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Depression Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Depression Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Depression poems written by international poets.

Mystic Colour's Blight
If amber green haze may comfort me now,
in the pit of distress without counsel. 
And rampant me strength from this soulless life, 
where one is...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, faith, freedom,

Holding on
Holding on tight
Not wanting to let go
Thinking your right 
But really you don’t know

Holding on forever
That won’t make it any better
Thinking it was clever
Starting to...

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Categories: depression, goodbye,

My mind is boggled down
My chest feels wrapped too tight,
Just wanna curl up in a ball
Sure as hell don't wanna fight.

I wanna lean back in...

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Categories: depression, sad,

A Lost Sense of Purpose
Long ago in the short-time lively spring
In the grassy plains of a small island
Came from nonexistence a young sapling 
Nurtured by the love of her...

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Categories: 12th grade, art, best

Eleven Figures
By night eleven figures came to me
Unlocking doors that sealed shut long ago.
We travelled forward on a darkened sea 
To sleepy Somnus’ cave, hidden below.


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Categories: allusion, analogy, depression, dream,

A Quiet Storm
     A quiet storm is raging in my head
The mangled thoughts, they churn out of control

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Categories: confusion, depression, lost love,

Fenced in Grief
A greasy, thin mop of blazing red fire,
Milky complexion with looks so sickly.
Need of hobbies and human friends so dire.
With head low, he walks with...

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Categories: depression, grief, hurt, mental

You're a myth that I cannot explain
Unheard of, perhaps
But the consequence is the same

The moments you care are what intrigue me the most
But loyalty is...

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Categories: absence, betrayal, depression, heartbreak,

Dangerous Meanderings II
Don’t mind your habits, but they’ve made your mind.
Round the next corner, things will get better.
Until that one fell day when you do find
The credit’s...

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Categories: depression, loneliness, psychological, recovery

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She wasn't swayed from how she set her mind,
but in a way, her heart was of a kind
that loved...

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Categories: abuse, baby, birth, death,

yet untitled
This poem is a mental note to myself about something that happened a few weeks ago. I was attacked at night by two unknown guys...

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Categories: abuse, anger, angst, depression,

what is this feeling
Why are these painful thoughts polluting me?
I am a lost girl in a desert land
All I want to do is be set free
I am trying...

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Categories: anxiety, butterfly, depression,

I stand tall; the luckiest man alive. 
Knowing full well, my life's true direction;
For I'll be sure to amount to something, 
Or burnout rather than...

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Categories: anger, angst, books, dark,

Fame and Stardom

Attainment of success, stardom and fame
Remains the ultimate dream of many
Who seek the publication of their name
Upon the future pages of  history

The journey to...

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Categories: addiction, celebrity, death, depression,

How I adored the times I spent with you;
Your lips; the taste of red wine and cigarettes; 
Your wild hair and your untamed attitude. 

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, beauty,

Here I stand, upon a lonely cliff; 
Outcropped above glittering white-wash waves. 
The swash of the sea and the vivid smell 
Challenges my deepest inner...

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Categories: absence, abuse, anger, angst,

A Letter To My Past
How do you like me as I am today?
Twenty years young, triumphantly boasting 
Success through all you had been foreboding.
Casting my vast nets as far...

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

The Relationship
I saw you last night, in seraphic sleep; 
A tremor in your lips, and a flicker
Of an eye lid for each secret you keep.
I shivered...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, beautiful, depression,

It’s normal to feel a dark cloud’s shadow
Rise above us every once and a while; 
And to feel as though the sun has faded
Behind a...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, bereavement,

The Apple
I lay spread-eagle in a field orchard; 
Surrounded on four sides by long-grown, green grass
On a dry, October's noon. Nonchalant.
I watched a small squirrel climb...

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Categories: absence, allegory, analogy, depression,