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Milk Chocolate Poems

These Milk Chocolate poems are examples of Chocolate poems about Milk. These are the best examples of Chocolate Milk poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Children's Easter
boys in pressed suits, girls milk white gloves......holding
melting chocolate bunnies


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Categories: chocolate, 1st grade, 4th grade,

Sweet Dreams
Chocolate bonbons are fun to have and enjoy,
Fudge made tasty, flavors little taste buds in glee,
SEE’S Candies and Whitman’s Chocolates cheers the taster,
Belgium chocolates tasteful...

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Categories: candy, chocolate, humorous, sweet,

Premium Member Chocolate Milk

I poured myself a little glass
Of chocolate milk, took a pass
Finished making my small meal
Another small sip did steal
Then asked, "If I should be so...

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Categories: chocolate, food,

Premium Member For All The Sweet Lovers
Flying Saucers, Flake, Bar Six
Country Style, Gobstoppers, Twix.

Toffee Crisp and Dairy Crunch
Grand Seville and Milky Lunch.

Arrow Bars and Sherbert Dabs
Caramac and Lucky Bags.

Crunchie, Topic, Fudge,...

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation, candy, love, sweet,

Premium Member In Land Of Cockaigne

I was driving home late one cold Winters night
It was minus ten and the moon shone bright
Then in my car headlights a young girl I...

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Categories: car, chocolate, fantasy, girl,

Premium Member Coffee Chocolate or Weed
I have a mixture every morning of chocolate milk and coffee
Never had weed, but smelled it once
Got promptly sick.
Wretchedly sick,
Never smelled it again.
Glad to have...

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Categories: chocolate, addiction,

Premium Member Guilty Pleasure
oh, milk chocolate
I really hate to love you...
my guilty pleasure

Date written: 08/14/2020...

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Categories: chocolate, perspective,

Cheers for Chocolate
Cheers for Chocolate
By Jan Beaumont ©

There are some things in life that you can't do without
Those things that make everything great
When you're feeling quite down...

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Categories: cheer up, chocolate, fun,

Daddy promised to treat,
Only if I didn’t leave any beet.

Mummy kept it high up on the shelf,
So that I couldn’t take it by myself.

The teacher...

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Categories: chocolate, 4th grade, 5th grade,

Rain upon me
 in such Delights 
milky cloudz field filled with moistures trife 
rain down on the grounds 
puddles motion with rainwater
drenching down upon the...

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Categories: chocolate, adventure, allusion, environment, metaphor,

Premium Member Chocolate Covered Roaches Yum Yum
I ate roaches for breakfast. Chocolate covered.
He studies my eyes, hoping for a reaction, or a bit of squeamishness.
I say yum yum and lick my...

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Categories: chocolate, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

I sit and wish I was a kid again
As bill’s begin, to create a mountain
My son also creates a fort out of them as well
My wife is worried in tears as she goes...

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Categories: chocolate, 2nd grade, candy, child,

cos the lady loves milk tray ABB
the dog's bark was a ferocious sound
the man stood motionless ..should he run or wait
imagining the jaws that would seal his fate

the window half open...

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Categories: chocolate,

Chocolate Milk Pt 2
Chocolate milk may 
be my alcohol but ice
cream is sustenance...

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation,

Premium Member Chocolate Yum
Eggs, brown sugar and some flour
Milk, fresh cocoa, too
Butterscotch flavoring and
Semi-sweet chips then
Mix and microwave;

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Categories: appreciation, chocolate, food, image,