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Short Curtal Sonnet Poems

Short Curtal Sonnet Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Curtal Sonnet poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Curtal Sonnet poetry form by poem length and keyword.


is a false saying.

is a correct saying.

Look at your Mother,
Just like a Bird' feather.
Even she is a girl,
In the form of a living Pearl....

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Categories: appreciation, bridal shower,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

footsteps to ruin
Footsteps to Ruin
This spring makes my heart beat faster
went for a walk saw a verdant field sprinkled 
with xanthous flowers nodding 
in the mild zephyr
 I must take a photo.
Walked onto the field to find the prettiest ones
looked behind me, my heavy boots
had ruined lesser beauties 

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Categories: betrayal, birthday, kiss,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
My First Kill
Ok, My first kill
He did deserve it
It was well deserved

They said "Do it" I said "I Will"
He begged for me to quit
Wrapped him in plastic, To stay preserved

Marked with a pile of stone
Buried shallow, Not even deep
I don't care if you find it

I peeled his flesh from the bone
Till his screams went to weep
Don't feel bad a bit...

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: murder,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Always the God Poet
The Lord has always
in his own way replaced
What the evil one has stolen from me.

The Lord has always
been with me
when no one else was

God is good and God is
God is all their is !!!

Peace be with U

He gave me friendships
He gave me rainbows
He gave me Love
He gave me intimacy
He gave me everything

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© gary dye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Give me That Rush
Kiss my forehead
My face is flushed.
Caress my hair
Give me a long stare.

Hold me, take my hands
Direct my stare and hands
to you.
I am blind, help me see
Hold my hands and show
me the map of your body.

Kiss my hands
My face is flushed
Caress my face, give me
that rush.

Take it off and place it
there. Take my hands and place
them anywhere.

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Categories: age, anxiety, deep, kiss,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

Premium Member No Poetry
If there was no poetry in the world,
Not only the poetry made by words,
But that of movement, gesture and sound,
The panoply of beauty unfurled,
The presence of animals and birds,
The miracles of nature that astound,
We would be condemned to technology,
To cold, hard, soulless computers, and nerds
Who speak a strange jargon that would confound
Those of an earlier chronology,
That was less tech bound....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, bird, computer, environment, poetry, technology,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member An Empty Room
Many years ago, what I most wished for
Was to spend my time in an empty room,
With no pop star pin-ups taped to the wall,
Just a small room, empty save on the floor
An old mattress where I could consume
The wonderful nothingness of it all,
The absence of clutter and possession,
Where my anxieties could be made small,
Where I could imagine I was immune
To the merest vestige of depression,
And no tears would fall....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, allusion, how i feel, image,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member With All My Soul
I reach for you.....  With my eyes into the heavens  
I reach for you.... With my hand to feel your peace

I reach for you. .. With a heavy heart then blessed with your love

I reach for you.... With all my fears never afraid when you envelope  my spirit

I reach for you ...To guide my days in the warmth of the sun I partake in your love

I reach for you...With All My Soul. ..To Give Thanks. ..for Your Blessing


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Categories: body, heart, heaven, soulmate, visionary,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Early Days
When younger I had no great love for verse,
I could not have distinguished Yeats from Keats,
And only vaguely Shelley from Byron,
Milton I considered a downright curse,
My knowledge of Shakespeare far from complete,
My grasp of form I could not rely on.
I used to collect very short pieces,
Those longer than ten lines I would shy from,
Recitation not among my best feats,
Laziness being among the caprices
I would try on....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, culture, education, poetry,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Silly Toys and Sillier Boys
I looked at the toys and thought how silly

And what if I called him mr. Billy

He stroked my face and said it looked sweet

I knew he was the man I wanted to meet

I thought to myself how delicious 

It would be if I made myself Nutritious 

He gave me a lick 

So I gave him a kick

Yet I am a boy and you are a toy 

So forever alone we are

With our tiny baby feet

Oh how I love the silly little pinky toe


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Categories: abortion, best friend, betrayal, boy, break up,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
I saw an old picture today of me and her
She was wearing a
I don't remember
that necklace
or any other 

too many years
and too 
many beers
I guess

We were both 
so im sure
we were 
I remember another 
time I saw 
her smiling
but that is private
I only remember
seeing her crying
one time
sad blue eyes
that time
I wish
I could

graydye  12-22-10

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© gary dye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
no i don't make sense
i'm most always tense
and my heart has dents
but why should that stop us?

my theories are juvenile
my thoughts are in a pile
and my worries go on for a while
but you won't notice.

i don't have much
i can screw up everything i touch
and my morals sometimes wind up in a bunch
but i won't stop being in love with you.

no i'm not pretty
my days are most always shitty
and i have too much pity
but my soul is open to you.


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Categories: anniversary, courage,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Piebald Ponies
Piebald ponies, roaming wild, fresh and free,
Outlaw ponies, too difficult to ride,
They refuse to have riders on their backs,
From human contact they prefer to flee,
They are too wild, and have too much pride,
They will not consent to being hacks.
They are not horses with pedigree named,
Away from people they have always shied,
Only with their own kind can they relax,
They are rebels who refuse to be tamed,
They make fast tracks....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, feelings, freedom, horse,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Scented Leaves
A poem about Australian gum trees
Could not fail to remark the pungent scent
That emanates from their slender green leaves,
Familiar to many birds and bees,
A perfume that is strongly redolent
Of eucalyptus, as it interweaves 
With other smells in the vicinity,
With which the bushland seems to be content,
And which, as a child, were well-known to me
Wherever I went.

November 10 2019
"Scented Leaves"
Kim Rodrigues...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird, poems, senses, tree,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
A Prophet In The Fire
He was young and one
Amongst millions of one 
He believed in One 
The rest in more than one

Prophet Abraham peace be upon him 
Faced their king Nimrod who has a whim
Of forcing his people to worship him
Abraham challenged him
And defeated him

The king was so mad but still
He ordered to make a fire hell
And Abraham was taken to a hill
They throw Abraham into it by a mangonel

But Allah (God) said, "O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham"


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Categories: allah, faith, fire, god, history, miracle,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member The Bulldog Has Become A Mom
The Bulldog Has Become A Mom

A blink ago she was our babe in arms;
Then turn around; and there the smiling girl -
Around again - the strong young woman,
Then wed, and another shares her charms.
Now she strides through life, our perfect pearl,
Embracing all the ways of being human.
Now she graces the gifts of motherhood
With all its joys and false alarms,
Bearing well it all, her world awhirl
Its challenges well understood
As all about, a little Chaos swarms....

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Categories: child, confidence, family, for her, mother, perspective,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
I sat in my lonely room.
Then I heard the noise of thunder.
There stood before me a man on a pale horse.

I immediately knew it was life’s doom.
My life was forfeited, for him to plunder.
He spoke I was shaken it was ungodly deep and hoarse.

You will be mine herald, he said to me.
Let them know that the horsemen have returned.
He gave me his scythe as proof, it filled me with dread.

For him I bent at the knee.
For him I would love to live in an earthly bed....

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Categories: bible, death, devotion, fate,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
The Grand Staircase
The ceiling lowers a chandelier’s glow,
A suspended drizzle of glass fireflies.
Marble tiers like a sharp-edged ruffle,
Scaled by lissome feet in buffed leather shod.
As jewels’ shine with sequins’ luster vies,
And pomade’s glints with brilliantine's scuffle,
A beauty to make all womanhood blush,
Ascends the stairs, and with her all eyes rise.
Silk gown’s long train trailing e’er so graceful,
A teardrop’s upflow that brings down a hush;
Young squires turn faithful.

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Categories: beauty, cinderella, desire, men, passion, social, woman,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Under The Palm Tree
sitting in the shade of a palm tree 
came here seeking for answers 
from modern cities,I flee 
to the bosom of my ancestors  
up to the blue bed,rising my dusted eye 
on the horizon to the west 
to the shining sun where it lie 
knights on horseback,rising dust 
 hunting for phantoms so thirsty 
for life battles will last 
want nothing less than victory 
everything is passing by me so fast 
sands tickling my face,whispering "hey"
  wake up it is end of the day 

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Categories: arabic,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
when we were lovers time stood still 
over that old barn facing the diner sign 
that seemed to record my echo 

above the whispering hushes 
that borrowed time amidst the faint 
sound of a coo coo clock awaiting the maids 

to carry the milk over the full grown men 
sewing wood beneath dancing clogs 
upon red cobblestone I was quite 

taken by the hidden telly covered 
in colorful leaves craving my nakedness 
over looking Russian tanks tucked away 
in Kremlin arms...

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Categories: dedication, time,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
I Drown Within Your Most Beautiful Eyes - Valentine Collection
(Valentine's Collection)


I drown within your most beautiful eyes,
through wonderful visions of precious love.
What visions I shall come to visualised,
come my beloved to Heaven above.
Sapphire eyes do become my paradise,
I now join your dreams, my beautiful dove.

I now swim within your lagoons of blue,
entranced by the blue sheen shining love-light,
Ever I see the glory that is you.
I lose myself in your eyes shining bright,
you are my delight.


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Categories: love,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
STAR-for Ann
I did not plan,
To meet and fall,
In Love with You!
It Just Happened!
As some things do.
What can I say?

I do not regret,
nor will I fret,
I kind of know.
I guess that you,
don't feel the way I do.

I will always love you.
No matter what.
You do or say.

I can not help it.
Nor would I.
want to.

I will just view You.
from afar,
like gazing at,
a twinkling,

And pray and wait,
and wonder.
the marvel,
that you are....

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© gary dye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, angel, bird,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
To the lonely sleepers, I am a shadow.
To the hard workers, I am a reprieve.
To the young, I am mischievous.

I have seen many a man, fall before me and wallow.
For I have created worlds, they could hardly conceive.
Though to all in this world I am ambiguous.

To the lovers, I am bonded connection.
To the dreamers, I am a shooting star.
To the old, I am memories long forgotton.

I cause many in this world to, pause for reflection.
No matter what it may be a dream, is no scar....

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Categories: deep, dream, innocence, meaningful, memory,
Form: Curtal Sonnet