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Maria Down Under

There’s endless miles of golden sandy beaches Sparkling aqua waters as far as the eye can see Gods and Goddesses frolic au naturel down under Here’s where Heaven shines her light down on me If you foolishly swim between the danger red line zones See a shark coming ‘HELP ME’! - You wildly scream Well worth the SAVE in those bronzed muscly arms Spunky Aussie life guards straight out of your dream Women glow and men become fit- lean and taut Any wonder that all thoughts get thrown asunder Rippling muscles flex- bronzed bodies like gods I come from the ‘green and gold land down under’ Spoiled for choice - Raw possibilities endless No need to lust silently pining after one Pick yourself up look around broken sparrow This must surely be Gods place in the sun Nothing comes close to the beer down under Accompanied by a vegemite sandwich or two Looking for something more gourmet and exotic? There’s crocodile and kangaroo to name but a few A land where every man resides like a King And women are fawned over - treated like Queens We don’t let sneezes and hay fever spoil things If you have the sniffles - Hey! there’s Claratyne This land where millionaires are made in a day If you push the limits to achieve lofty goals So don’t keep waiting to come on down under Where our worth is what defines our roles * ‘Living in a land Down Under Where women glow and men plunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder, You better run you better take cover’
Oops!! that verse sounds like it may be lines from the song 'Land Down Under' by 'Men at Work'. Might be seen as plagiarism. Sorry!! Couldn’t help myself!! Instrumental of ‘Men at Work’ - by Joh Ph Published on Jul 31, 2016 You Tube * Quoted reference and citation of original lyrics of above verse from 'Land Down Under' belongs to 'Men At Work' first released October 1981 - Songwriters: Colin James Hay / Ronald Graham Strykert.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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My Alphabet

A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A
                       Alligator, Airplane, Apple
The alligator sneaked into the airplane to eat an apple.  Aa Aa Aa

B b 	big B little b
                   What words start with the letter B
                       Butterfly, Boy, Banana
A beautiful butterfly landed on the boy ’s nose while he ate a banana. Bb Bb Bb

C c	 big C little c
                    What words start with the letter C
                        Caterpillar, Candy, Car
I ate my sour caterpillar candy in the car. Cc Cc Cc

D d	 big D little d
                    What words start with the letter  D
                        Dog, Doll, Donkey
The dog took off with my doll with the donkey chasing him. Dd Dd Dd

E e	 big E little e
                    What words start with the letter E
                        Elephant, Ear, Eye
The elephant touched his ear and eye with his trunk. Ee Ee Ee

F f	 big F little f
                    What words start with the letter F
                        Fish, Flower, Frog
The frog sat on the lily flower while the fish swam around the pond. Ff  Ff  Ff

G g	 big G little g
                    What words start with the letter G
                        Goat, Giraffe, Grasshopper
Billy goat runs and jumps on the giraffe’s back to chase the grasshopper.  Gg Gg Gg

H h	 big H little h
                    What words start with the letter H
                        Hippopotamus, Heart, Hat
Harry the hippopotamus who has a big heart, wears his favorite hat. Hh Hh Hh

I i	 big  I little i
                     What words start with the letter I
                         Inchworm, Iron, Ice cream
The inchworm stayed away because the iron was hot and the ice cream was cold. Ii Ii Ii

J j 	big J  little j
                   What words start with the letter J
                       Jacket, Jeep, Jelly
I left my jacket in the jeep while I ate my jelly sandwich. Jj Jj Jj

K k	 big K  little k
                    What words start with the letter K
                         Kangaroo, Key, Kitten
Lulu the kangaroo wore a key on a chain around her neck while she carried the kitten in her pouch. Kk Kk Kk

L i	 big L little l
                    What words start with the letter L
                         Lizard, Ladybug, Lego
Charlie the lizard stops to see the ladybug climb up the Lego. Ll Ll Ll

M m 	big M little m
                   What words start with the letter M
                       Monkey, Mouse, Moon
The monkey and mouse sitting on a tree limb together looking at the man on the moon. Mm Mm Mm

N n	 big N little n
                    What words start with the letter N
                        Nose, Nest, Nut
Nancy the squirrel put her nose near the nest to smell the nut at the bottom. Nn Nn Nn

O o	 big O little o
                    What words start with the letter O
                        Ostrich, Orange, Owl
The ostrich saw the orange and ran over and swallow it so he didn’t have to share with the owl.  Oo Oo Oo

P p	 big P little p
                    What words start with the letter P
                         Pig, Pillow, Pumpkin
Piggy the pig lies on the pillow while he throws the pumpkin up in the air.  Pp Pp Pp

Q q	 big Q little q
                     What words start with the letter Q
                          Queen, Quarter, Quail
The Queen of hearts threw a quarter in the air and a quail flew by and caught it. Qq Qq Qq

R r	 big R little r
                    What words start with the letter R
                         Rabbit, Roster, Rocket
The rabbit and the rooster took a rocket ride to visit the moon. Rr Rr Rr

S s	 big S  little s
                    What words start with the letter S
                        Sun, Shovel, Snowman
The children played out in the sun using a shovel to make a snowman.  Ss Ss Ss

T t 	big T  little  t
                   What words start with the letter T
                        Ticket, Table, Train
I  left the ticket on the table for the train ride. Tt Tt Tt

U u	 big  U little  u
                     What words start with the letter U
                         Unicorn, Umbrella, Unicycle
The unicorn held an umbrella over his head so he wouldn’t get wet in the rain while riding his unicycle.  Uu Uu Uu

V             big V  little v
                    What words start with the letter V
                        Violin, Vegetables, Vase
The musician played his violin as he watched the vegetables grow in the vase. Vv Vv 

W w         big W little w
                    What words start with the letter  W
                        Watch, Watermelon, Wagon,
Watson looked at his watch to see if it was lunch time so he could eat his watermelon on the wagon. Ww Ww Ww

X x	 big X  little x
                    What words start with the letter X
                        Xebec, Xylophone, X-ray,
The sailors on the xebec played the ping, ping, ping music on the xylophone while on their way to deliver an x-ray to Xavier.   Xx Xx Xx

Y y 	 big Y little y
                    What words start with the letter Y
                         Yarn, Yo-Yo, Yogurt
The yarn broke loose on the yo-yo when Billy was doing a trick and it flew into the yogurt.  Yy Yy Yy

Z z	 big Z  little  z
                    What words start with the letter  Z
                         Zebra, Zipper, Zoo
The zebra zipped up the zipper on his jacket when it got cold at the zoo. Zz Zz Zz

By: Eve Roper 8/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Zoo Limerick

A struggle ensued at the zoo

when King Lion met Jack Kangaroo.

Leo tried to attack,

but Jack fired right back:

"Are you crazy, Cat? I know Kung Fu!"

For Geraldine Taylor's  The Creative Collective Anthology Series - Comic Version

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Lotsa Limericks - It Couldn't be Verse

		1. Big Brother
Big Brother's protecting his mice
with a secret eavesdropping device.
          If you hang up the phone
          he'll just send in a drone
when a warrant won't really suffice.

		2. Neutrality
The internet's meant to be free,
yes for all, such as you, such as me.
          But now there's some doubt -
          will it lose all its clout
with the death of neutrality's spree?

		3. Privacy
'twas surely our forefather's dread
all our emails would someday be read.
	Now that push comes to shove
	by the powers above,
private thoughts must now stay in our head.

		4. Guantanamo 
Guantanamo bay's a resort
where the fishing's a fabulous sport -
	with your back on a board
	tepid water is poured
spawning tales for a kangaroo court.

		5. Banks
To bountiful bailouts give thanks
for there's nothing much richer than banks -
	making money galore
	taking homes from the poor
while they're managing mortgaging pranks.

		6. Health
If you live in the States don't get sick
(lest a cut of the upper class clique).
	Whether injured or ill
	all they'll give you's a pill -
if you're lucky you'll surely die quick.

		7. Economy
Our economy's doing just fine
lying dead with a slug in the spine.
	So come follow the call
	where there's money for all
and pure profit's the bottom-most line.

		8. Safety
Vigilantes and cops are wide spread -  
as for justice… not even a shred.
	The avengers of right
	score when stalking the night 
so beware of a cap in the head.

Copyright © Terry O'Leary | Year Posted 2014

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Dr Suess and his Shoe Store

                                a quote from dear Dr. Suess......

Dr. Suess and his Shoe Store

Dr. Suess has a store just full of SHOES..
A GAZILLION shoes I'm sure there must be
Line them all up, bet they'd stretch to the sea!

Small shoes and tall shoes and some with spots
He even has one covered with pink polka dots.. 
                                                ...... Lots of Dots....
Round shoes and square shoes and OH MY
Even lots of cool shoes you don't have to tie!

A snake came in cause he was going to school
And wearing shoes at school is a VERY strict rule..
Now where could a snake wear a shoe you ask?
Well he wore the darn thing like a Halloween mask..

You can buy just one pair if your feeling thrifty
But poor old centipede -  he had to buy fifty
He first bought 25 pair, all were bright yellow
Then 25 he's quite a colorful fellow!

A kangaroo complained that his feet were sore
So extremely sore he could not hop any more
They fixed him up with a spring loaded pair
Now he can happily hop from here to there!

So if a GRANDUFULOUS sight your longing to see
Dr. Suess is waiting  at the corner of 7th and G
With shoes for the young and shoes for the old
HURRY! HURRY! before the purple ones get sold!

This is an old poem of mine that I reworked a bit....

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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Flower Girls

A is for Annie Apple Blossom she buds in the Spring. 
B is Betty Baby Breath she's such a dainty thing.

C is for Miss Candy Tuft pink-cheeked with hair of gold.
D is Debbie Dandelion who never does what she's told!

E is for Easter Lily she's as white as snow.
F is Francie Fairy Bells who ring-a-lings where she goes.

G is for Ginny Gardenia perfumed oh so sweet.
H is Holly Hocks a Tomboy, she has two left feet!

I is for Inca Lily dressed in colors light. 
J is Joanie Jump-Ups, Johnny's little sister bright.

K is for Katie Kangaroo Paw her nails are painted red.
L is Lila Lady Slipper who stays too long a bed.

M is for Merry Morning Glory dressed in pale blue.
N is Nancy Narcissus who trumpets ""toodeloo!" 

O is for Olivia the Ox-Eyed Daisy dolly.
P is Patty Petunia, her pancakes are a folly.

Q is for Queenie Anns Lace her dresses all have ruffles.
R is Ruby Rose-a-lee who almost always shuffles.

S is for Sandy Snap Dragon tall and thin. petite.
T is Tallulah Tulip her clothes are so off beat!

U is for Uma Umbrella Flower, sweet and sunny. 
V is Vicky Violet she plays with Easter bunnies.

W is for Wendy Water Lily she'd rather swim than dance.
X is Xana Xmas Tree in Winter she's entrancing.

Y is for Yani Yarrow, a girl so bonny fair
Z is Zelda Zinnia, she pinning Yani's hair.

All our girls are fine and strong, so beautiful and brave
Not a single one of them would think to misbehave!

Bio: Wise woman.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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An Outback Christmas

Excitement filled the bushland as December was near
Every creature had been waiting for Christmas time - all year.
Wallabies hung their stockings on a  gumtree branch with care
Just as all nice children do – everywhere.

Meanwhile those more up to date logged on the internet
sending E mails to Santa to see what they could get
 Koalas draped high treetops with shiny garlands green 
 And furry possums lined their dens in golden glitter sheen

Wallabies joined in with bright balloons hung on their tails
All the crows tied streamers, cascading from the rails.
Kookaburras’ laughter changed to Christmas songs
While magpies and peewees piped along in throngs.

A wombat and a bandicoot made honeysuckle punch
The parrots came too early and drank’ til they got drunk
And when the’ Magic Pudding’ came to help with Christmas Dinner
His taste was so delicious he left a trifle thinner.

With a Kangaroo as Santa, his pouch stuffed full of cheer
hopping ‘round the outback in the hottest time of year
Just guess what all the drovers got- lots of ice-cold beer.

Suzanne Delaney

For Children's Christmas Poem Contest for Carol Eastman

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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Sunrise Breaks on a Morning Camp

It’s been a long day beneath hot sun,
with sunset looming and daylight done,
came across water with a stand of trees,
deep in shadow with a zephyr breeze;
a perfect place to camp for the night, 
joined by galahs in the fading light,
with swag rolled out near a cooking fire,
heating up a damper and then retire.

Stars like crystal light the outback sky,
way out here they don’t seem so high,
Dingoes howl beyond a red sand dune, 
a mopoke hoots ‘neath a silver moon.
And through the night as I try to sleep,
the night feeders either call or creep,
could there be a pig or a kangaroo?
maybe a camel or an old emu.

Sunrise breaks on my morning camp,
The sky is lemon and leaves are damp.
I poke the ash and I grass the fire,
add kindling and the flames reach higher.
I hear the call of a warbling wren,
a butcherbird and a water hen.
There’s nothing better than bird song,
by a campfire near a billabong.

The billy boils for a cup of tea,
bacon and eggs sit upon my knee,
already the thermals are in the sky,
a wedge-tailed eagle is soaring high…
passing by with babbling words,
is a feeding  family of apostle birds,
all quite content to stop for a chat,
as long as I feed them bacon fat.

Sunrise has lifted on my morning camp,
the suns’ in the sky, now nothing damp, 
I roll my swag and I douse the fire,
with the campsite left as it was prior
for the budgerigar and the cockatoo,
or a flock of redrumps passing through.
I won’t see them for I’m on my way;
perhaps next year on another day.

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2015

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My Pet

I went to Peru
And found a kangaroo
I tried to take him to a zoo
But then I found him in my room!

Now he's my pet
Jumping like a jet,
Oh how I regret 
Ever taking him to my flat!

Copyright © Elena Pisani | Year Posted 2016

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I accidentally let one loose - I was tipsy and had no excuse It happened at the rare breed’s zoo When I decided to cuddle a cute kangaroo As I crept into the fenced off enclosure I struggled to maintain my composure The joey leapt past me, I just couldn’t stop it as it bounded away like a flaming rocket! I tried to catch it by grabbing hold of its tail but I slipped on a grape, and let out a loud wail I could see the joey bounce away into the distance It was clear I needed professional assistance I got the attention of the kangaroo warden She turned on me like a demented gorgon and shouted at me, the air turned quite blue as we both chased after that small kangaroo The footloose joey demanded more intervention His keeper spluttered words too rude to mention The kangaroo bounced away at lightning speed We needed to ensnare it, the keeper decreed We were joined in the chase by the local vet who used a long pole, on the end was a net He managed to place it over the joey’s head Soon joey was captured and locked in his shed I tried to apologise until I was puce in the face But they wouldn’t listen, said I was a disgrace As a result of my action I’m banned from that zoo I guess I won’t get to cuddle a baby kangaroo I accidentally let one loose Contest Sponsored by Charles Messina 7/7/18

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2018

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What's New at the Zoo

Paula parrot is my name. I once was wild, but now I'm tame
A chatterbox who likes to talk! 
Some news to share? Let's take a walk!
Now tell me what's the latest scoop? 
Oh! Watch your step! There's Dodo poop!

When I fly around the zoo, I'll likely make a friend or two
Some call it weird, or quite absurd, to chatter with the other birds
and sometimes share a joke or two, with Ollie Ostrich, and Adolf Emu

I can't deny, I wouldn't lie, I look the Cuckoos in the eye
We shoot the breeze, and share some pie 
and when I leave, with teary eyes, they flap their wings, and shout "Good Bye!"

I pass on by and say "G'day", to Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo
I greet Giraffe, we share a laugh,  a "How are you??" to Mr. Gnu!
I chat while the Chimps, do acrobats, and say "Ell...o" to Elephants...

Poor Tiger's throat is very sore.......he's caught a bug, and cannot roar!
I offer honey for his he can growl, just as before!!

For Penguins shivering on the ice...I gave them boots, and sage advice
(They are rather bashful....but very nice!)
I'll take a swim, with dolphin friends, and saddle up, my pal the Whale
He wants to know some shocking news, and promises he'll never tell.

Zack the Zebra,  in black and white, pajamas worn, in fancy stripes
I tuck him in, a bed of straw, "Sleep well, my friend and "Nighty Night!"

It seems bizarre talk to those, who live a life behind those loathesome bars...
I chat a lot, perhaps it's looney...but they have told me, "We are lonely"...

So, if you like to talk a lot....give strolling through the zoo a shot!!

For Contest sponsored by Just the Archaic Poet  ..."Personalize an Animal"  12/31/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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A World of Laughs

Look around,embrace life,smile,
Even if it's only once in a while,
Gods' world,acres of entertainment,
Learn to laugh,enjoy your environment,
Umbrellas out,the birds are soaring,
Two parrots pecking,so adoring,
The king of water,angry river roaring,
Water racing each other,raindrops pouring,
Snake shaking his rattler,rumba girls luring,
Woodpecker sharing knock,knock jokes,ohh so boring,
Visa-card in his poach,kangaroo touring,
Owl seeking more wisdom,bird brain storing,
More hay over here,horses neighing,
Green,green pastures,the donkeys are braying,
Twenty four-sevens,happy hens are laying,
Do you catch the drift,of what I'm saying,
Now open your eyes,see what I'm talking about,
Hope it put a smile on your face,
Or pulled a laugh from your mouth....

Copyright © Richard Palmer | Year Posted 2012

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My Zoo From A to Z

Alligators, Aardvarks; Arctic fox and hare. Also Armadillos and Asses will be there!

Bobcats, Beavers, Boars; One Blue whale will do! Bovines and a Booby (maybe 2)!

Caribou & Camels; *Cavies & a *Coot; Cottontails, Chipmunks, Chinchillas looking cute.

Dingoes, Deer & *Dik-diks; Dolphins doing tricks!

Elephants, an *Emu; Egrets and a Ewe.

Flying squirrels & Frogs you will find; Ferrets & Flamingos, Felines, every kind.

Goats & Gophers, swift Gazelles & Gnus; Grizzlies & Gorillas; Gibbons to amuse.

Humpbacks;Hyenas,also Harbor seals; Hummingbirds need little; Hippos need huge meals! 

*Ibex  & an Ibis, and there’s some Iguanas

Jaguars & Jackals & wading birds, Jacanas.

Killer whale; a Kangaroo; Kingbirds and the Koala too.

Ligers, Lynxes, Leopards, Langers; Llamas, Lemmings, Loons & Lemurs.

Manatees & Manxes & some Muskrats; Mustangs, Moose, Macaws ; Mountain cats.

Nightingales & Newts; and a big Naked mole rat!

Otters & Opossums; the Ozark Big-eared bat; Ocelots and Orca too. imagine that!

Pumas, Panthers, Penguins, Polar Bears & *Pipits; Puffins, Peacocks, Pelicans & *Peewits. 

*Qhetzals, such bright birds to see; also a Queen snake, Queen rat & Queen bee.

Rhinos, Rams & Reindeer need a look! Racoons too, & have you seen the Rook?

Sable, Sloth & Skunks & Snowy owl, Snipes & Swifts & *Squabs are other fowl.

Tigers, Toucans, *Tapirs; and just now born. . . 

Utah prairie dogs, Uganda Kob and the only one around, the Unicorn!

Vultures, Vipers, Vixens, and more than that; a Vole & Vervet & the Vampire bat!

Walruses, a Weasel, & the silly *Wallaroo; Woodchucks, Wolverines, Warthog too.

*Xenopus & *Xerus; *Xenarthra & *Xantus. 

*Yaffles & a Yellow belly lizard; a Yeti (found naked in a blizzard).

*Zanzibar and Zebra & the *Zebu; Finally a *Zigzag and a *Zoo-zoo!

Definitions of the uncommon animal names in this poem: 
Cavies - Hoofed animals   Coots -diving birds                Dik-diks - type of Antelopes
Emu - like Ostrich             Ibex - wild goat                     Langurs -Long tailed Monkeys
Pipits - small songbirds     Peewits -shore birds               Qhetzals -jungle bird
Squabs -Birds                  Tapirs -S. American Swine      Wallaroo -large Water buffalo
Xenopus -Frog                 Xerus - Ground squirrel            Xenarthra -Anteaters
Xantus - Bird                   Yaffles - Green woodpeckers   Zanzibar -Gecko
Zebu - Ox                         Zigzag - Salamander                 Zoo-zoo -Wood pigeon

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Bushfire Above Labertouche

Thunder rolls in the distance, lightning jags across the sky,
all around the heavens are angry … a fiery strike becomes the eye.
With little rain, and tinder forest, flame reaches out for what is near,
rising through gum and wattle, as undergrowths all disappear,
hell rises up to the heavens; fear on four legs run or die,
sparkling ash swirls to the forefront; smoke quickly fills up the sky.
The roar is a warning to all. Don't hesitate! Run, crawl or fly -
When confusion has ended; destruction and shattered there lie
leaving all eerie; blackened! Scarred! A lifeless bleak charcoal waste,
with layered ash casing the soil. Each living soul has been displaced …

Listen! … The birds are returning. New green appears on blackened tree.
The forest floor is changing; sweet new growth swarms abundantly,
There's movement ahead in the distance - returning is the kangaroo!
Where lush picking is for the taking, as this forest returns anew …
The circle of life is completed. Banksia, grass tree will soon return.
Clematis and orchids will show their heads ... 
… and thrive ‘til the forest - is once again ready to burn.

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2016

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Clean your house from top to bottom – any other chores you want me to do?
A cup of steaming coffee is ready – I know you just love your brew
So you want me to get the shopping – I’ll have it right on cue
Anything special you require, I’ll pay and have it delivered to you
Run your bath – no problem, I’ll put some bubbles in it too
And my babysitting service is free – no dollar spends are due
Have a wonderful meal out with Tom, a treat for you is overdue

No problem what time you return  – I’ll bid you both adieu
Abby will be fine, I’ve written a story for her about a kangaroo
Now remember I’ve paid for the taxi and your meal -  it's cordon blue
Contest – what contest!  As if I’m trying to influence you ...
Even a honourable mention will do!

You want it bad – then bribe me contest
Sponsor Casarah Nance

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Retort to the Devil...

They call you the fallen one,with short tuffted curls
the one responsible for the chaos in the world
you may be the cause,as we live the effect
but your time is near,as you continue to infect

Like an invisible predator,you prey on the weak
like a pride of lions,you pounce on the meek
false pride as it is,your rebellious tirades
the lamb shall arrive to expose your charade

You've enjoyed this sadomasochism way too much
mad puppeteer with an unseen touch
unconscionable,incorrigible,shameless you believe
disgraced by your own doing,from tricks up your sleeve

There are some whom believe,even you have a purpose
hard to conceive,as you delight being murderous
ravager of souls and the misled conscience 
fantasy and fallacy are amusements fictitious

But I...

Sheathed in light,resistant to your malice
filled to the brim like a holy chalice
illusory charms deflect from the scene
impermeable am I,to your vicious deeds...
how you conduct your kangaroo court......

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2010

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Death of the Crocodile Hunter

He was in large life a force of nature
  and in barbed death a martyr to the cause.
Leaping madly on some croc or gator
  wrestling its mighty ancient tail and jaws!
A call to action lest all not conserve
  that which is threatened and forever lost -
to champion, protect, cherish, and preserve,
  and to end the animal holocaust!
There is in Beerwah a place I avouch 
  where The Hunter rests and grew as a child,
and returned a sick joey to its pouch
  and learned to love the demon crocodile.
If ever I see a ghost in khaki
I shall muse of one man and yell..."CRIKEY!"


          Dedicated to Steve Irwin

Note: Beerwah is where he lived at Australia Zoo
         in Queensland, Australia.
         A Joey is a baby kangaroo or other marsupial.

                  October 2006

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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Easter Bunny

Easter Bunnies Easter bunnys bellies burning , From the poison virus mate, Aussie farmers want him murdered , For every blade of grass he takes, Have you seen a mattry eyed, blind bunny, A stumbling to and fro, Have you felt his pain, the stumbling, Bugs Bunnies‘s STILL gotta go, (today) Bunny was here in millions, In our great south land, Free food for all the nation, People ate and loved it man, RSPCA protection for the animals of man, But not for outlaw Bunnie, not part of the plan? 2112 arrives, but still they want him dead, The hungry squatter/farmer, What about Cane toad’s, uncle Fred, The Bushmen and the Drovers, And the Swaggies loved his meat , No starvation in Australia, When we had ol Bunnie sweet. But he’s gotta go. Our great depression was a bit easier because we had Bunnys, no one starved when there was no money. Their hides made Army Slouch hats and Akubras. Shouldn't we have free tucker on the hoof, is there something wrong with that!!! So he is an outlaw Bunnie, like the wild Pigs, but not in the same numbers as of the Kangaroo, who are there in millions, eating much more grass of the Master…Don Johnson Yes Joe, Bunny was a free feed you didn't have to work, you could wander the country like the swaggies did ...i got some kentucky rabbit in the seventies ...strip of fur on my chicken... white meat very good tucker, less Waltzing matilda sheep stolen as a result ...but the hungry Squatter stole the bagmans bunny so we ate his sheep...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

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Funny Lookin' Creature With a Squeaky Bark

I looked behind me when I heard a squeaky little bark
From out of the bushes, a kangaroo-looking creature rose
His bright green eyes flashed neon signs at me in the dark,
then he raised his long piggy snout and struck a silly pose.

"Have you escaped from the zoo to wander in the park?"
His bunny ears flopped before he wiggled long-clawed toes.
He replied, "No. I'm looking for ants cuz I'm an aardvark."
I invited him to join me for dinner at the café, Java Joes.

^-^ - ^-^   

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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TOOTHLESS in 1927 Toothles her tail began to switch, Tuppy said “you’re too old, just stay a bit,” Tuppy rode away to where, A knocking stick a Roo would snare, Roo hides pegged upon the ground, Pounds shillings and pence, to be found, From whence. She galloped down the boundary fence , Clubbed a Roo right out of sense, Got down then to skin this Roo, Who sprang right up and bit her too, He grabbed her close and then, Jerked up a foot to disembowel, when, Toothless cleared the fence, Toothless took the Roo by the throat, Strangulation the intent, I quote, Death did then commence. Kangaroo would seem very nice, Docile friendly, but watch twice, If his female is in season, You could be clawed, bitten and slashed, And Skippy might. Don’t let your dog in water with, Old Skip will drown him till his stiff, But Roo’s out there in millions are, Springing bounding fences ha ha, And following the grass Tom Tit… Toothless was an old greyhound female used for catching Roos on the bound….Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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A Journey With My Paranoia Pt 2

continued from Pt 1

       With my name underneath!/  I said "Who is keith?"/  She looked over her shoulder,/  
The room got colder,/  When she harshly whispered "you!"/  That's when she rose from her 
seat, and with her feet started using Kung-Fu./  Like she was a Kangaroo!/  She beat me 
black and blue./  Then I heard her scream "That's for taking advantage of my virtue!/
       When I finally came too, I was moist with dew./  I felt sick and prayed it was not swine 
flu!/  I found a Doctor nearby./  He was also a Rabbi./  I had a lot of ails including pinkeye./  
He cured me and took me into the "matrix" like on Sci-Fi./  He then taught me the ways of 
the samurai!/  I was now ready, for with one hand I could catch a housefly!/  I adjusted my 
necktie, and told the Rabbi goodbye./  I began my next journey under the blue sky./  Off 
after that whore I must rectify!/
Note: for Constance La France contest "A Magical Journey" - If I offended anyone with this 
piece I apologize It was written only to be morbidly humourous.....

NOTE:  Had to alter for contest because of size.  This is the actual way it ends.  Jimmy

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2009

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Monopoly - Fast Track Equations

“Monopoly - Fast Track Equations”

Razor sharp cut quite clear
He says Trust
She says Fear

Broken glass and hidden things
He says Respect
She says Trust 

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust

Black Lies and Alibis
He says Truth
She says Respect

Innocence is shattered
All the children wept

Steel Cages, Monopoly and Chance Cards
He says Love
She says Lost

Flying Monkeys and Kangaroo Courts
He says Lost
You say, "Here’s the Road Map, I've got the Get Out Free Card"

You get behind the wheel
Take back your soul
Foot to the floor
Keep driving fast, not slow

Pass “GO”, Do not Look Back.
Girlfriend, little sis'ta, you are right on track.

(Lovejoy-Burton/March 2018)


Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Rabbit DNA

Hare trigger instincts
always served Roger well
He had an oh, no-no lettuce nose — 
a hyper-keen sense   when to leave
Roger was rabbit good
at knowing when
to skip out    on his responsibilities  
Before bedtime stories
would end afoul, he could always tell
the impending sour cabbage signs — 
The ***** scent in the air   pregnant with crisis ... 
	rabbit feet had better odds,
		  	                 than a roll of the dices 

Women said he was a   tricky   daddy dodger,
his friends said it was in his DNA
The court affidavits said his name was Roger,
the summons said he wouldn’t pay

Those hare trigger instincts 
always served Roger well
Pearl hip handles, he loved to caress

Hop aboard a bullet train,
when the bad news got belly swell
Twitchy nose rabbit hole escape
	            was his poker face tell

But one determined Alice 
didn’t give 
the baby carrot    carriage subject a rest
Roger got tortoise marriage cold feet,
half-hearted turnip turtle vows
           was his delay strategy best guess 

Women said he was a tricky parent draft dodger,
his friends said it was in his rabbit DNA
The court affidavits all said his name was Roger,
the arrest warrant said he wouldn’t pay

Roger has good    long hare instincts,
he’s Copperfield cool ...   a Houdini Blondie
Angel Eyes bad   you better not blink,
every time your back is turned, he gon flee
So deadbeat ugly    he’s just a Tuco-hearted rat,
a kid welsher    ain’t no rabbit doubt about that

The rabbit in his blood, 
is simply hop-along      run away DNA
He love to cabbage patch play,
but he hate         to bacon lettuce pay

Women said he was a   tricky   daddy dodger,
his friends said it was in his DNA
The court affidavits said his name was Roger,
the summons said he wouldn’t pay

Roger don’t like 
looking at paternity suits,
it just give him the Dodger blues

Rabbits don’t care
to stay in one place too long ... 
in a standstill
That just ain’t how their feet DNA think

And those angry Alices         kangaroo purse pouches,
holding those court-ordered papers unfriendly ... 
they be pushing the Dodger to the brink
Roger’s an absentee parent wearing slipper slouches — 
Hopping-mad child support check is an empty
Cassidy signature signed in invisible ink 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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Slanging it up Down Under

In the land of Oz, we're all fair dinkum,
Every bloke, Sheila and Healer too.
By crikey mate, if you get us started,
You'll regret the day I guarantee you.

In bonza days some may call hard yakka,
With an esky chockers and a barbie that blares.
Strewth! I tell you even our bogans are grouse,
Where else can you find platypodes and Koala Bears?

So spend an arvo or two and don't be a bludger,
Smoke a durry and blow the froth off a few.
You'll be saying "Man, that was a bloody ripper",
So get off your dunny and tell a furphy or two!

If you're thinkin' of comin' over, but not too sure,
Just have a go, ya mug, you may just find.
The best place to go walkabout and make new friends,
But don't be a goose and leave your goon bag behind.

We're as Aussie as "You Beaut", We're as Aussie as the Holden ute. We're as Aussie as a kangaroo, We're as Aussie as we're "True Blue".

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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In my pockets, there might be
A tissue or receipt,
A movie stub or wrapped-up candy
For a little treat.

Others may stash keys or coins,
A shopping list or gum.
Empty pockets are quite rare,
Though surely there are some.

Jacket pockets fill with gloves
Or even mittens, maybe,
And kangaroo moms’ pockets
May contain a sleeping baby.

But my favorite pocket use,
When circumstance demands,
Is as a place in which to plunge
My cold or nervous hands.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2018