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Chateau of Delight
You! Demon in the sack,
Put the bollards around the heart to tame the love of old.
Doing penance for thousands of years
In anticipation at the Château of Delight, …that it?
Well, simple necessities of life convey into the lore of romance,
And you...Read More
Categories: hearer, sexy,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member God Listens
God whispers through the silence
Awakening my heart’s impression
With tender faith and tranquility
Gentle inspirations to calm my spirit
God sighs through stunning rainbows
Lifting up the one who is downhearted
With sweetest colors of creativeness
Sent through the clear, multihued skies
God breathes expressions of satisfaction
Sending...Read More
Categories: hearer, blessing, christian, faith, god, inspirational, jesus, love,
Form: Free verse
Neither Speaker Nor Hearer
S-olo third person
H-as a feminine gender, 
E-ither girl or lass.

Form: Haikustic...Read More
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Form: Haiku
Oh! - Answered he, who is the sculptor of the forest's soul,
-	I've lived in the songs and myths,  in the hair
Of maidens who romanced me, and in my own nightmare.
There is an ellipsis right between an apotheosis 
That submits...Read More
Categories: hearer, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
God's Wrath - A Neglected Subject
The modern man ceases to accept God exists
for he constantly runs away from this thought
not only that God is but we must answer Him
for this God is angry and is really red hot

We all know we're not perfect but not...Read More
Categories: hearer, god, judgement, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme

Lord, I seek Your grace*-propped power
…Effective since my submission to Your sovereign tower
…Helpful for my determination to be both Bible-hearer and doer
That I may be more productive as a Gospel seed-sower.  

Lord, I seek Your grace-filled victory
…Evident since my...Read More
Categories: hearer, christian, dedication, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Prince without a lineage
King without a throne

Master without servants
Lover of that unknown

Hearer of what’s unspoken
Seer of things divine

Lord among the jesters
Voice for all the mimes

Reason, when excuses falter
Questioner, when answers fail

Link between the seasons
  —first breath a baby wails

(Villanova...Read More
Categories: hearer, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SAMI
Hearer of all-
His hearing every voice,word and thought and secrets his attention on everything without limitations no regrets!...Read More
Categories: hearer, god,
Form: Blank verse
With God’s great hand* of uplifting power

Hoisting stewardship’s grand effectiveness

I yield to Him, my reaching-out Tower

Midst gracious call for service-faithfulness

Being a Bible-hearer and doer

For Gospel seed-sowing fruitfulness.  

Indeed, I claim His assured victory

While proclaiming His wondrous love story.

*Job 27:11...Read More
Categories: hearer, character, christian, courage, devotion, faith, god, spiritual,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Of Winds And Chimes

A natural but invisible
      force designed by God
              Almighty, unperceived
            ...Read More
Categories: hearer, analogy, bible, god, humanity, sound, spiritual, wind,
Form: Free verse
Prince without lineage
King without a throne

Master without servants
Lover of that unknown

Hearer of what’s unspoken
Seer of things divine

Lord among the jesters
Voice for all the mimes

Reason, when excuses falter
Questioner, when answers fail

Link between the seasons
 —first breath a baby wails

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February,2016)
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Categories: hearer, poets,
Form: Rhyme
You ask to know my history
What part of me is best
What were these medals given for
All worn upon my breast.

This one is for bravery
This one is for injury
This one is for gunnery
This one's for artillery.

This one is for nibs and...Read More
Categories: hearer, america, daffodils, horror, humor, military, murder, war,
Form: Rhyme
Holiday Thoughts
A star, an angel,
A shepherd ,a decree.

A sign,a messenger,
A hearer, Your Free!

A Father, a Son,
A Spirit, a family.

A babe, a stable,
A lamb, a tree.

A creator ,a creation,
A plan,  an eternity.

A hope ,a comfort,
A truth, 
He came for me.
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Categories: hearer, christmas,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Knell the Bell
a bell
in a seashell
and the echoes will dwell
resonating to dings that swell
to crescendo, a carillon of bells
that befells the hearer to quell,
and knell

5 June 2017...Read More
Categories: hearer, sound,
Form: Ninette
Premium Member Poet a Wordsmith Peddling Jangles
From Latin and ancient Greek, English derived three words:
    poesy is the creation, the art work of poetic composition.
    poem is the created, with beauty of language and expression.
    poet is...Read More
Categories: hearer, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Slight Little Twist
Slight Little Twist

Some can say what they want with very few words.
And then there are those who do chirp like the birds.

Some have no problem leaving the hearer in doubt.
Then there is ME, who feels the need to talk it...Read More
Categories: hearer, analogy, humanity, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sleep Talking
Slumber mumbles, grumbles, banters and blubbers 
Loose lips leak trailers from secret dreams, slumber shorts
Blurted out with candid shout, trembling feet and hands.
Only the hearer knows what said when sleeper talks.
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Categories: hearer, dream, sleep,
Form: Quatrain
Me No Speak Latin
Disembarking from the Stygian ship

New arrival:      They just gave me this button and T-shirt. I know what the 
                ...Read More
Categories: hearer, allegory, political, satire, war, , literature,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Ode To Those Not Authentic
Do you lie while staring into mirrors,
Practice brevity and being clearer
With the stories you proudly hold dearer
Than anyone positioned as hearer?

Do you keep tally, a daily tale’s score,
Organize lies told, when, to whom, before?
You must calculate less, figure out more,
To...Read More
Categories: hearer, character, corruption,
Form: Quatrain
Prince without a lineage
King without a throne

Master without servants
Lover of that unknown

Hearer of what’s unspoken
Seer of things divine

Lord among the jesters
Voice for all the mimes

Reason when excuses falter
Questioner when answers fail

Link between the seasons
First breath a baby wails

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February,...Read More
Categories: hearer, poets,
Form: Ballad
To whom are you praying nobody's 
Haven't you noticed it's just thin air
There's billions of life forms crawling, 
flying, walking around
Why should words of yours be heard 
above this motley crowd
And then we've got stars with planets 
And this Sky...Read More
Categories: hearer, allegory, angel, fantasy, funny, humorous, mythology,
Form: Couplet
Hear and Do
The production of godly living
means to put filth and sin away
this is done by being meek
receive the implanted word to stay

Having this word for your souls good
so do what God’s words clearly says
but not just to hear these scriptures only
commit...Read More
Categories: hearer, bible, life, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Who Is A True Christian
A True Christian is born of the spirit of God and he is the new creation of God
He display the fruit of the spirits in his life which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
His speech...Read More
Categories: hearer, bible, christian, culture, devotion,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member Sin's Only Strength
Sin's only strength is to blind us to God's love,
Nothing can separate God from His child,
Ego's the choice that allows Satan his day,
Need to control what God thinks is his mainstay,
Grace deemed too easy seems overprotective,
Fantasies we've lost God's love,...Read More
Categories: hearer, faith, love,
Form: Rhyme
O God of Our Salvation -Psalm 65
God is due all our praise
for He's done many a great thing
the hearer of all our prayers
as all flesh to He will they bring

Such is the blessing on His elect
that the Lord will draw to His court
satisfaction it is for...Read More
Categories: hearer, god, gospel, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme