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Genetics Poems

Genetics Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of genetics poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for genetics.

New Poems

What if Gregor Mendel

What if Gregor Mendel, if you please,
had toyed with vegetables other than peas?
I dare say Genetics today might very well
be a science of a very different smell.
For, though in science I have no part,
my nose can detect the faintest fart.
And...Read More
Categories: genetics, humor, science fiction,
Form: Light Verse

The Cynic on Prayer and Longevity

The cause of all longevity insists
my atheist gerontologist
is the science we now call Genetics, 
with its amazing double helix
and which is transmitted by sex
which grateful humans prefer next
to any other pleasurable method
and to which they are indebted.
The evidence therefore is...Read More
Categories: genetics, dark, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Lay Down
. for public domain

Set fire to our mothers' graves,
frenetic genetics is all the rave,
give "Yesterday" a parting wave,
reeling feelings now enslaved.

Exchange a useless past for "Now",
the Broken Tablets, the Golden Cow.
Feel the breeze, the chill, the bone,
bow to Nothing, burn...Read More
Categories: genetics, repetition,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Virus


We are links 
in The Machine
We are the virus
each weak application
generated internally
stored souls 
captive here 
in the
Great In-Between
We carry within
a programmed 
we are simply 
processed by a 
Central Processing Unit
it sits commanding
like a King 
at the Heart...Read More
Categories: genetics, dark, humanity, i am, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
I have the peace of soul
I have the peace of heart and body
I have the good life
I have the good memories
I have the good genetics
I have the good...Read More
Categories: genetics, discrimination, peace,
Form: Free verse

my GOD give me the peace of sou
my GOD give me the peace of heart and body
my GOD give me the good...Read More
Categories: genetics, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life in Deep Space
True freedom can feel like an exquisite jail
Our inhabited space bound by bars we drink in.
Child’s nutrition once favored, a lap dance now passé,
Our restaurants change with new owners, or chefs find
New orbits, food loved fades as children leave home...Read More
Categories: genetics, faith, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Conversations with a Daughter: Creeps

"Conversations with a Daughter: Creeps"

Time creeps
my beautiful, clever, daughter 

Weirdos are us 

There's that beautiful laugh,
that beautiful smile

Who wants to 
belong here 

they keep you on 
the outer edge

that’s cool, 
take all the time you require

that time that creeps
and...Read More
Categories: genetics, freedom, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Society standards is cancer  
but glamorous on cameras 
slanderous those who oppose the demographics 
the mechanics of the systems arithmetics governs the populace 
my genetics ethics inside my genetic code skeptics 
rare relic my breed photosynthesis
The Sons light...Read More
Categories: genetics, evil, god, jesus, truth,
Form: Free verse
My Family
My family is my everything..
My world, universe and soul.
Without them I am mere human..
They make me complete and whole.

I have the same personality traits..
Mostly good and yes some bad.
But I wouldnt change a thing..
I'm a genetic product of Mum and...Read More
Categories: genetics, birth, family, growth, love, parents, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme

They're trying to tell you
They’re trying to tell you
That your superstitions and machinations 
Are an exhausting game of whack-a-mole
They’re trying to tell you 
You’ve assumed a version of them
That society told you existed and you never questioned
They’re trying to tell you 
At every corner...Read More
Categories: genetics, corruption, environment, money, political, racism,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Look

Every leaf a last wave becoming.
a curl, a cup, or an unfurling legend. 
A living calligraphy, a veined post-script,
for the rusty sheen of mortality.

See the helix, see the spiral?
See the conjunctions
the genetics of a divine act
arriving in this stemmed 
and...Read More
Categories: genetics, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Woman's Cleavage

A man's ability to think is related to the sight of a woman's cleavage
Reduces a man's ability to think by as much as 50% per boob, no secret
Genetics are used
As drools doth ooze
Can't think of anything, maybe apple pie, that...Read More
Categories: genetics, emotions,
Form: Limerick
Elitists part 4

Newtonian physics say what goes up must come down
sorry not in the camp of horn tootin, high falutin clowns
justice serves only to rebuke you, not too astute of you
when youre bragging of genetics, a sword in the mouth can cut...Read More
Categories: genetics, adventure, anger,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Another Five


An artist from the city of Rangoon
Wanted to paint the crater's of the moon 
Packed canvas, brush and paint
Told his wife who did faint
Then he took off in a hot air balloon.


A bright scientist who worked at...Read More
Categories: genetics, humor,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member much mash mush
the writes a...scribble
bent folded...mutilated
reading means

the words read...go fish
it's all in your head...concerned
worries are just...bait

a trap for...yourself
how then to see

to genetics...programming

till an ending's within...sight
or sound...a music

that makes perfect...sense
a logics scale scent...again
step toward...beyond

stan sand

...Read More
Categories: genetics, absence, allegory, appreciation,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member X - Xenomorph
Coexist in complexity
A perplex proxy of our galaxy where exotics exist
Exhale the excessive vexations toxic to expansion and relax among the obnoxious exposure
An example of expanded thought mixed with textbook genetics
An extrovert flexible to the exceeding paradox
Excited to be the...Read More
Categories: genetics, birth, confidence, deep, emotions, freedom, journey, strength,
Form: ABC
Adieu My Dear Muchacha Shana Punim
A heavy heart this papa doth air
signals necessary pang...
this father must bear
though...with muted pomp
and circumstances I cheer

stunning transformation unbelievable,
sans thee as youngest daughter
doth commensurately commandeer
her life by the figurative horns buck haws
self reliance mandatory to attain

indomitable survival deer
to push comfort...Read More
Categories: genetics, angel, celebration, farewell, father daughter, growth, i
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Final Quarter

If unused, tho filled with many memories,
This favorite pen         hesitates

Applesauce, blush-rose colored, lovingly Handmade from apples invented by grandfather's
Fellow professor friend at Ann Arbor
(Dr. Charles Haralson) zipped into a few
Freezer bags, accompanied...Read More
Categories: genetics, hope,
Form: Lyric
Suicidal Ideation
Deliberation about courting death rooted
throughout mine psyche fueling sinister chortle
at least since bout with anorexia nervosa,
but... maybe ginned blood,
sans umbilical cord transfused in utero aortal,

though long since recovered, the intractable,
haunting specter, sans grim reaper
intertwining within every fiber of this mortal
rooted,...Read More
Categories: genetics, 7th grade, absence, conflict, daughter, emotions, horror,
Form: Bio
Another Attempt To Conjecture How I Came Tubby Me
This aggrieved papa
of two progeny, (female)
holed himself in a
rigorously fortified fail
safe impregnable invisible monastery
barely room enough to exhale

decades before their conception,
when I hapt tubby
more hearty and hale,
though robust health a blessing -
this haint no rumored tattletail
inherited, aye oft womb min

eight...Read More
Categories: genetics, baby, desire, education, fire, magic, me, mother
Form: Bio
Premium Member What's Your Race
What's Your Race?

I'm confident we're all one race
Though evolution seems God's plan,
The soles of feet and flats of hand
Are white like mine, sun tempers man!

Genetics too supports my rhymes,
And proves all issued from one womb,
Man's colors are the gift of...Read More
Categories: genetics, journey, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ireland - a divided island part one
  born under the sea, an irresistible force
  two bodies reluctantly embrace, shunting, shifting, tectonic drifting
  alongside the southern Iapetus Ocean
  equatorial deep-time child of Laurentia and Avalonia
  journey northward, surfacing, submerging
  surfing the...Read More
Categories: genetics, community, history, ireland, time,
Form: Narrative
Summer Season On A Time Clock
Every dawn I yawn quiet, florescence I inhibit softly
A clear image I peep, nature settles calmly
Her intentions are infectious like a blossomed flower
Reminds me of a family member who meet God at the calling hours
Kindred spirit fully defined the character...Read More
Categories: genetics, allusion, analogy, bereavement, death, eulogy, funeral, sad
Form: Prose Poetry
Retinal Lethal

Killer jeans ... 
sidewalk recombinant retinal lethal
Hazardous faded denim optics
Mahogany bombshell — 
moving target  drop-dead beautiful

Double helix ... 
T-virus (Tantalizing) traffic stop double take
Gazelle graceful mitotic movement 
cause pedestrian pause,
magnetic gawk gyroscopic directional

DNA dynamite dynamics ... 
(Double-digit Numerical Anomaly)
Short...Read More
Categories: genetics, imagery, love, science fiction, senses, words,
Form: Romanticism