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Metaphor Imagism Poems

These Metaphor Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Imagism Metaphor poems written by international poets.

Shadow of my soul
Shadow of my soul
Speaks to me in parables
Somewhere from my back
When I turn round to perceive
It was not Jesus Christ
His best enemy it was
Telling me...

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Categories: destiny, metaphor,

The Smell of a Dead Cat
The smell of a dead cat
Swelling in the culvert
Is stinking rich!

A toxic dose
It lodges in the nose
You pay the bill!

Should the president come
Let him calm

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Categories: allusion, extended metaphor, pollution,

View Through the Rear Window
Did you wonder, why? 
Your child kneels on the back seat,
Watches, out of the rear window, 
as your car, gathers, speed?

Being a follower, 
you honk...

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Categories: analogy, anti bullying, care,


Time the wanderer  -
For  a pyramid moment stilled  -
On a rain-filled winter night
In dark  narrow streets

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Categories: extended metaphor, ireland, peace,

Premium Member Lake Alma '69
Lake Alma Hills

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© Mel Gill  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, birth, death, imagery,

Premium Member Arts and crafts from grains of sand
Life is a smile of a newborn in mother's arms

Arts and crafts of stained glass from grains of sand

Freedom of a chick on its very...

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Categories: life, metaphor,

1000 Lives
I'll die tonight 
But i know I'll resurrect in the morning
The son...

7 days I'll be walking
With 12 men, friends as adepts:
We be adapting; selling dreams,

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Categories: allegory, art, image, imagination,

Premium Member Jemaa el-Fnaa - Assembly of the Dead
Stand still, eventide ...
I am a capricious cad, among wraiths,
Waltzing with a mop in a Marrakesh courtyard -
Catching stars as they drip with waxy and...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, imagery,

Man the scientific tool box
eyes the bi-camera
nose the bi-air detector
tongue the reporting journalist
legs the walk man’s prop roots
hands the defense acrobat
ears the spying  radar instrument
hair the cushion cover

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Categories: body, metaphor,

When impossibilities happen
Cockroach sat on heap of dung
Cock sat on the cockroach
Fox sat on the cock
Cheetah sat on the fox
Antelope sat on cheetah
King sat on slave-man
Baby came,...

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Categories: humanity, metaphor, satire,

Keep busy in this world
keep busy in this world
as a frog, jump
like a bird, fly
as a human being love
like a hoe plant
as a tongue talk
like an armadillo, sleep
as a...

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Categories: life, metaphor, simile,

Children so rough
He gave birth to five children
Each one enjoys being rough
None enjoys being humble
Fire lives leaking bottom of saucepans
Knife spends time cutting flesh of beasts
Shoe prefers...

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Categories: metaphor, violence,

Colors in a morning parade
In their morning parade
Seven colors found they were all different but happy

Red looked at herself then others
Why am I so bright?
Sun, tell me
Am  I...

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Categories: happiness, metaphor, satire,

Young Zebra in search of greatness
Young zebra
Proud of its beauty
In search of greatness
Went away alone saying;
“Let me visit the lion's den
When they see me there
All will come and worship me

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Categories: animal, irony, metaphor,

When nature talks
When nature talks
Who can say no?
Nature talks of human genius
Nature calls the rock of order
Nature talks to the king of the bush
Then it talks to...

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Categories: metaphor, natural disasters, nature,

Chameleon tiptoes
Tiptoeing in the wilderness
Does not see left
Does not see right
Appetite ahead of its body
Then shoots its tongue forward
Only to get it stuck in thorns

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Categories: metaphor, passion,

The eyes attempt to deny the angel,
It hides beneath thy lampshade of shame,
It coils the eyelids who fight when able
Weak-skinned blanket to a sword of...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member An Old Copper Vase - A Second View
An Old Copper Vase – A Second View

an old copper vase
a witness of age
saw a lot
during times—
but all new to me.

the grace of the
experienced one

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Categories: allegory, beauty, emotions, image,

Premium Member An Old Copper Vase - A First View
An Old Copper Vase – A First View

a rustic object
a worn-weathered look 
an artistic beauty
a metaphorical grandeur

when filled
with a few
red or yellow roses

it resonates

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Categories: allegory, beauty, emotions, image,

Premium Member The Magical Epiphany of an Old Rusted Can
The Magical Epiphany of an Old Rusted Can

whilst out hiking one day in a countryside area
that was quite desolate and remote from any nearby
city, I...

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Categories: allegory, god, imagery, inspiration,