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Baseball Trip
The Mets triumphed! 
I have been a fan for many years
How many of you out there in the darkness 
care about what happened in Citifield
I even have a T-Shirt which shows the Brooklyn Dodgers on it
They were a ground -...Read More
Categories: fan, baseball, black african american, jewish,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Should I Wow You

Should I essay to wow you I trow
That my words shall be honest I vow
No mere rhymes such as ‘How now brown cow’
But an aesthetic furrow I’ll plough

Then I’ll speak my lines if you’ll allow
As we sit...Read More
Categories: fan, humorous,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Arianna Grande

I'm not a fan of today's music scene
BUT if you've never heard Ariana Grande sing
You're in for a treat
Pure voice so complete
A glorious songbird you'll know what I mean

...Read More
Categories: fan, image,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Wurtis B the Bardolater
Wurtis B was a bardolater.
Shakespeare fan, there was no one greater.
He spouted the Bard.
Photo on his card.
Hamlet magnet on refrigerator.

...Read More
Categories: fan, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Limerick
Simile of life
Life like a stir case
Climbing it with pains which thou face
Life like education
After thorough three time scrutiny thou due for promotion
Life like the shell of a tortoise
Rough in nature same with human worries
Life like mathematics 
Only with formula...Read More
Categories: fan, life,
Form: Didactic

A Little White Lie
I didn't mind
A little white lie

I made a tapestry
A testament to this
My deep sorrow

Painted gray
Splashes here and there

Nowhere soon
Kicked the bucket
Stubbed my toe

I screamed out loud
But in my own head

I can't be heard
My heart can't reach
Those silent eyes

Running in circles
Falling...Read More
Categories: fan, conflict, hurt, introspection, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lady Soupers Limericks

Jan Allison, Brenda Chiri, Dear Heart, Andrea Dietrich, Lu Loo, Tania Kitchin, Anne-Lise aka Sunshine Smile, SKAT A, Poet Destroyer, Line Gauthier, Kim Rodrigues, Joyce Johnson, Susan Ashley, Caren Krutsinger, Sara Kendrick, Carrie Richards, Rhoda Tripp, Nette Onclaud,...Read More
Categories: fan, beautiful, blessing, sensual, sexy, write,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member 'X' Rated - Infinite Stars
"X" Rated (Infinite Stars!)

Our God signs with an ‘X’ ’cause His name is “I AM.”
And like Him, so an “X,” LOVE just is!
Christ, I laughed at this joke (God can be such a ham!)
‘Truth Be Known’s’ a ‘great’ fan of...Read More
Categories: fan, faith, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Raja
He came to live with us at the age of 9 weeks in 2003 March 
Besides absolute cuteness and pure innocence,
He also brought immeasurable joy along

His silky smooth velvety fur was jet black 
His big brown beautiful eyes twinkled with...Read More
Categories: fan, appreciation, dog, faith, forgiveness, friendship, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Are You a Contributor
Are You a Contributor?
By Franklin Price

Are you a contributor, in this world in which we live?
Are you doing good or bad, with what you have to give?
Not all about the money, but also the attitude
When you contribute your opinion, are...Read More
Categories: fan, conflict, discrimination, education, emotions, judgement, political,
Form: Couplet
the fan head
me NO goes 
back and 


my body
with an


warms me
my hot

brand me

with the same 
glow that 
your eyes 
share of


lips to kiss
and by this
doing so fire
emits admitting
all i want is for you to
...Read More
Categories: fan, muse,
Form: I do not know?

far below the canopy, the speckled hawk soars —
whoa! he’s hardly in my space but so close.

my toes jam up in my gray Bob’s as I descend
         ...Read More
Categories: fan, flower, husband, summer,
Form: Free verse
Love is a soothing pool,
to dive in, 
a lifeguard that calls you below, 
to drown in- it's visage like an Angel-Siren, 
that sings of Myth and Hero (?Chyren?)
Love is hopes wind that fills your sails, removes the dark clouds...Read More
Categories: fan, baptism, beautiful, butterfly, courage, depression, encouraging, love,
Form: Rhyme
The Kalahari
The Kalahari 

Keaded clay
Form creases 
The thirst of desert  
blinding dust and wind 
Collide of wave and tide 

Females carry the tribe 
Their large flappy ears 
Fan them cool 
Muddy pools 
Their sunshade and lemonade 

Their long trunk, their...Read More
Categories: fan, africa, death, earth, environment, funeral, insect, mom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Humphrey
A camel at the Camelot
Didn't seem happy or comfy
For alas, he was without humps
So of course they named him Humphrey

His face popped up throughout the land
A hero against attrition 
He even had a fan club called,
The Humphrey Camel Coalition!

Soon they...Read More
Categories: animal, fantasy, humor,
Form: Quatrain
oscine affinities for summer summit
Up for grabs are looming sapidities of a summer summit.
Prompt as forecasting device, keen as cropland mice, 
trying to surpass oscine elves turns out no dice. 
Wondering how these yummy yodelers telepathize herself earliest, 
the estival essence, no longer bashful...Read More
Categories: fan, bird, cheer up, summer,
Form: Free verse
I'll be your Joker

"I'll be your Joker"

Still a registered voter
Signed up to be an organ donor
And finally became a car owner

I rarely use a controller
When it's time, I'll man up and buy a stroller
As well as panels that are solar
Near and far from...Read More
Categories: fan, dark, deep, poetry, rap, soulmate, spiritual, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Wandering why I am listing you - List
I knew a poet in you, a long, long time ago
You used to be naïve, still the truest, I know.

I recalled, we bought a stand-fan, an item not in the list
$30 was unaffordable, almost a luxury for us, in the...Read More
Categories: fan, i miss you,
Form: List
Premium Member Dog Day Afternoon
Once an old man from Taipan
Dreamt he was missing a hand.
For a glove on his bed
Was chewed into a shred,
His dog a finger food fan....Read More
Categories: fan, city, conflict, depression, dog, fun, giggle, horror,
Form: Limerick
Leather Winged Angel
Leather Winged Angel 

Bathroom confessions
Back door redemption
Black moon promise
From a leather winged Angel
Temptations  blade 
Slicing the tongue of deception
Ego's fingers in the fan

An  avalanche of apathy  Envelopes passion blossoms  
Buried under a shallow  indifference
Swallowed flaws...Read More
Categories: fan, angel, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse

You say you want to marry me, 
But how on earth could that be,
You say that I’m the one for you,
Know naught about you, have no clue,
You say we’ll travel far and wide,
With you forever by my side,
You want to...Read More
Categories: fan, proposal,
Form: Rhyme
Babe Ruth fan
(I posted the following poem anonymously under the name "Babe Ruth fan" -- in response to this article about Babe Ruth wearing the Miraculous Medal ever since his friend gave him one back in 7th grade:

O Mary conceived without sin,...Read More
Categories: fan, 7th grade, baby, baseball, faith, friendship, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
The Prince Of Gnosis
The Prince Of Gnosis
    Imam Hussain
O Imam without you where would I be?
You are the one who can guide me
When no one can understand you are the one who can
O prince you are my hero and I...Read More
Categories: fan, 12th grade, evil, faith, islamic, literature, peace,
Form: Couplet
Old English Church

Ways to pep up the pulpit and pew,
gave way to ennui.
The clergy went away to get help
and never came back.

Eventually, thundering sky's cracked 
stone, spire, and gable;
neglect and cold winds
nibbled at sculptured arch and buttress.

Where once was a stained-glass light,
weeds...Read More
Categories: fan, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member FISHING
Our grandson wanted to learn about fishing…so on a sunny day in July
with a pole he found in the back of a closet we thought we’d give it a try.

With shrimp for bait and his dad, his Nana and me...Read More
Categories: fan, family, fishing,
Form: Verse