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Confusion Imagism Poems

These Confusion Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Imagism Confusion poems written by international poets.

By a wind blow, all trees wind
Gigantic and dwarf, turning to wind
With greens of kinds, falling to find
As the wind blow, cry whistling behind

By a...

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Categories: art, conflict, confusion, environment,

I dream of fantasy,
But live in reality...
Sometimes fantasy is in reality
And I would hate it for the confusion and disbelief
Fantasy can be too good, to...

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, love, nice,

Have you ever
Have you ever been spoiling for a fight,
I have,
Believing you have the right,
I have,
Looking such a fright,
I have
With your best friend in your sight,
I have,

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Categories: anger, best friend, care,

Playing the Fool
Those who are afraid to appear foolish,
Usually stay out of the limelight,
And seldom take to the field,
Preferring to stay on the side-line and boo,
Or join...

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Categories: analogy, anger, anxiety, blue,

Muscle bound
Are we heading for the same fate as civilisations past?
As we grow too fast,
On too big a repast.

Our muscles bound up in red tape,
Bending us...

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Categories: analogy, animal, autumn, blue,


Now I can go to jail
Have for myself, a bad name
If I take the wrong steps
And follow evil men

One that I would carry with...

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Categories: birthday, childhood, confusion, depression,

The Mystery of Life
                "The Mystery  of Life"

Living in this world is...

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Categories: 2nd grade, confusion, emotions,

I'm lost
I'm stuck in this confusion of probability
Assuming a character to play my role in reality
Just playing an ideal identity
My life feels like a dress up

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Categories: blue, character, conflict, depression,


A confused individual
Oh! I am in a state
a state of confusion
Where i don’t know which way to go
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a...

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Categories: conflict, fantasy, fun,

Saddened and Alone
            Saddened and Alone
    There is a great sadness...

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© Don Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, confusion, depression, emotions,

One Of Those Mornings
It’s one of those meddlesome mornings
Can’t seem to make up it’s mind
Doesn’t want to greet the day
Reluctant to leave the dark behind

One minute breezy, The...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, day, feelings,

diversos vicios y virtudes
For she'd said to us:
'Your friend is proud,
Pushing up his wretched arms,
Merging claims with ego,
Elating his soul in folly:
For pride goes before destruction.'
Prunning her words...

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Categories: allegory,

Plea Bargain

If justice can be carted away on a platter of gold
And repaid with a moribund emerald,
Then let Law swallow its loquacious pride—
Let the rays...

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Categories: betrayal, confusion, corruption, freedom,

Secret Love Prevailed Between Two Hostile Families
Love is so powerful between Andy and Helena after their love grew up to the climax they found themselves in a situation where no one...

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Categories: boyfriend, faith, grief,

Premium Member 4
                I've tied my shoes, as I fold my hands...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, confusion, dedication,

The wolf's true existence
You've shattered any beauty that might have still existed, that might have been left. 

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© Amber Rose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: confusion, dark, death, deep,

Seeing Voices
Music notes and exclamation points 
Particles colliding with sight crystallized to form
Spiraling cyclically midst graviton pull 
Grip mind fathom power with thin flavored lines
Tone deafening...

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Categories: confusion, deep, emotions, imagery,

Glittery Oblivion
The corridor is darkly invasive
usurpation knows not where it steers,
my nightgown caught on wildfire, 
ending was indubitably a flimsy inferno
dreaming phantasma went up in smoke

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, dream, hyperbole, imagination,

Looking for God in all the wrong faces
Looking for God in all the wrong faces,
Can take you to all the wrong places
And cause you to to make the wrong choices,
As the wrong...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, betrayal, bible,

Out Of Feelings
desert sucks upper water to store in the deep
trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die
sunshine reflects on mirages there
mirages elude and mislead the...

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Categories: abuse, anger, conflict, confusion,