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Sea Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Sea Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Sea poems written by international poets.

seeing the believing
i'm living
through her
on vacation
so i can see
the seven
colored sea

my bikini fits
perfect to my
perfect body
as my penguin
feet waddle me
out to wad 

in waters calm
calming me
in the...

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Categories: muse,

Premium Member I See You, God
I See You, God

I see you, God...your glory amplifies
     with gifts of life we share beneath our skies;

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Categories: god, life, universe,

Premium Member This Thing Called Love
This thing called love, oh, tell me what it means!
Is it what breathes and lives in gilded dreams?
Is it the searing burn of hungry kiss?

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Hollow Horror
You left your hollow horror buried deep...
a hollowness unfathomed as we think
about the impact that your strike would reap
and change the path of life in...

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Categories: death, earth, life,

Eleven Figures
By night eleven figures came to me
Unlocking doors that sealed shut long ago.
We travelled forward on a darkened sea 
To sleepy Somnus’ cave, hidden below.


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Categories: allusion, analogy, depression, dream,

Immortal Love
Where deep crimson waters met the shallow rocks,
Stinging spray from the sea stung her soft green eyes.
She sat, cold on the sand, obliviously -
Looking for...

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Categories: dark, longing, love,

Premium Member Celtic Love
The paths We take under the eye of god
and Universe, but some consider odd
Great Lord of Heaven, knowing...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ireland, marriage, pride,

The Stream
When I journey along the stream,
that flows beside the meadow green,
I ask myself where does it go,	
    and why it wanders to...

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Categories: muse, nature,

A Misummer's Night Dream
Once upon a midsummer’s night,
I dreamed a dream of horses white,
of Billy goats and little fishes-
of dogs and cats and childhood wishes.
I dreamed of a...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member But Seriously
But Seriously

But can we deny
     that life exists beyond our earthly sky?

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Categories: life, universe,

Premium Member Come Find Me
Come Find Me

Come, find me in the turquoise of the sea,

in lush, green countryside, 'neath azure sky; 

above bright stars in cosmic artistry

where mysteries of...

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Categories: inspirational,

Premium Member Images of Italy


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Categories: beauty, travel,

Premium Member AKULA the Lost Poem
   AKULA (the lost poem)
My wish is just to go to sea
forgetting everything that's me
on Akula, the boat I've never seen,
forgetting everything I've...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, allusion, anxiety, hope,

Premium Member When the shock wears off
The only thing to do is carry on
And be a light that shines bright in the dark,
Live love surrounded by a sea of hate,
Give hope...

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Categories: america,

Tides of Life
This ocean so full of constant commotion,
for many it can be the horn of plenty, 
if they know how to trudge on with devotion,
else its...

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Categories: analogy, gospel, growing up,

Premium Member The Zenith of my Prime
The zenith of my prime has come and gone
and here I sit and wait my setting sun
with dreams and wishes longing to come true
I won't...

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Categories: encouraging, truth,

Premium Member The Great Atlantic Dawn
The Great Atlantic Dawn

Eastern clouds lie golden in the morning.
Their wealth is the great Atlantic’s dawning.
The risen sun will kiss horizon’s shore,
and on to southern...

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Categories: morning, nature, ocean,

Where It All Goes
Cold fate, indifferent bridegroom to the soul
Has torn away with rough hands his wife’s veil
If only for a word that could console
Bright light inside our...

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Categories: grief, husband, loss, marriage,

A Love Beyond Comprehension
She sat in the moonlight, her back to the bay,
Absorbed in thoughts of her own destruction.
A fortnight ago she had come to the rock;
At the...

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Categories: conflict, deep, destiny, love,

Spirit's Journey
Spirit’s Journey 
I’m sailing on the sea upon a sunbeam; 
I’m hovering on a cloud that’s made of snow; 
I’m flying on an asteroid round...

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Categories: deep, heaven, universe,