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Mountains mirrored on a pellucid lake,
not a cloud in the cornflower blue sky.
At one with nature with each step I take,
I ascend these emerald hills on high.
A patchwork quilted field spreads before me, 
with xanthic gorse and lavender heather.
I...Read More
Categories: iguana, beauty, mountains, nature,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Galapagos Island Ignoramus oops Iguana
Galapagos Island Ignoramus, (oops) Iguana  
Seventh Grade Craziness
Written: By Tom Wright

I didn’t mind being called an ignoramus,
The class was divided; about half thought it was a compliment,
But I knew she was calling me some sort of big lizard.
I was...Read More
Categories: iguana, funny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member We Now Use Wicked Witch's Castle For Good
Wicked Witch of the West’s
Castle is now a home for unwed children, numbering twenty-three,
Children who are gloriously sock-loose and dance-e-bee.

The flying monkeys have turned into baby sitters, and lovers.
They protect the children from all mean witches and mothers.

The scarecrow and...Read More
Categories: iguana, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Short Ribs I: Table for one, please
An iguana and a ladybug
Went out to eat one day.
The lady said, "This is my treat, and I'll be glad to pay."
Said lizard, "Not at all, my dear, for I've a teeny hunch
That after I am through with you, 
There'll...Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Cheering For An Iguana

Never thought I'd be cheering for an iguana but I did
Snakes on Madagascar don't play fair, they're hypocrites
Look cute, by crikey
But really, gorblimey
Ain't the nicest of serpents, eat iguanas and their kids

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Categories: iguana, nature,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member The Iguana -- but not in a blizzard
The iguana is certainly a popular lizard
To figure out why doesn't take a wizard

With that spiky mane curving down its back
It looks like a stegosaurus who went off track

I myself prefer pterodactyls to lizards
To guide me home when lost in...Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, bird, flying, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Current Iguana

How good was it with Barack Obama
Great prez, so sad to say adieu, oh momma
What a charmer
Much love he garnered
Comparisons are glaring with the current iguana

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Categories: iguana, scary,
Form: Limerick
Roll Call
Who among you is named Clark?
"I am!" said the meadow lark
Who here bares the name of Pearl?
"I do!" said the eastern squirrel
Who's a mean old Visigoth?
"That's me!" said the lazy sloth
Who's the biggest silly nerd?
"Me!" said the bee-eater bird
Whose favorite...Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, bird, kids, humorous, nonsense, silly, word
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Trees of D'abadie

  In time's decreasing gain
far from the din of Port of Spain
  a beauty does still remain...
till in my malaise a vision I saw
an oasis gone to return nevermore
  up the Main Eastern Corridor.

  Now in...Read More
Categories: iguana, farm, Lullaby, sad, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
My Iguana
My iguana bit my nose off in Muskogee
I'm ashamed I let myself run out of beer
If I'm caught driving sober to the grocery
They might deport my ass right out of here....Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, humor, hurt, immigration, parody, pets, silly,
Form: Lyric
My Animals ABCs
An alligator always ate addax and antelopes.
Baby bats began bouncing before burping 
Caterpillars climb cable crossings carefully
Dingos don't dine delicately during dinner.
Eager elephants enjoy easily eating eggplants
Funny frogs finally find flipping fun
Granny goat 's girl got green grapes
Healthy heavy happy...Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, funny, humor,
Form: Alliteration
What Lies Beneath the Vale
devious mystery
cosmic energy
cosmic cosmetology and symmetry
indeed ended entering
the entrance of anything
the sinner the Sabbath
the habit death to sympathy
the clothing on finishing
its tragic and squeamish
my quickest admonishing
to thickets of honor
are closed disposed
and tailor made to be tarnished
so I spit at his...Read More
Categories: iguana, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Iguana wants to be a player
Geico commercials didn't hire this slayer
Apparently he's too green
To counteract the green screen 
So Iguana puts on shades 
Then moonwalks and prays
The Gecko breaks a leg on Thursday 
And hopefully doesn't regenerate the next day...Read More
Categories: iguana, animal, funny, giggle, green, humor, humorous, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
Desert Survival
A whiptail lizard
Hangs limp in roadrunner’s beak,
Speed is essential
Fast and wary, the whiptail
Just cannot compete with wings

Sloth of the desert
The horny toad is not fast,
Choosing to blend in
Thorny Camouflage protects 
For speed is not an option

The black Chuckwalla
Puffs itself in...Read More
Categories: iguana, change,
Form: Tanka
Sonoran Desert
Lamp posts eyes
through cracks 
of curtains 
sewing needles
through mine
Screeching tires,
honking horns
plucking mind’s guitar
Take me to the Sonoran
to steal into a hut
while its inhabitant 
and fall sleep in its belly
from rattling reptiles
hunting grasshoppers
the howling hunter mouse  
monsters and...Read More
Categories: iguana, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Irrational iguana diary entry four
One day and one space bar later an irrational iguana put on a wetsuit and some roller skates and left the house. He met with his friends on the way who were waiting at the shop. They were bug eyed...Read More
Categories: iguana, art, assonance,
Form: I do not know?
Customized Menu
Low and behold those creatures cried and begged
while the butcher cut their heads
then he sells them part by part
to her delicatessen
Kidney pie, liver fry, sizzling heart and brain
rated for their fat

Hanging in freezer rooms ready to be grilled
Pig roast, Goat...Read More
Categories: iguana, anger, animal, bullying, emotions, evil, fear, humanity,
Form: Ballade
Endless Cruel Laughter

Sgt. Bedlam of heavy artillery reporting sir
Bedlam I want you to pick the runt of the litter
and turn him into an agent assassin 
with the clandestine power of hypnotism
yes Generalissimo I am here to obey
decked out like a burlesque revue...Read More
Categories: iguana, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
         OLD GREAT GRAND OLYMPIAD                ...Read More
Categories: iguana, celebration, old,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Haiku: Traditional 32
among the ruins
iguana carved from bed rock
weathers in the sun

Brian Johnston
April 5,2016

Poet's Notes: 
Inspired by a haiku by Amy Losak on Face Book's Japanese Poetry Garden Path...Read More
Categories: iguana, life,
Form: Haiku
I give my life to the wind; to
the fossils, the spirit, and the earth.
I leave my thoughts to the termites that
linger beneath the sod, to the falcon in the
firmament, and to the animals that mate on
our planet floor.
To my mother:...Read More
Categories: iguana, absence,
Form: Free verse
Animals found in a zoo
Zebra, Yak, Xenopus, Walrus, Vulture, Urial, Tiger, Snake, Rhinoceros, Quokka, Peacock, Orangutan, Numbat, Muntjac, Lion, Kudu, Jerboa, Iguana, Hyena, Guan, Frog, Elephant, Dromedary, Camel, Bison, Avians....Read More
Categories: iguana, animal,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Bite Me
Bite Me!!

He held out his hand gingerly
With lettuce—on guard inwardly—
Iguana did snap!
We heard, “Holy crap!
He bit me!” he yelled bitterly!

You cannot assume when you try
To do something good it will fly!
Some “creatures” will nab,
While others must stab—
Make “bite me” your...Read More
Categories: iguana, allegory, angst, word play,
Form: Limerick
Crazy Animals -Abecedarian-
A Baboon Cleans Dandruff 
Entirely From Gigantic 
Hairy Iguana Just Kicked Low 
Monkey Never Opened Pants 
Quickly Runs Sighting Trunks 
Under Vest Wearing 
Xylophone Yelling Zebra. 

Copyright © Cynthia Jones 

My gawd, this one is stupid....Read More
Categories: iguana, art,
Form: Abecedarian
Florida Nature
            Florida Nature

Lizard Smile – iguana neon green
In Florida some things are larger than the state
Summer is forever way down there
Lizards grow neon bright in hidden vegetation
Capture bugs on...Read More
Categories: iguana, adventure, beautiful, growth, imagery, life, nature, visionary,
Form: Free verse