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Rain Imagism Poems

These Rain Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Imagism Rain poems written by international poets.

Night of Rain
'Tick', 'tock', 'tick', 'tock', the ticky-tocky click of the clock continued to beep
'Ree-raw', 'ree-raw',  the roaring of the frogs was heard over and over...

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Categories: art,


Time the wanderer  -
For  a pyramid moment stilled  -
On a rain-filled winter night
In dark  narrow streets

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Categories: extended metaphor, ireland, peace,

Premium Member Bleak
Stiff winds blow
Men pull their collars tight 
A hard, chlll drizzle,
   knife-sharp razors,
   piercing makeshift armor

Against a drab background
Smoke-gray clouds sweep...

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Categories: rain, sky, wind,

The nest of calm
I wish to live in an imaginary nest of mine
If you are my best friend ever
Where alive different types of your images
The scene of the...

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Categories: 2nd grade, dream,

The Final Synthesis
The unknown begins,
The wind whispers to the dancing trees about a thousand secrets. 
The rain cleanses the stained earth and makes it sacred. 
The night...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Prematurely
Outside the rain-splattered window
winds whipped
tearing still-moist leaves
from their moorings
hurled to the ground
dying, like our love
without a proper goodbye...

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Categories: love, rain, wind,

Premium Member Perseverance
                     A lone flower


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Categories: allusion, flower, imagery, symbolism,


The darkest day 
The most bitter night
Warm, salty tears crawl down
The back of sweet bamboo
Candy-coated , granular gold
For which I break my back
And rain...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, evil, imagery,

Who are you
On a rainy evening walking through the rain
I have lost my soul on a rivers bank
It float around and finally bend with you
My despair drowned...

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Categories: image,

Premium Member Summer Completion
lavender ideas
gentling summer’s gentle rain

baby blue feelings
wafting into dreams of hope

soft baby pink 
showing her power

lightest green moth
floating on a faerie’s wing

sunlight yellow
completing the rainbow


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Categories: magic, summer,

Premium Member The Sun Beats Down
The sun beats down on my garden's back --
Looking up, I squeeze my eyes tightly
Seeking a cloud that will let down
Her skirts...
I mumble a prayer...

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Categories: animal, nature, rain, sun,

Premium Member Nature's Gifts
A rippled breath of calm comes across the tidelands
      Rain clouds fold themselves into the rim of the horizon

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Categories: ocean, sunset,

Premium Member Slumber stalks him
His head droops
listless mid-day
Waves of heat
Collar damp
shirt clings
Seconds drag
Minutes, eternities
Knees rain perspiration
Rivulets of sweat 
in between the lines
His pen, heavy
ink drains
eyelids heavy
slumber stalks him

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Categories: onomatopoeia, sleep, summer, writing,

Ah! The birds delicate voice sings
Dawn broke! Precious chirping ringing in my ears
The exaggerated sun rays lift the beauteous hues
But for some reason the experience...

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Categories: blue, imagery, rose,

Eternal Spirit
I feel the lightness of feather
Laying down with dreaming of rain
An eternal divine spirit moving like a breeze
My heart beat raise a little
The divine flame...

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Categories: 7th grade,

Premium Member Smiles
Once again leaves are raining down in living color.
Autumn’s palette smiles its rainbow smile at me and 
I have to smile back; such beauty fills...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, nature,

Prisoner Of War
Prisoner Of War

Caught in your draft
With no uniform
Facing battle
Of a new form
Never was much
For walking in line
Yet the earth shifted
This round is mine
Was not warned

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Categories: crush, emotions, feelings, first

Between The Trees
She sat wedged between majestic trees of beauty and style 
 sidled in a labyrinth of Faith and exactitude 
 The day was damp, I...

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Categories: faith,

Three days of summer rain thunder past, on noisy tracks. You smell it, and feel its sprays, from the safety of Grandma’s screened porch. Crickets...

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Categories: age, august, beautiful, beauty,


Steep streets everywhere you played,
Where your football would roll away forever;
And sawdust spilt out of the butcher’s onto the steep sidewalk 

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Categories: life, philosophy, urban,