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Milk Chocolate Poems

These Milk Chocolate poems are examples of Chocolate poems about Milk. These are the best examples of Chocolate Milk poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Chocolate Covered Roaches Yum Yum
I ate roaches for breakfast. Chocolate covered.
He studies my eyes, hoping for a reaction, or a bit of squeamishness.
I say yum yum and lick my...

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Categories: chocolate, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

I sit and wish I was a kid again
As bill’s begin, to create a mountain
My son also creates a fort out of them as well
My wife is worried in tears as she goes...

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Categories: chocolate, 2nd grade, candy, child,

cos the lady loves milk tray ABB
the dog's bark was a ferocious sound
the man stood motionless ..should he run or wait
imagining the jaws that would seal his fate

the window half open...

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Categories: chocolate,

Chocolate Milk Pt 2
Chocolate milk may 
be my alcohol but ice
cream is sustenance...

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation,

Premium Member Chocolate Yum
Eggs, brown sugar and some flour
Milk, fresh cocoa, too
Butterscotch flavoring and
Semi-sweet chips then
Mix and microwave;

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Categories: appreciation, chocolate, food, image,

Premium Member Dear Guest
At the sound of the gong you appear
to seek some welcome refreshment,
dear guests to be greeted right here 
with a cuppa is our sincere intent.


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Categories: chocolate, drink, humorous,

An Easy Decision
I have got a decision to make,
for every eating mistake,
‘cause now my health is at stake,
if I don’t attempt to take,
measures to become awake -

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Categories: chocolate, humor,

White Chocolate
It really isn’t chocolate;
At least that’s what I’ve read,
But rather a derivative,
Resembling it instead.

A mix of butter, sugar, milk,
Vanilla extract, salt;
Some people wouldn’t choose it

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Categories: chocolate,

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk is 
my alcohol because I
am underage. sigh 

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Categories: chocolate, depression,

Freep, the Icky Tick
There's something on my hand.
Get it off! Get it off!
It bit onto me and
I've hid it with my cuff.

Its face is buried deep.
Sucking blood! Sucking...

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Categories: animal, chocolate, fear, funny,

Stress diet
            STRESS DIET

I've found a stress free planned diet,
It sounds so good I shall...

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Categories: chocolate,

To chocolate I pay my respects
Some folks say its better than sex
whether milk dark or white
Ev’ry bar I must bite
or I'll get a lack of...

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Categories: chocolate, humorous,

Premium Member Ode to Chocolate-COLLABORATION
To chocolate I pay my respects
Some folks say its better than sex
whether milk dark or white
Ev’ry bar I must bite
or I'll get a lack of...

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Categories: chocolate, candy, humor,

Premium Member Chocolate
Oh how I love chocolate;
Dark or milk…Heaven!
Makes my palate jump for joy;
Sweet or semi-sweet,
It is ambrosia, 
for my soul…

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Categories: chocolate, food, poems, poetry,

Oh Chocolates
Oh Chocolates!
My love, my happiness. 
My consolation, my prize,
My sole partner in sadness. 
One bite into you,
And I'm filled with ecstasy.
You are my drug, my...

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Categories: childhood, chocolate, fantasy, kids,

chocolate milk
Sitting at a coffee shop 
I look over and see a tall glass of white milk
I go over and say… you look mighty tasty 

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Categories: blessing, chocolate, crazy, drink,

This smooth brown coloured ecstasy …
this soft textured sweetness of delight,
melts gently on the taste buds evenly,
satisfying passion with every loving bite.

Thank you to the...

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Categories: chocolate, food, sweet,

Premium Member The devilish chocolate cake FOR CONTEST
The devilish chocolate cake entices me to devour
I want to resist, the temptation just too much
Teasing me with layers of heavenly chocolate, black, milk and...

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Categories: addiction, chocolate,

Temptation in Black and White aka The Oreo
          (a poem a deux)

        The Oreo is there.

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Categories: allegory, chocolate, desire, food,

Confessions of a Chocoholic
Oh the sweet bliss, 
of a milk chocolate Kiss,
it's velvety sweetness, so fine!
I'll say it the first,
I'm afraid that I'm cursed,
with this chocolate addiction of...

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Categories: chocolate, food,