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Short Double Dactyl Poems

Short Double Dactyl Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Double Dactyl poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Double Dactyl poetry form by poem length and keyword.


Holly Dolly
Mesmerizes me 
Ahead her work
Calls Me

Proofs her love
Not for me
But for hersake
Abandoning Romance


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Categories: 10th grade, abortion, beauty, betrayal, cute love,
Form: Double Dactyl

Premium Member Van Helsing
Gabriel Van Helsing
came so great like
a speeding arrow,

never comes late
under call as
and charging sparrow.

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Categories: hero,
Form: Double Dactyl
Rikki Tikki
Slippery Slappery
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Chased the snake
Down into the hole

Digging deeper
Much like a 
He happened upon a mole.

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Categories: children, funny, on writing and words,
Form: Double Dactyl
Santa's Sleigh limerick
We're singing the song of the sleigh 
As Santa gets his underway. 
The bells are a-jingle, 
Our tummies a-tingle, 

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Categories: sports,
Form: Double Dactyl
Basketball limerick
A basket ball player with bounce
Said, “All my opponents I'll trounce.”
But thanks to a gale
He fell on his tail,
And off in a huff he'd to flounce!...

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Categories: sports,
Form: Double Dactyl

Premium Member Notably Quotably
Notably quotably
Poetry's potency
Metrical dictation

Cozily, dozily
Wordably herbal tea


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Categories: addiction, fun, games, poetry, words, write, writing,
Form: Double Dactyl
Deceitful Tongues
Rabasha Kabasha
Old Prophet Noadiah
Rifling society
Lying to God

Judgement shall fall on thee
Thou art an enemy
One to the Lord...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member My Wife Came Up With This
Piggable - Jiggable
Ivan the Terrible
Strangely proposed to 
Elizabeth One.
Russian society,
Made her refuse him
And spoil his fun....

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Categories: funny, history, imagination,
Form: Double Dactyl
Baseball limerick
A big baseball player on pitch
Developed a strange kind of itch:
The ball flew up straight
Then down on his pate,
So he blamed the whole thing on a witch!...

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Categories: sports,
Form: Double Dactyl
When Mothering Day comes on Sunday
We all want to make it a fun day.
We all love our mum,
She's who we came from,
Though she sends us to school on a Monday!...

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Categories: sports,
Form: Double Dactyl
Skip To The End
Tickety Tockety!
Jason the Clockwatcher
Has eight more hours until
He can go play.

Temporal oddities!
Mentally done but just
Starting the day....

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Categories: time, work,
Form: Double Dactyl
In Abasement In A Basement
OH - nonny, NO - nonny
Nicholas Goalsworthy
Promised again to
Renounce alcohol.
Muttering epithets,
Cursing the wall....

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Categories: angst, depression, sad,
Form: Double Dactyl
Woe is me-woe is me
Romeo Montague 
loved Julie Capulet
what e'er the cost,

but in the end it seems
lovers so torn between
fueds, can be lost....

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Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,
Form: Double Dactyl
Fuzzily Wuzzily
Benjamin Gib-a-ney
Grew him a beard which was 
Coming in fine.

Then he found out he had 
He can shave his, but he'd
Best not touch mine....

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Categories: fear, funny,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Politics and Pulchritude
Forty-fifth president
Some think him marvelous;
Others a jerk.

Chasm political
Breached by consensus, his
Routine needs work....

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Categories: fun, funny, political,
Form: Double Dactyl
Beyonce's Baby
Wiggley jiggeldy
Beyonce Giselle
Belted the blues but
Got rich instead.

“Dreamgirls” was successful
Like her baby within
Surprise from bed.

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Categories: life, on work and working, people,
Form: Double Dactyl
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich
So loved his country
He betrayed his wife.
Whilst berating Bill Clinton
His run for presidency
Now full of strife....

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Categories: people, political
Form: Double Dactyl
Young Dr Frankenstein
Young Dr. Frankenstein.
thought he was able to
cook up a man.
baking and broiling and
things to invent such a
Frankenstein plan....

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Categories: crazy,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Tough Deal
Ouchica grouchica
Monica Hunt-Summers
Freed of staid husband her
Eyes flashing bright

Sashayed to Florida
Surveyed the options and
Quick said goodnight....

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Categories: hope,
Form: Double Dactyl
Trying Something New
Limerick Gimmerick
Jason of Pendleton
Tried double-dactyls while
Fearing the worst.

They're all bass-ackwards cuz
He's used to anapest
(Dactyls reversed)....

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Categories: on writing and words,
Form: Double Dactyl
Birthday double dactyl
Hap-i-ty Birth-a-day
many long years ago
then was a guy named Sid
born to his folks.

Now on this special day
everyone celebrates
one of lifes jokes....

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Categories: funny, holiday,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Finding My Teddy Bear
Finding My Teddy Bear

Oh, cuddly
Teddy Bear
Run up stream
With me

To fresh springs
Spread in softness
Under a tree

connie pachecho


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Categories: beauty, romance,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Emiline Richardson
Diggety Duggety Emiline Richardson Studied the Etruscans Classically Votive bronze objects, all Archaeological: What I dug up on her Posthumously

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Categories: history, humorous,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member His New Sweetness
His New Sweetness

You're so honey
Sweet Bee
Fly with me
To your flower

Wings be flapping
In budding unison
My dear, lover

connie pachecho


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Categories: beauty, flower, love,
Form: Double Dactyl
Two hundred years Charles Dickens
Chuzzlewit Chuzzlewit
Nicolas Nickleby
Pickwick, Scrooge, Dombey
And more of their kind

Two hundred years, filled with
Real, just like you:
It is all in the mind


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Categories: anniversary,
Form: Double Dactyl