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Short Curtal Sonnet Poems

Short Curtal Sonnet Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Curtal Sonnet poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Curtal Sonnet poetry form by poem length and keyword.


is a false saying.

is a correct saying.

Look at your Mother,
Just like a Bird' feather.
Even she is a girl,
In the form of a living Pearl....

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Categories: appreciation, bridal shower,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

Footsteps To Ruin
Footsteps to Ruin
This spring makes my heart beat faster
went for a walk saw a verdant field sprinkled 
with xanthous flowers nodding 
in the mild zephyr
 I must take a photo.
Walked onto the field to find the prettiest ones
looked behind me, my heavy boots
had ruined lesser beauties...

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Categories: betrayal, birthday, kiss,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
My First Kill
Ok, My first kill
He did deserve it
It was well deserved

They said "Do it" I said "I Will"
He begged for me to quit
Wrapped him in plastic, To stay preserved

Marked with a pile of stone
Buried shallow, Not even deep
I don't care if you find it

I peeled his flesh from the bone
Till his screams went to weep
Don't feel bad a bit...

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© Jay Moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: murder,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Always the God Poet
The Lord has always
in his own way replaced
What the evil one has stolen from me.

The Lord has always
been with me
when no one else was

God is good and God is
God is all their is !!!

Peace be with U

He gave me friendships
He gave me rainbows
He gave me Love
He gave me intimacy
He gave me everything

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© Gary Dye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Give Me That Rush
Kiss my forehead
My face is flushed.
Caress my hair
Give me a long stare.

Hold me, take my hands
Direct my stare and hands
to you.
I am blind, help me see
Hold my hands and show
me the map of your body.

Kiss my hands
My face is flushed
Caress my face, give me
that rush.

Take it off and place it
there. Take my hands and place
them anywhere....

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Categories: age, anxiety, deep, kiss,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

We're all parched to belong to one another—  
In this very race.  But the pace  
Is just how we meet—  
We’re locking throats together,  
Rather than open the drought in our face,  
To the song of our hearts’ beat. 
We all come alone— 
You have no crimes to trace.  
We’re just lying with the street;  
A lamp is shone—  
In bottles in our hands, we gather need....

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© Paige Hind  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, deep, feelings, humanity, identity, introspection, longing,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member The Precipice of the Unknown
Throughout history, Man's feared the unknown,
all beyond the horizon was taboo.
And yet, curiosity led the way
past village walls, into that phantom zone,
"where there be dragons," waiting to eat you,
maps say.

Found at the precipice of the unknown;
fear tries to take fleeting moments away.
But life's not a line; you're not in a queue,
new possibilities are widely sown
each day....

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, anxiety,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Reunion
A snatch of sound is carried by the wind,
a delicate and solitary note.
There at the end, the pitch just slightly bends;
it rises for an instance as it floats.
So lovely, it is over far too soon -
and then, a second, similar delight!
The chorus brings a lump within the throat.
Then, there! Two darkened shadows block the moon,
seen rising from the lake in tandem flight:
a pair of loons....

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member A Monarch In Flight
Not easily followed, a monarch’s flight
Delicate and dainty in so many ways.
Jealous of course is Mr. Worker Bee
She is lithe and lovely, pretty and light.
Wondering if she will last ‘til end of days.
She flutters past both my shoulder and knee.

She is amazingly easy to love
But will she return for all of my Mays?
Surely this will be revealed to me
All I know is she was sent from above....

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Categories: butterfly,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
A Winter Evening Commute
The winter darkness falls before the day
Has run its course, long ere the eyes of those
Who labor seek surcease from weariness.

The home-bound traffic winds its halting way
Beneath the moon-bound Evening Star and slows—
A mess.

And so I sit with promises to keep,
Ensnarled within a concrete wilderness
As news and music streams from radios.

At last the exit home—to eat, to sleep,
And rest....

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Categories: business, home, moon, planet, sleep, star, work,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Fireworks
Finding happiness I become weightless;
A giggle? I’m ready for anything, 
even a swan dive off a creaky plank;
An idea with a smile’s limitless,
that intense energy’s levitating;
Whatever inspires me I turn that crank
like fireworks my poetry will deploy; 
Floating on daisies in a riverbank
arms behind my neck I’m lighter than air,
nearby a paper plane called ‘No Joy.’
                 and sank....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, poetry, writing,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member If We Were a Movie
Once upon happily ever after,
it’s the power that the storyline has;
Khaki pants red shirts selling novelty, 
brown hair a montage passes in a blur 
ending in a field of wildflower grass;
Every scene filled with possibility;
You believe that anything can happen,
two lovers meeting on an overpass;
Copper sunsets if we were a movie,
Chocolate moments melt into forgotten 

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Categories: emotions, fantasy, feelings, romance,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Wedding Bells
Curvaceous beauty, she knows not her strength
Offsets gentleman to edge of his brink.
Then she captures soul with her sweet smile.
Our hero stretches to his tallest length.
Heroine’s face flushes a pretty pink.
Their love can be seen a country mile.
She pledges her love forever more.
As she cannot resist our hero fair.
Who can throw pink roses down the aisle?
That is what dainty flower girls are for....

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Categories: wedding,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Incoherent Happy
Thankful for kindness in every handclasp,
letting me know you are happy I’m near;
Pizza in a warm preheated oven 
anticipating cheese so hot you gasp; 
No need for a feast as long as you’re here;
A movie and a bit of your lovin’
I’m so incoherent happy with you, 
this special evening I want to savor; 
As spices permeate the atmosphere 
your love is a gift too good to be true 

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Categories: emotions, feelings, love, thanksgiving,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Lullaby For a Daydreamer
We are made to make it up as we go 
extracting wild ideas from our minds;
Dancing to music no one else can hear 
yet graceful every motion seems to flow;
Buried moments turn into hidden finds 
once uncovered they never disappear;
The strongest cravings you can satisfy 
just escape reality shut those blinds;
Fall asleep wander without any fear,
listen to a daydreamer’s lullaby 
                  my dear....

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Categories: dream, emotions, feelings,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Sonnet 1
It is as fast as lightning, 
And you never know when or where it is occurring. 
You are told about it, what a bore, 
But soon you'll be at it's door. 
You might bawl, 
But it comes for us all. 
You should not fret, 
Because I would bet, 
That it will not hurt, 
And it will be curt. 
So don't you worry, 
There's no need to hurry
	Someday the world will stop, 
	But don't stop, you haven't reached the top...

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Categories: 9th grade, death,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Futile
Spider webs woven into that guitar,
soft music will echo and hang around;
The audience an unsuspecting fly 
tries to wiggle held tight by a grimoire;
Souls become lost and can never be found;
It will not fail over time they comply,
something in the air sedates what is shrill;
Quiet now it’s not so bad being bound; 
Your submission you can now justify 
any other move has become futile 
                   to try....

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Categories: emotions, guitar, music,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member With All My Soul
I reach for you.....  With my eyes into the heavens  
I reach for you.... With my hand to feel your peace

I reach for you. .. With a heavy heart then blessed with your love

I reach for you.... With all my fears never afraid when you envelope  my spirit

I reach for you ...To guide my days in the warmth of the sun I partake in your love

I reach for you...With All My Soul. ..To Give Thanks. ..for Your Blessing...

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Categories: body, heart, heaven, soulmate, visionary,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member A Summer Breeze
A Summer breeze captures gallant spirits 
they add a bit of a charge to the air;
The taste of strawberries and lemonade
bring about a season with benefits;
Drenched in aloe you are beyond compare;
Maybe it’s just a coconut charade 
that’s got me seeing all of these visions;
Heart interrupted by a solar flare 
I lay in the bed that casual made;
Still I pray that none of these illusions 
                   will fade....

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Categories: dream, emotions, summer,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member An Ordinary Day
An ordinary day upon the trail:
a walk with Missy, cutting vines and trees.
That spoon of sugar goes a long, long way
in finding joy in what the work entails.
Imagine then how much that I was pleased
to hear young voices singing loud and gay,
come running at me in a wild stampede,
wrap arms around my leg and tightly squeeze.
Because this happens often, I can say
extraordinary, true, but yes indeed,
an ordinary day....

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: grandchild, nature, work,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Shipwrecked
Starry midnight blue handwritten love notes 
white caps a message for a metaphor; 
Every ounce of my self control just quits,
waning with sweet nothings and gentle quotes;
Oh my siren, you I cannot ignore 
awakening my soul with a french kiss;
Shipwrecked now by your heady aroma
all I really want is you nothing more;
Your eyes electrifying my abyss 
a sweet message for a moment by the 

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Categories: emotions, feelings, romance, sea,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Transcend
It may not seem like very much at all
but what a result from a small action; 
With one simple step we all can ascend; 
Revolution. Evolve and heed the call; 
Your ideas will slowly gain traction;
Never born to follow we set the trend, 
I’m drooling over imaginations; 
A message can catch with a small faction 
the future that we need quietly penned; 
Every single one of growth’s foundations 

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Categories: emotions, feelings, humanity,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Smile On My Heart
In my eyes a canopy of sunshine,
melancholy days can make it glisten;
Above the darkness crazy as it sounds,
the choice to be buoyant is always mine;
Even when I feel I need permission,
do not imprison yourself with no grounds;
Let every ounce of that self doubt dissolve 
put negative thoughts into submission;
A serotonin type high knows no bounds,
with a smile on my heart I rise above
                     the clouds....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, happiness,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member A Never Ending Cruise
Everyday is a never ending cruise; 
Adventure lurks as we land at each port 
traveling the world with you beside me;  
Honey, with you there I simply can’t lose, 
perfect ship and luxurious resort; 
Wearing a smile like lights on a marquee
beckoning me softly to come aboard; 
Exploring with the gift of a passport 
you turned my dreams into reality; 
Tilted my face from the shadows toward 
                      the sea....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, love, romance, sea,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Silly Toys and Sillier Boys
I looked at the toys and thought how silly

And what if I called him mr. Billy

He stroked my face and said it looked sweet

I knew he was the man I wanted to meet

I thought to myself how delicious 

It would be if I made myself Nutritious 

He gave me a lick 

So I gave him a kick

Yet I am a boy and you are a toy 

So forever alone we are

With our tiny baby feet

Oh how I love the silly little pinky toe...

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Categories: abortion, best friend, betrayal, boy, break up,
Form: Curtal Sonnet