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Beautiful Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Beautiful Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Beautiful poems written by international poets.

Premium Member An Incomplete Love Story
They met aboard a cruise one summer day;
     their days and nights were filled with ecstasies.

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Categories: love, sad love,

An Angel With Sins
An angel with my white divinity
Beautiful, holy femininity
Committed a sin and did not regret
She tore me apart and abandoned me...

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© Sil Ng  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, sin,

Premium Member Giving Thanks-2-for someone special
So sad, this year has naught in life to live.
I find it hard to grasp the thanks to give.

Yet, deep inside I know if I...

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Categories: thank you, thanksgiving,

Premium Member The Executioner - Marie Antoinette
    THE EXECUTIONER --Death Of Marie Antoinette
The raving of the night is everywhere,
you lie in candle-light; you brush your hair,
while Paris lulls...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, french, paris,

Premium Member Blue Daisy

While lounging in my duster* watching news,
I have my morning coffee. When I'm through,
I wash my cup and saucer and admire
their elegance and pleasing shade...

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Categories: beautiful, blue, flower,

An epiphanic moment
An epiphanic moment

pale dew drops clung to silky petals as
light breeze held wispy branchlets in its sway
blooms lay snug steeped in enigmatic scents,
waves pirouetting ,dainty...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing,

Jewel in the Crown

The cable car proceeds, its old motif
on slender wire eyed by waiting queue -
So much it seems depends on thin belief -
We flew upon anonymous...

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© Sneha RV  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, family, mother, mothers

Premium Member Descry These Gifts
Descry These Gifts

Much to discover on this lovely earth:
   behold the beauty of her rising sun,
      detect the...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, nature,

The Stream
When I journey along the stream,
that flows beside the meadow green,
I ask myself where does it go,	
    and why it wanders to...

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Categories: muse, nature,

Premium Member Serenity of Blue
Serenity Of Blue

As in our rivers' varied tints of blues,
   the color blends are peaceful and serene,
in ripples of reflective color hues

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Categories: beautiful, blue,

Quelled: End of the Road
Thy gaze; like those Persian spears full in flight,
Thrust 'n us to see the tales in those brown eyes -
Shimmers, like powdered silver beneath sunlight

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Categories: friendship, relationship, sad love,

Premium Member STONE - Mademoiselle L'Vampyre
From out of all the darkest nights we've ever known
her heart as black as all the sins that man has shown
she came...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, addiction, beautiful, horror,

The Ancient Bitch Of Days, for Chad Bittner Hurt
It stood a while, alone, the perfect phrase
Entire and beautiful upon the stage
As lovely as two words could ever be
‘Till came the muse, the ancient...

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Categories: inspiration, muse, mystery, mythology,

The white winter mist encases my lungs, 
Like the smoke of my last cigarette did; 
Sweet, soothing, real. But like me, not bitter.
For the longest...

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Categories: absence, angel, anger, beauty,

Premium Member Goodbye Dear Mother
Under the twilit moon she sat and thought,
why on earth her mother and dad fought.
Wishing she never heard the angry words,
through the pain she knew...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, goodbye, mother daughter,

Premium Member Muse On The Loose
Where did she go- she left me in a spin,
     with words fragmented- where do I begin?
She took my thoughts held...

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Categories: lost, Lullaby, muse, wisdom,

Beautiful Woman
Your light at night will draw many men out 
In black your light-candles a love call out
They will emerge at night at break of black

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© Just James  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: drug, love, woman,

Premium Member Summertime
Our mid-year month of June brings summertime
that deepens colors of light springtime green.
With thicker foliage, tree tops entwine
and sway with rhythm, peaceful and serene.

June's green...

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Categories: beautiful, summer,

Villainous Volcano
To be related to a volcano,
Groomed to stifle oceanic ember,
Doomed to love less, so fearful to love her,
The dragon is feared even in slumber,
It's beautiful...

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Categories: anger, angst, dad, family,

Spirit's Journey
Spirit’s Journey 
I’m sailing on the sea upon a sunbeam; 
I’m hovering on a cloud that’s made of snow; 
I’m flying on an asteroid round...

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Categories: deep, heaven, universe,