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Life Epic Poems

These Life Epic poems are examples of Epic poems about Life. These are the best examples of Epic Life poems written by international poets.

I Quit
I Quit

Pain hauls inside my heart.
My head feels like exploding,
So much self-hate eluding the little love I have.
Thought that I was finally in love and...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, hate, sad,

Premium Member SUMMER


has Summer 

The world 
has lost 



all those other 
small dreams 

seen as toys
small and 

casually tossed aside,...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse,


Out of the eater came something to eat
And out of the strong came something sweet

What is sweeter than honey?
And what is stronger than a lion?


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Categories: betrayal, bible, corruption, destiny,

Premium Member FALL


I wrap
my Autumn world
around you

Calliope turning
raising the 
season’s poetry, 

I am she

with Summer’s 
dying leaves 

Twirling you up into 
my warm golden brown...

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Categories: autumn, symbolism, winter,

I find myself wandering, wondering in this quiet state of empty emotions. Confusion of what to do next, preparing mentally, emotionally, physically.
So much to do,...

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Categories: absence, adventure,

Cantos Of Time
Moments are not the retinue of time. There is one which

decides the turning point of mankind. I can’t hand over to sighs

that time which stands...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, leadership,

Define our world today
Define our world today 
Don't die in depression
Just hold on 
Look up to the sun 
Let it light kill your worries
Our world today fears 

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Categories: africa, dedication, freedom, inspiration,

The realms of the spirit
In the realms of the spirit 
In the atmosphere of peace 
Dwells unity 
I feel the touch of love 
When my soul is moved 

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Categories: africa, deep, freedom, humanity,

Who I chose to be
Who I chose to be 
If am to fear 
What will be my motivation
Life need a push 
That why I chose to 
Be comfortable with...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, encouraging,

Hungry to live
Hungry to live 
Open up the world 
We are dying in silence
So many can't take it any more 
Yet They got no choice 
Some chose...

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Categories: africa, dedication, deep, freedom,

Insulting rhymes 4
You got hit with a earthquake 
Not once but twice 
Because of your ugly hearts
But yet y'all still violating
How much more shame do you need

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Categories: anger, anti bullying,

Premium Member Slow Gin and Astral Conversations

"Slow Gin and Astral Conversations"

A maze me?

I’m the architect 
of my own destiny
he beguiled her 
from the depths of 
his bottled up Carceri
she knew...

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Categories: dark, muse, symbolism,

Premium Member Etched
A wrinkle on a face
And scars from another age
We witness life with grief
While some explode with rage

Due process served us all a fitting term
Until we...

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Categories: forgiveness, life,

The earth is crying
The earth is crying
Cos it inhabitants 
Is a failure
Despite all given 
To them they failed 
To live 

The earth is crying
Cos the ugly nature 

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Categories: africa, dedication, deep, environment,

You liveth oh God 
You see oh God 
I know you are watching
Over the poor 
I give thanks to you 
Yes you alone oh God...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, inspiration,