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Hero Poems

Hero Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about heroes. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for hero.

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New Poems

Pure victory
Is a clean win important? 
And does it matter if it doesn't? 
That's my problem: 
Are the damage my words? 

What difference does it make how you achieved it 
What do you have now? 
And you're no longer in debt,...Read More
Categories: hero, analogy, career, day, poems,
Form: Blank verse

I was born to be a survivor and a fighter.
That's why I became a writer.
As a child the physical abuse I endured.
Being a baby it was pretty absurd.

The child of recovering addicts.
Even one that still until recently would slip.
Watching a...Read More
Categories: hero, absence, abuse, addiction, anger, depression, drug, how
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ode to My Hero: Dear Abe
With Presidents Day coming up this Monday, I submit my tribute to the president born Feb. 12, 1809:

Ode to My Hero: Dear Abe

At many things, Abe Lincoln was the best.
From boyhood to manhood, how he shone.
Foreordained to lead, dear Abe...Read More
Categories: hero, presidents day,
Form: Ode
Leader of the home with virtuous height
Bracing up family with grand posture
Governing prudently by great faith’s might  
He’s our Daddy in his godly gesture.

Daddy dearest is our human fortress.
He loves us as he trusts the Lord* Who’s great.
Assertively pointing...Read More
Categories: hero, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, father, god, leadership,
Form: Ode
Shantelle Alone
Let’s have a shandy,
With shantelle.
Because she is rock, our stone,
In the mist of adversity,
She stands strong,
On her own.
She stands for those who have NO backbone,
She is a rock,
She is a stone.
To Shantelle,
We know welly.
Alone, she stands! 
...Read More
Categories: hero, anti bullying, art, beautiful, best friend, bullying,
Form: Free verse

My kind of heaven
Opps! must be dead,
looks like the pearly gates,
Rough guy levitates towards me,
think I know his face,
St Peter, I need some help 
trying to get into this place,
I’ll let you enter kiddo, 
but my identity you mistake,
I’m Lemmy from Motorhead, 
and...Read More
Categories: celebrity, death, drink, drug, hero, satire, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part I
I write this down not knowing what to think,
or how to make sense of what I went through,
my name is Blake Jones, I was S.A.S.,
and everything that I write here is true.

This tale tells how we killed Khan Williamson,
the tyrant...Read More
Categories: hero, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Fact
The Fact(s)

It started with a poem. 
Penned in by mistake. 
Then it ended up in a letter, 
that later turned into an email. 
That was forwarded, 
not once but a thousand, 
and then ten million times. 

Then someone was asked,...Read More
Categories: allah, anti bullying, atheist, endurance, games, hero,
Form: Narrative

I see the blinders hiding me
Light finding gaps in reality
When it comes down to the end
I thought that I would find my friend

Cameos blaring on the stereo
My mind comes back to what it knows
Hierchy insanity rings my ears
Strange how we...Read More
Categories: hero, betrayal, feelings,
Form: Rhyme
An unending war against an unbeatable enemy,
A fight for all that’s been lost, a chance at renewal.
Warriors that scream defiance at the clouds,
Their veins coursing with desperation like flame.

Shame, desperation alone is not strong enough a steel,
And the remaining begin...Read More
Categories: hero, death, faith, hope, war,
Form: Free verse
You returned sooner than we expected and you were never sluggish
Same Mike we knew but these episodes kept happening
I remember one day you told us strongly that you were going to be fine
You said you had superpowers, your cells were...Read More
Categories: hero, africa, allusion, death, family, feelings, sick, tribute,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The Hero, Raven, Poe And First Encounter, Part One, Dedicated To Master Poe
The Hero, Raven, Poe And First Encounter,
Part One, Dedicated To Master Poe 

Midnight chill, moon glowing a bloody red
gone life's sweeter thrills, am I truly dead
room has that smell, death groaning echoes deep
dark ringing its bell, devils stir and creep.
Must...Read More
Categories: hero, art, creation, dark, deep, imagery, imagination, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat

Even as old curmudgeon, aye pucker
and raspily suction toothless mouth
drawing reminiscent guffaws affecting
attempt impersonating plumber
(think unclogging toilet)
please support your local bummer

back in the day one
long haired pencil neck geeks palled
around with another 
hirsute nerd...Read More
Categories: hero, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Bio
The Presidential Medal of Freedom
Previous winners were Elie Wiesel,
Mother Teresa, Bob Hope,
Norman Rockwell, Rosa Parks,
Walt Disney and a Pope*…

B.B.King and Yo Yo Ma,
Dylan and Pearl Bailey,
Frank Sinatra, E.B. White,
Tom Hanks and Alvin Ailey…

Meryl Streep and I.M. Pei,
Spielberg and De Niro,
Harper Lee, Casals, Aretha –...Read More
Categories: hero, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Prophet with a Twist in his Holster
‘One has to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness.’

	I did not know that my hero was a sex god as well

	But he wrote The Motorcycle Diary without any Zen

‘Every day People straighten up the hair, why not the heart?’

	Never...Read More
Categories: hero, war,
Form: Ode
Beautiful gift
My bright eyed star surviver  of one pound and seven ounces I will always charrish you your my hero forever in my soul sweet jasmine blessing from above u never complain no matter how bad you hurt  everyday...Read More
Categories: hero, adventure, age, angel, baby, beautiful, best friend,
Form: Free verse
Nobody cares
Does anybody care I'm a beast
crying at the moon ?
Nobody cares about the beast 
Does anybody care I'm a woman 
howling for love ? 
Nobody cares about love 
Does anybody care I runaway
from being human ?
Nobody cares about humans 
Does...Read More
Categories: hero, care, depression,
Form: I do not know?
Li Wenliang
Staring outwards my pale, stricken face;
          My face a pale moon floating on a sea.
    Before the cherries bud I will be gone;
Hereafter blossom drops...try remembering me.

My small...Read More
Categories: hero,
Form: Rhyme
Heroes at the viral battlefront
In despair and on lockdown
A city is turned into a one horse town
Its people are on the frontline to save the Earth 
As all of humanity holds its breathe
Flights canceled, fright heightened
Travelers hustled, prayers recited
Somewhere a hero is taking a...Read More
Categories: appreciation, health, hero, scary, trust, work, world,
Form: Free verse
On the Red Carpet and Beyond
On the Red Carpet and Beyond

They want a red carpet theme for their school leavers' ball. This is my didactic rendering.

Today you are stars and the red carpet is spread
Rolled out for you to, with cool class, tread
For in this...Read More
Categories: hero, 12th grade, graduation, happiness, humanity, life, school,
Form: Didactic
The countdown
At ten, I have composure to maintain
At nine, I know the chance is all but mine
At eight, I beat back fears and thoughts of a one-eighty
At seven, I am at sixes and sevens
At six, I draw my know-how and pull...Read More
Categories: hero, adventure, courage, desire, faith, fate, passion, power,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chest of secrets
You are a beautiful person no matter what the scars
You hold a chest of secrets deep within your soul of stars

You live in a world madness, chaos drives a mind so far!
But your memories are of you and you only...Read More
Categories: age, angel, hero, identity, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
Outlaw Poetry
Outside the laws or standards
Inside my mind there are no laws, no limits
In ur world is not where my mind resides
Like a bank robber uses a gun
I use words
Stick 'em up!

Laws of poetry be damned
My words will shock the system
Some...Read More
Categories: art, creation, freedom, hero, i am, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Telling Heart
The years have fallen, 
like trees in a forest,
and their quiet crashing.
The night rains darkness,
but then the dawn rescues,
from the nightmarish dreams.
The morning memories,
will be lived again,
and hearts broke once more.
For some are delicate,
they know not the game,
and their feelings...Read More
Categories: hero, innocence,
Form: Free verse
I slog in the chasms of darkness and bask in the glory of light, 
I cherish every moment of learning and very humbly rebuff pride.
I consider Hope as my truest friend, and seek blessings from the divine,
For without Hope, there...Read More
Categories: destiny, hero, hope, inspiration, poems,
Form: ABC