouth
jumping like a kangaroo on steroids
he frowns.

When he’s...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, absence, appreciation, innocence,
Form: Free verse
A day spent in fading memories
Frightened of memories fading,

Early morning,

sunlight caressing the face

introspection at the reflection 

in the Brahmaputra river 


sweet aroma of the red sand

and green on the countryside

struggles flaying arms to swim 

across the blue waters by Narasimaswami temple 

while religious, in...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, day, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A B C Poem to Rev My Engines
Alabaster annoyance 
Blatantly breathes bulbous brightness
Cadaverous comedy caring 
Daintily during delicate delivery
Exciting elderly enigma.
Furious fiery feeler
Gregariously greets
High-handed hustler
Ignoring imaginative immediates
Jauntily jeering judiciously.
Kangaroo kisses kibitzes
Leaving luxurious loners
Merrily masticating mincemeat.
Never-do-wells needing knowledge
Ostentatiously officiate on orange orangutans.
Precariously polite Pomeranians
Quietly quiz querulous quoters
Reposing rapidly...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: ABC
Literary Notes

At age twenty I had made it to Earls Court.
The rented room was seedily solid
having been for decades
filled with wine and cheap sunlight.

Until then I had not read a thing
apart from: ‘The Ship’ by C.S. Forester
and ‘Arms and the...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers

We go to see the animals, 
the zebra and the bear.
The lion, the tiger, 
and sometimes the small hair.
No, not the one… on top of my head. 
The one that is soft and has very big, fat feet. 
He...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, abortion, absence, abuse, adventure, anxiety, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fatherhood
There aren’t enough ways,
To emphasize your impact each day.
Such an influence in every way,
No matter the time of the day.

Thank you for everything you do,
No idea where I’d be if not for you.
Bouncing in life around and through,
Loose and unstable...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, appreciation, birthday, dad, dedication, family, happy birthday,
Form: Rhyme
Fun with Animals
The Lion

The lion brags he’s the king of beasts
and on other animals feasts.
That boastful reputation doesn’t sit well
with animals who are edible.

The Rooster

The rooster is a cockadoodeler 
and an early morning waker-upper.
Late sleepers call him a sleep awakener
and plot to...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The hippo and the kangaroo
A hippo and a kangaroo
were in a bar in Kathmandu. 
The hippo ordered a cold beer,
let us make that very clear.
The kangaroo on the other hand
was clever enough to understand
that getting drunk in Katmandu
is not the wisest thing to do!
...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
As We Know It

An ornamental doe and fawn,
suddenly move. Tails wave, noses nuzzle –
I have mistaken an actuality,
and now am thrown out of my skin.
I’m a millipede of fractal awareness.
I sniff the body-odor of the planet
take inward, then sift out
Australia and Africa.
I pause...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Barefoot in the Bushfires of the Vanities

"Barefoot in the Bushfires of the Vanities"

Heat rises slowly to rapture flames licking and teasing
Blue Ghostgums to stretch and crack wide open
as Fire spreads molten sweet sap bleeding burgundy all over 
amber gold wild bush honey running freely down the...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, art, life, muse, psychological, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Pineapple kangaroo jumpsuit
Pineapple kangaroo jumpsuit
I know where is he going with this
just bare with me
i uttered these words and kissed my wife
last week
Sick of the i love you's
My mission that i chose to accept
How to interpret the bland
Poems stealing words for life
Music...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Hit On The Head
Me heads been hit many a time in me life,
I've had staples and stitches what am I like?

I've been hit hard by fists, feet and balls,
as a goalie dived into posts and floors.

In a minute one of me rhymes don't...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, humorous, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
Stood on the pitch, feel mighty and tall, can’t wait for the hit, can’t wait for the ball, I’ve trained really hard, my body feels strong, score under the posts, they’ll be singing my song, my opposite number, looks pretty...Read More
Categories: kangaroo, boy, father, father son, happiness, meaningful, passion,
Form: Rhyme