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Ocean Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Ocean Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Ocean poems written by international poets.

Life's Blood
Life’s blood is short
Don’t waste it
The iron in your veins will rust
If you don’t let the ocean out.
The poppies that live in your eyes
Will fool...

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Categories: life, tribute,

As I am lying down in bed alone
my spiritless body rolls in bed and 
once again I reach out to my smartphone 
I click an...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Immortal Love
Where deep crimson waters met the shallow rocks,
Stinging spray from the sea stung her soft green eyes.
She sat, cold on the sand, obliviously -
Looking for...

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Categories: dark, longing, love,

Tides of Life
This ocean so full of constant commotion,
for many it can be the horn of plenty, 
if they know how to trudge on with devotion,
else its...

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Categories: analogy, gospel, growing up,

Premium Member The Great Atlantic Dawn
The Great Atlantic Dawn

Eastern clouds lie golden in the morning.
Their wealth is the great Atlantic’s dawning.
The risen sun will kiss horizon’s shore,
and on to southern...

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Categories: morning, nature, ocean,

Let Us Paint, World
What I am is a body of water,
I am fluid; always moving matter,
Eroding the earth I change the world
even if only the heart of a...

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Categories: confidence, creation, destiny, encouraging,

Premium Member Vacation To Remember
Vacation To Remember

Of all the great vacations I've been on,
     the ones abroad and those on land and sea,
the place to...

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Categories: memory, vacation,

Several Miles from Home in Ireland

     Mountains in the Ocean above which stood
     A piercing Sky of blue and Clouds

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Categories: ocean,

Premium Member The Richness of My Love
The richness of my love defies belief
Luxuriant and silky are my dreams
With warmth and passion sweet I hover near
Caressing hands and kisses flow in streams


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Categories: senses, sensual,

Premium Member The Signal
The castle tower stands there tall and proud, 
Awaiting for your safely coming home, 
Just as I do, with tears that freely flow; 
Salt water...

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Categories: absence, boat, lonely, longing,

The Signal
The castle tower stands there tall and proud,
Awaiting for your safely coming home,
Just as I do, with tears that freely flow;
Salt water tears that pool...

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Categories: hope, longing, ocean, romantic,

Thoughts of you
My words will carry swift upon the wind
and speed across the stormy ocean waves.
No hurricane will stunt their flying wings
or find them left outcast amongst...

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Categories: love, words,

Memory Lapse

Every now and then,
A memory will surface,
Emerging from within,
Secretive in purpose.

Revealing bits of life,
I didn’t know exist,
Ashamed of  what I’ve done,
Things I should resist.


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Categories: confusion, depression, fear, health,

Call me a drummer and buy 
me a song
Give me a reason to dance 
to a gong
Make me a mountain and dig 
me a bay

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Categories: hope, me, me,

3000 AD
As the orange sun dives 
below the horizon
The bushman long back 
from daily hunt 
and rested
Now tells the clan the 
legend of the ancient 


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Categories: nature,

In my darkened quiet room
I lay here all alone
no one here beside me
no one on the phone

My own hand wipes my tears
because there’s no one...

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Categories: sad,

Reality's Fear
Should I abandon reality's fear?
Open the sky and unlock it clear?
My little gold keys are all I can hear.
Imagination is a dimension,
That twists and warps...

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Categories: confusion, introspection, nostalgia, philosophy

Sunrise Bliss
           Sunrise Bliss

           Sparkling golden...

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Categories: nature, sea

When the earth was young
Smouldering charcoal smoke drifting
Heady mead distilled  from  honey...
Whethered white skin tropical sea
Gleaming sun  path  on  the water
Rising up out of...

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Categories: history, life, nature, places,