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Death Epic Poems

These Death Epic poems are examples of Epic poems about Death. These are the best examples of Epic Death poems written by international poets.

Why He Killed The Emperor, Part III
...“ ‘I used to love talking with friends,
they gave such meaning to my life,
but after watching them all die…
it no longer makes my eyes bright.


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Categories: age, death, emotions, future,

Why He Killed The Emperor, Part II
...He’d push the tech until light years
took just days for men to travel,
wrote laws that stood the test of time,
so the species didn’t unravel.

Even wrote...

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Categories: age, death, emotions, future,

Why He Killed The Emperor, Part I
He reigned down through the centuries,
and every human knew his name,
Emperor Guiscard the Deathless,
from Quebec this great figure came.

Arising in chaotic times
in the twenty-first century,

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Categories: age, death, emotions, future,

Didn't See It Coming, Part IV
...Of course he had arranged it all
in a place where they’d find nothing,
the sports world mourned this ‘tragic death,’
police couldn’t find anything.

That opened up a...

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Categories: epic, confidence, corruption, dark, evil,

Beginning of the End
We all get beaten by the hammer of fate
Go to bed early or stay up late 
It don't matter what's your regimen –
At a certain...

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Categories: angst, cool, death, depression,

Emotional Bond
In the midst of a raging storm dance,
A man of strength takes up his stance,
Against the storm that seeks to tend,
The ties that bind, he...

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Categories: death, deep, farewell, father,

Prison is more than what meets the eye,
Her beauty is more than what meets the eye.
I don’t want to be a third wheel, just you...

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Categories: character, pain, sad, society,

Premium Member Sardauna of Sokoto
The Sardauna, the prince
 Champion of the masses
 The leader of the North
 The defender of the realm
 Princely yet accessible

 The Prince Royal

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Categories: appreciation, courage, death, dedication,

The Shattered illusion of Time
Kill your heart and fight!
There's no point in stepping back.
I saw snow falling from the sky
where I stopped
A drop of light burns my heart gently...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, crazy, cry,

Demon 'Punchers, Part V
He could hold his breath over a minute,
bullets hit water, didn’t penetrate it,
he’d used this trick before against his foes,
water stopped slugs fast, not many...

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Categories: epic, conflict, corruption, evil, god,

Demon 'Punchers, Part II
The man said, “There is not much land these days,
it’s probably not a good place to stay.”
Sol said, “Ah, well, I’d been having that fear,

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Categories: epic, conflict, corruption, evil, god,

Mother's are the strongest women I ever known them to be
She takes unbearable
pain, in the worst way possible.
Most may say it's 
a beautiful thing, but 
what about the one
who never made it?
She will be 

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Categories: 10th grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member Ode to the End of War
Sharpened pens were brutal swords; a war was forged
Blow after blow was struck, with blood rage engorged
Not one single word between them had been spoken

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Categories: friendship, war,

Premium Member Tethered Spirit Unfurled - The Scarlett Witch, Wanda Maximoff
From ashes of Sokovia, a twin sister rose,
With powers of chaos and psionic flows,
Wanda they called her, tethered spirit unfurled,
As women before her, she reckoned...

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Categories: epic, appreciation, hero, judgement,

The Widow In Her Cabin, Part I
It was back about 1803,
there stood a small cabin near to the sea,
where a widow lived by the name of Joanne,
who could not grieve for...

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Categories: desire, family, heartbreak, history,