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Pain Imagism Poems

These Pain Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Imagism Pain poems written by international poets.

Imagine Pain: Matthew 7vs12
I used to be a poet…
A god among man became I
Until one day I met a maiden fair. 
She was as lovely as a dream...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, heartbreak, sad

This was a about a defining moment in my life.
I wrote this to recognise all those people who have not let pain define them.
This is...

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Categories: age, analogy, appreciation, art,

Premium Member Crying
Crashing the beaches
of my eyes,
lives are revealed.

In the small hours of drink,
sickness rained shackled lives
on the bathroom floor.

An abused child
tumbles forth
helpless in a runny sea.


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Categories: cry, memory, metaphor, psychological,

The Man I Am
The man I am is the man I made,
Inventing, reinventing all through the loss and the gain,
The joy, the fun the cry and the pain,

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Categories: adventure, courage, growth, imagery,

My mother
Dear Momma,

In your warmth, I always feel safe and secure.
In your presence, my pains become obscure. 
For all my troubles, your affection as been the...

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Categories: africa, age, angel, appreciation,

For The Sake Of The Whole Human Race

I hear the harps of gold as they softly strum across the sky 
and while the tears of God flow down for all of humanity...

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Categories: analogy,

Premium Member Abstraction of Imagism
He left his favorite asset with me to calm down the silent pain.

February 2nd, 2020...

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Categories: blessing,

Dead Lock
During the deciduous winter
The little ones have come
They sing sweetly
I hear it with great anguish
The fact that you are not with me bothers me
If I...

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Categories: 4th grade, absence,

Trudging on a path deep in a forest 
with the noise of loneliness humdrum in the ears 
Felt the thoughts to be slowing down
as if...

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Categories: absence, break up, cry,

Rest in the sanctuary
The sanctuary of stillness within cold
Frames of stained glass windows
Shining a dim light
Illuminating an altar of sacrifice
Dead trees glisten with tear drops

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Categories: dark, deep, garden, grief,

Nothing happens in the place of forever, just
The vagaries of the universe with no orderly manners.
Let me pause - and I will exist no longer,...

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Categories: meaningful,

Premium Member Please tell me life
Life is but a poem, 
With a lot of oxymoron subjects.
I looked into those tranquil eyes
That face reminded me of a beautiful poem.
She used to...

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Categories: poems,

I am going on a journey in my mind, and I didn’t save a seat for negativity
I choose to take along a dear friend I...

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Categories: emotions, freedom, imagery, imagination,

Onerous anus complex number one
Pain in the ass devoid of dreck
inapropos poetic material what the heck
more unbearable than crick in neck
shiver me timbers, I feel like total wreck
the (see)...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,


to dark forests 

where death 
is but a sound 

where life 
is without labor, 
care or pain,

where no one 
gets sick, grows old,
or dies...

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Categories: passion, peace,