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Funny History Poems

These Funny History poems are examples of History poems about Funny. These are the best examples of History Funny poems written by international poets.

So That's How It happened
Three ladies all in lettuce dress

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Categories: food, fun, funny, history,

The love nowaday
If you give me your love
I'll make you be my dove
Because you're the only girl that i love
If love is a real love

We don't hardly...

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Categories: funny love, history, i

by Michael R. Burch

& astound,
the whole earth ’round,
even if mostly

The Procrastinator’s Creed
by Michael R. Burch

It’s always, “Tomorrow, I’ll do it.”
Work? I eschew it.
I never collect...

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Categories: history, fun, funny, funny love,

Family History
All those photos and letters
from the past long ago
keep them safe my dears
so people in the future can know

They'll know how we laughed
how we cared...

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Categories: family, history, memory,

We kept our silence in the room as we waited for the verdict to be read an innocent man sitting there with a murder hanging...

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Categories: history, america, appreciation, devotion, emotions,

Long time ago in town of El Paso 
there's a handsome cowboy named Hunter Joe.
Charming as Buffalo Bill,
his mere looks could even kill; 
Ladies flocked...

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Categories: history, western,

What Happened To The Giants, Part III
...Now their have been sightings since that dark time,
like Bigfoot the giant myth will not die,
but as to the flesh-and-blood giant race
it is unlikely one...

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Categories: conflict, history, myth, people,

Premium Member In 1875
History was my favourite subject, 
When I attended school, 
So, I was quite excited to see 
An old plaque upon a wall , 
It read:...

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Categories: crazy, cute, fun, history,

Premium Member Haitian New Year's Poetrysoup Joumou
Bon appétit to all my fellow Haitians and friends,
Who will be drinking, sipping, savoring poertysoup joumou,
Which is made of squash, neck bones, macaroni, oxtails,
Carrots, yams,...

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Categories: history, anniversary, black african american,

Premium Member 1970 To 1979
I am Farrah Fawcett,
Poster on the wall. 
  I am a rotary phone,
When I made a call. 

   I am, Boss,
it’s the...

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Categories: age, history,

Premium Member How Cavemen survived Bat virus
  They lived in caves
  As hunter gatherers

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Categories: art, history,

Black Eyes of America
I will stop reminiscing over the 1700s when the 2000s stop mirroring the same values
plantations upgraded to prisons, chains to handcuff, masters to head leaders...

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Categories: history, 12th grade, black african

Mary Smith, a famous knocker-upper
Mary Smith, a famous knocker-upper
in London's East End,
Shot dried peas with her pea shooter.
At workers windows
to wake them up
to get to work on time
Every morning

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Categories: england, funny, history, humorous,

We were not a nation, but just a continent 
Africa with kingdoms 
then, we violently got segmented and detached by people who never understood us...

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© Pius Seda  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: history, abuse, africa, confusion, corruption,

Enniskillen - a poem for the Queen's last Jubilee
I'm not a Monarchist but I don't hate
The Queen. I lied to her when I was nine
At Finningley it was. We had to wait
For ages...

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Categories: england, forgiveness, history, ireland,