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Angst Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Angst Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Angst poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A canopy of gold

Religion has been privatised like gas
I know in church we still can hear the Mass
Yet  no Chaplain comes to dying men
I did my best...

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Categories: absence, adventure, allusion, angel,

Murphy and His Law
Murphy and His Law

Murphy’s Law, one might recall
expressed in simplest form-
states if failure is possible to befall-
it eventually will and that’s the norm.

I have personally...

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Categories: angst, humor,

Needles in the Snow
The pain of feeling helpless is so great
     It pricks the heart like needles in the snow
If I could cure the...

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Categories: angst, love, pain,

Premium Member Her Immortal Sadness
There is no drama in a robot’s day
Often, saw her through an open doorway,
practical and driven, and pre-programmed,
Simply staring, in  a shaft of...

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Categories: angst, emotions, heartbreak, lost

Villainous Volcano
To be related to a volcano,
Groomed to stifle oceanic ember,
Doomed to love less, so fearful to love her,
The dragon is feared even in slumber,
It's beautiful...

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Categories: anger, angst, dad, family,

Premium Member Will You Please Just Try
I won’t, I won’t, no, I will not, not cry!
God, I can feel You, will You please just try
To get my Mom and Dad to...

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Categories: angst, child, faith, family,

Premium Member Chaotic Cousins
Chaotic Cousins

Oh no...I see her number on the screen!
I didn't answer calls from her last week.
One hundred miles away, cousin Colleen...
I know just what she...

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Categories: angst, cousin, crazy,

Premium Member Mountain of Madness
A mountain madness, Colorado Springs'
Pike's Peak, some twenty miles to summit's top,
with roads like winding snakes that coil like rings
and at the open edge, steep...

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Categories: angst, journey, mountains,

Jealousy Upon's One's Soul
Jealousy upon One's Soul

Jealousy comes in many types of forms and dark faces
It has many aspects and traces of different colors,

All the evil seeds can...

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Categories: angst, jealousy,

yet untitled
This poem is a mental note to myself about something that happened a few weeks ago. I was attacked at night by two unknown guys...

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Categories: abuse, anger, angst, depression,

I shall not weep, for him, nor for his crime
Since while he killed he murdered noble lives
And on that angered day, he muted the chime

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Categories: violence,

Premium Member To the Scoffers of Sensual Writes
To those who think that poetry must be
of lofty things, not sensuality
To those who write of stars and sun and moon
and who to romance will...

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Categories: passion, poetry,

The Hunter's Children Cry
He walked amid the woodlands muted morn.
The scents of earth were wafting on the breeze.
For dawn had moistened yet another day.
And silence dripped beneath the...

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Categories: angst, animal, autumn, food,

I stand tall; the luckiest man alive. 
Knowing full well, my life's true direction;
For I'll be sure to amount to something, 
Or burnout rather than...

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Categories: anger, angst, books, dark,

Ancient Warrior
I see the wrinkles in your suntanned brow,
You carried burdens then; you see them now.
You’ve heard the cries your people who in pain,
Have shed their...

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Categories: angst, culture, native american,

Premium Member Dime Romance

You have a dream of love that didn't last. 
You search for something wrong, you might have done. 
The lockets, half a heart, were custom...

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Categories: allusion, angst, betrayal, break

Here I stand, upon a lonely cliff; 
Outcropped above glittering white-wash waves. 
The swash of the sea and the vivid smell 
Challenges my deepest inner...

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Categories: absence, abuse, anger, angst,

"Here lies within; an old memory."- 
Could be the title to any poem
I pen in effort to tell my story.
Be warned, however, not every tribute

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Categories: abuse, age, anger, angst,

Me, Myself and Critique
Allow me a moment to deconstruct,,
Every wall characteristically set up.
And all the fabricated stories from corrupt
Individuals; Residuals of a past, 
I broke through and shattered...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, angst,

A Letter To My Past
How do you like me as I am today?
Twenty years young, triumphantly boasting 
Success through all you had been foreboding.
Casting my vast nets as far...

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,