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Coyote Poems

Coyote Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of coyote poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for coyote.

New Poems

Premium Member Dreaming of Love
Another day dies as I sit in a fallow field and watch 
my dream sprouting among the wild  green weeds.
The  silence  of the valley is soon broken as evening
approaches and  birds  take their last flight.
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Categories: coyote, conflict, love hurts,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Rumors of Spring

Greening trees thatch a spackled sky.
Cardinals kick up patches of sound,
red periods and full-stops
amid an increasing catawampus.

I am far from song yet.
my ears are bats hung from chill temples,
but I do feel
a coyote-itch in my dreams,

do imagine a splatter of...Read More
Categories: coyote, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member WHO CARES
As worn and faded as the streets he walked
He drew little attention, gave same.
It is said that he doesn't care.
He knows different.
He shuns the oratory of clean hands,
Picks up their scattered flyers and handouts,
Quietly recycles them.

A wraith pushing a wobbly-wheeled...Read More
Categories: coyote, america, city,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Haiku 2-1-2020
rock salted highway
seasoning for the season
a coyote limps

John G. Lawless 
2/1/2020...Read More
Categories: coyote, nature,
Form: Haiku
Coyotes in the City
Here’s advice that we’ve received
In case we have a sighting
Of wild coyotes in the park;
The fear has been igniting.

Just raise your arms and stand up tall,
Pretending to be bigger,
For apprehension such behavior
In these beasts may trigger.

Then hopefully they’ll trot away
But...Read More
Categories: coyote, animal, new york,
Form: Rhyme

Immaculate Deception
Had been perfect and free from corruption, a natural singularity
Fractals proceeding from fractals in perfect regularity
Then, all of a sudden – a cataclysm – this pattered had been shattered
Like crystals being diluted by a prankster or trampster, and scattered
Some laughing...Read More
Categories: coyote, 8th grade, 9th grade, absence, allusion, anger,
Form: Abecedarian
Always Wanting You
Dry as a desert and thirsty like a coyote…
Hunting for its prey with strength and envy
My coat of fur is shivering from the cold
My growl in the dead of night is so bold

I'm changing bit by bit and no one...Read More
Categories: coyote, angst, courage, emotions,
Form: Lyric
Trucker Duckie
Trucker Duckie

His P.I.C handle is:

Road incorrecto políticamente 
rolls his 18-wheeler Hogg

Transporting border illegals is the 
			  Primary cache crop haul
Outfoxing blue Smoky Bears
			is his favorite Duckie call

Just like the Big Don,
dodging the Law
is an artful peddle scam

Switch-the-crate bait...Read More
Categories: coyote, fun, parody, satire, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Alpha
Wolves travel in packs, a few
Represented by an alpha male who
Is always leading the pack to a greater good
Where they can find food and shelter
With a chance of surviving the forest’s greed
For taking them on a journey to the realms
Of...Read More
Categories: coyote, animal, nature,
Form: Free verse
A Black Wedding Dress
It was Bastille Day, July 14
Your child-like outpouring of joy, your dapper black suit
My hideous black crow of a dress 
With your Robespierre tie. The tie is a last minute whim
Like dipping your Missoni handkerchief in my royal blood

Something always...Read More
Categories: coyote, art, conflict, confusion, creation, depression, horror, husband,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cartoons

Saturday morning, early, 
we sat around the toob…(tv)
We laughed. 

Road runner was too fast, 
the coyote was always too slow. 
Thundar was a Barbarian, 
and Strawberry was a shortcake.

Shaggy chased bad guys, 
Scooby was a hero.
Foghorn was a wise rooster,...Read More
Categories: coyote, america, cute love, heart, heaven, love, Lullaby,
Form: Free verse
Halloween Night Walkies
When out this night amidst howling winds, foggy dew and dark,
Cautious since creatures above and ahead make us wary,
We'll slip through soggy autumn hued leaves to the park,
Past houses with orange lights, ghostly draped strands and witch's cauldrons scary.

Mindful of...Read More
Categories: coyote, autumn, dark, dog, halloween, night, scary,
Form: Sonnet
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote

Wiley coyote 
you came calling today
in all your wildness,
on your path to an appointment
with survival.

You honored me with a pose 
on my favorite stump!
We spoke volumes of beingness
when our eyes locked
taking measure of our species

You in your red-gold prime,
arrogant...Read More
Categories: coyote, 8th grade, 9th grade, animal, appreciation, november,
Form: Free verse
I saw a Crow---In the top of a tree
A very short tree---No taller than me
There on the ground---There under that tree
There sat a Coyote---Way shorter than me

What's he doing there---There under that tree
Maybe the Crow's lunch---I'll just wait and see
No,...Read More
Categories: coyote, funny,
Form: Verse
Night of the Coyote
Night of the Coyotes

It was the night of the Coyotes
And the chickens were in a  scare
For there was the smell of Coyotes in the air

When the Coyotes started to howl.
The chickens knew that they were in trouble now.

The chickens...Read More
Categories: coyote, 12th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chipmunk

A ping of appearance,
while the world skids on.

I expect Wiley Coyote to turn up,
but it is only chipmunk,
a little mousy hot-rod, tuned-up
to outrun perception.

Yours is the trembling electric instant;
truly you are a light unto yourself.
Murine wisp with whiskers,
always thrilled by...Read More
Categories: coyote, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Go west, young man
             ~ Corny Narrative ~

Go west, young man, he was told, so he did
   He was only eighteen, a big raw-boned kid
His girl still back east,...Read More
Categories: coyote, farm, girlfriend, humorous,
Form: Narrative
19 Haikus and the Horse of Freedom

It is never real
Only in the midst of pain
Finally I see 

After the liquor
I am found on the ceiling
crawling to the floor

Let's get on with this
Panic in the avenues
Ominous defeat

Penultimate move
the coyote will win...Read More
Categories: coyote, allegory, dark, freedom,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Green Man

He speaks for the uprooted.
A man of sorts, a twiggy Buddha.
He who interprets 
the conferences of frogs, 
the unpublished works 
of kestrels and voles.

He’s an advocate for the underbelly
of a microbial heaven, for every kind
of uncouth animalcule.

He speaks for the...Read More
Categories: coyote, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Brave Woman
Brave Woman

Wounded and outnumbered by U.S. soldiers,
The Northern Cheyenne Warrior ‘Chief Comes in Sight,’
Fights to stay alive in the Rosebud Creek valley;
When his sister spots his predicament,
And jumps on her pony and races to save him.
Amid the arrows, bullets and...Read More
Categories: coyote, america, education, family, hero, history, native american,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Kid Coyote

He knew the river bend, both sides
    Curbs and crannies, hits and hides
     Bluffs and burrows the land abides
    That is why they paid him ...
Amply, the cartel paid him

...Read More
Categories: coyote, freedom, humanity, sad, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Zen of Running
My world is sleeping and fragrant
with its musty green scent
on a cool and quiet morning
I run, therefore, I am.

I’m followed by a moon shadow
until the morning light.
The dark to dawn embraces me
with rays that bathe my eyes.

The rabbit, deer, coyote...Read More
Categories: coyote, identity, inspiration, nature, solitude, sports,
Form: Free verse
Among Students and the Mexican Wild
Among Students and the Mexican Wild

I climb steep slopes and peaks
And live high on the mountain top
I walk through forest and jungle 
Papa cannot accompany me
His work is in the fields 

Mama weaves baskets
And cooks whatever grows in the earth
We...Read More
Categories: coyote, change, childhood, children, class, education, freedom, school,
Form: Free verse
Among Students and the Mexican Wild
Among Students and the Mexican Wild

I climb steep slopes and peaks
And walk on rocky cliffs
I live high on the mountain top
I walk through forest and jungle 
Papa cannot go with
He works in the fields 

Mama cooks whatever grows in the...Read More
Categories: coyote, 3rd grade, books, dedication, desire, education, poverty,
Form: Narrative
Give me a once-upon-a-time
Once upon a time,
there was a girl and her dad
with a whole lot of happy
yet an awful lot of sad

but it was more than them
which you'll see if you read
they had a diverse team
on a quest they believed

if you're up...Read More
Categories: coyote, adventure, america, childhood, friendship, kid, memory, remember,
Form: Elegy