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Foot Poems

Foot Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of foot poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for foot.

New Poems

April ninth four score and eleven years ago
How fast the years did clip and leap away,
till your Earth orbitz count ninety decades
+ uno journeys orbited around mister sun
encompassing metaphorical magnum opus
figuratively paginated bound compendium,

whereby chronology Boyce Brandon Harris
also known as papa san 'pon being drafted
his six foot...Read More
Categories: foot, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, age,
Form: Elegy

The Giant Nazi Spider Speaks
General Zero
the commander of the Khan imperial forces
took over the earth

was a eight foot giant spider
accompanied by two legged rats
and two legged cats

in 24 hours they were in charge
he spoke to the world
People of earth greetings
I am commander Zero

and I...Read More
Categories: foot, soldier, stars, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Corona, the Devil
Yesterday I wrote a poem in my head,
It was a beautiful thing and made me cry,
For I have been in isolation since a man said
You have rules of when you can come and walk by..

Not one little foot have I...Read More
Categories: foot, depression, fear,
Form: Rhyme
He Dreams
He dreams of the carousel at the park
Excitement stirs, as only friend, First Bloom
Released like he, gambols on the boardwalk
Arabian, garden wild, hooves steel dark

Marvelous pals sport at sea and embark 
Surmount rings of parents, music, and reins
Unlimited awe in...Read More
Categories: foot, adventure, best friend, child, dream, friendship love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Elevated Thoughts - Perhaps
The little imp bawled lustily
as it lay in its perambulator
there by the water fountain
in a secluded garden
right in the middle of a concrete jungle,
disturbing my elevated thoughts
that churned and churned inside my mind
on how to kill those pesky flies
that infested...Read More
Categories: foot, baby,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Plague Journal at the Ides of March 2020, Abandoned
The sound of a piano playing a dirge lies in the air. It was the day before general quarantine measures were implemented by the Austrian government. That same night, for the first time in recent memory, Vienna's stars were visible.

The...Read More
Categories: foot, angst, death, depression, international, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Poetry Month Challenge: forsake careless words of death
English showcases Joseph Conrad, Dickens, James Joyce, Tagore
Conrad, once a Pole, Joyce may be Irish, Tagore -Indian of course
In political terms, England rocketed after 1558, besting the Spanish
Our 'lingua franca' changed from Spanish to the Queens English

That is all the...Read More
Categories: foot, appreciation, philosophy, poetry, wisdom, word play, words,
Form: Didactic
Energy Exchange
Energy Exchange
Oh how sorry I am
To concentrate on the wingman
Who crashed on the hillside
The crash that killed Frederick
For three and a half decades I waited

To see where you fell

And died on a cold wet English moor
Your real wingman survived, just
He...Read More
Categories: foot, flying, memorial, sympathy, thank you, thanks,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Of Morbid Humour
Laughed at a cartoon dog killing cartoon rabbit. Smothering it. 
Called it "morbid humour". 



A hole without visible bottom that you smile at, knowing if you just set one foot forward, you'd be swallowed.

Death has been insatiable lately.

Has humanity...Read More
Categories: foot, community, death, humanity, money, sick, today,
Form: Prose Poetry
six foot tall and stout
long brunette hair cascading 
what a big bum she has

five foot three and fat
a blonde promiscuous lass
she’s never without

very skinny girl
short haired and too muscular
a lesbian indeed

a girl who’s crippled
courageous and spirited
basketball player

woman with tattoos
hair spiked...Read More
Categories: foot, girl, woman, women,
Form: Senryu

Lady Liberty Speaks
Art History

I stand erect with outstretched hand Representing liberty, for many, a foreign land My fire dances an incessant jubilant glow
I represent hope for the oppressed to sow

 Pungent salts mixed with glassy sands
      ...Read More
Categories: foot, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Planted: Real Poetry To Live By
I play with shadows
under guise of light and dark
ripened under a half-met sun
ripp'd where tainted thoughts dare run

looking down,
barren to thrust
flowers slain and seeds lay rough
all the while
the weeds won't grow


her toil
in muddy soil
patted pasties put, dripp'd in soot
dirtied mouths...Read More
Categories: foot, giggle, growth,
Form: Epic
april 3 poems part two
Free roaming in Berkeley in the 70's

growing up in Berkeley
back in the day
we still were allowed 
to free roam 

and so I went 
everywhere on foot
or bus

walking to Solano avenue
drinking coffee
at Peets coffee
eating Chinese food
in Berkeley’s china town

walking downtown
walking to...Read More
Categories: foot, angst, anxiety, april,
Form: Free verse
What Shall I Leave You

What shall I leave you when I leave you  
a cluster of stars clutched against my chest 
drawers full of lavender or my Monet broach? 
What shall I leave you when I leave 
that special card that has your...Read More
Categories: foot, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Heart shattered 
The dying beats spilling my love on the floor 
I give you the power 
Over and over 
Where is my defect?
The one that makes my mistakes 
Sound like broken records 
Numbness has taken over
The familiar pain
I can...Read More
Categories: foot, anger, betrayal, dark, pain, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Careful and Steady
Sitting alone on a knife edge
Looking each way and it’s a fall
Slow and steady goes it 
Each step you take is a danger

So you carefully place each foot
Each step doesn’t help with the next one
Sometimes the pleading for a rest
Knowing...Read More
Categories: foot, life,
Form: Ballad
Carol goes to a Bar
I‘ll have a Bailey’s Irish cream thank you and 
keep them coming.
You know it’s not fair really.
I just went to my mother’s funeral.
That , forgive me but there is no other word,
That  died before I could tell her
what I...Read More
Categories: foot, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Premium Member My Father
He woke me
For a reason
And I flung
Back the covers
That blinded me
I retrieved my sword
As he told me
Who has set foot
Upon his world
Fear or favour
I set about
My task
No one will tread it down
Break it
Into pieces
Without my prying eyes
And my sword
By my...Read More
Categories: foot, allah, angel, atheist, bible, courage, evil, god,
Form: Free verse
Meet me in the Woods 
Under the Open Sky,
The Autumn Roads
of fallen leaves left behind,
At dusk or dawn
when its not too bright,
The drizzle of flowing River
Across us shall lie,
A splash of Air
over our faces ; Our feets shall be 
at...Read More
Categories: foot, autumn, beauty, introspection, nature, philosophy, snow, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member last cigarette
light dripped
from the street lamp
like fluorescent dreams a-mist
fog wafting in wavy, buttery shards
her own private stage
lithe, leggy form and perky curves
fuchsia Claiborne mini-dress and black fishnets
one spaghetti strap dangling coyly
as if begging for a tug
one hand on the lamp post
the...Read More
Categories: foot, abuse, appreciation, imagery, love hurts, night, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Satan and my leg
Satan wants my leg
    The right one
He's been trying
    for years

First when as a child
    in Gonja Hospital
Butt injection smack
    in sciatic nerve

The pain - oh my god
...Read More
Categories: foot, africa, pain,
Form: Free verse
It's midnight by the clock
It’s midnight by the clock
I am lying in the bed like a rock

Silence____but soft sound of the light rain
As if drops are falling like little grains

Yet creating an atmosphere of tranquility 
The one that heals the soul totally 

I am...Read More
Categories: foot, poetry, rain,
Form: Narrative
Are we your enemy?

We humans
From the inception of earth
We keep the foot on the ground
We en-crouched your structure
That was our obligation for our selfishness 
Due to this might be 
You are definitely upset with us!

We are worshipers
According to our beliefs
God,...Read More
Categories: foot, nature,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A day on the beach
Waves sang songs along the sea shore, 
Water washed up on the sand,
Life couldn’t be any better at all, 
Well, this is where the story began,

You see, all of a sudden a wave gripped onto my foot, 
Pulled me out...Read More
Categories: foot, horror, scary,
Form: Quatrain
Complicated cancellation policy
I am a complicated cancellation policy:

You left me in the nest and flew free.
When my shell cracked I was too vulnerable 
For the world I had been resentfully pushed into.
I screeched for you back 
Until my beak rendered useless,
And then...Read More
Categories: foot, break up,
Form: Free verse