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By Leaps And Bounds Poems

By Leaps And Bounds Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of by leaps and bounds poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for by leaps and bounds.

New Poems

Premium Member Wasted Tear
Sadly, we still suffer,
from the slings of other's arrows.
So many lost souls,
with minds that continue to narrow.

With just a whisper,
they will always hear your sound.
Hence they come running,
by leaps and bounds.

Sometimes the grass looks greener,
within a stone's throw.
Far sadder is...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, anti bullying,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member City Girl-Country Girl
City Girl-Country Girl

I swore I would never live in a small town.
I wanted noise, people and the 
roar of the crowd.
Crowded restaurants, highways,
Exhaust fumes galore.
Sounds of police cars all over
Lounges, theaters and 24 hour
Those bright lights, you know?
And twenty-four action, no...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, america, city, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member my flowers grow two feet
My gardens have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to incredible amounts of
rain in the past two days; every piece of vegetation seems taller, and healthier.
The green of the grass accentuates the yard in such a glorious way that even...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, flower, garden, rain,
Form: Haibun
Suspended Animation De Rigueur Among Joe King Six Pack
Suspended Animation De Rigueur Among "Joe King" Six Pack

Yepper, once body functions cease
asper this ole codger,
mere seconds after expiration,
sans existential lease
immortality avails rubbery piece
of flesh christened

Matthew Scott Harris,
the legal mouthpiece
decreed by living will
after organ activity doth cease
immediate measures taken

courtesy Doctor...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, adventure, celebration, confidence, creation, father, humor, miracle,
Form: Epic
Premium Member uplifting chimes
Heard all from yesterday ,but today I do not hear
I had seen what was ,but today it does not appear
I felt the boldness within,  but today I am too meek
I was strong to hold up and pray, but now...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, moving on, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme

In The Rug Gad Throes Of Anticipatory Anxiety
Frenzied anguish precipitated Matt chew
Scott Harris, with
     unrelenting, unescapable,
     and unbearable despair, grew

wing by leaps and bounds,
     which fraught gloom didst hew
mindset equalled nought 
   ...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, fear,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Chaos in Laos
Looked up and down, right and left
Wondering why life suffers a theft
Subtracted beauty from my chin cleft
If I deserved and preserved the best
My love could lavish to attest
Why my love passed a preset test
Under dodgy durations of circumstances
Pummeling...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unconditional love letter to my kids

From generation to generation
Times have changed so much
By leaps and bounds
Back when technology did not exist
I grew up in a family of 13 kids
Survival was the game of life
Working hard day and night
Trying to make a better life
Nothing was easy
You...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, dad, i love you, my children,
Form: Free verse
Guilty Pleasures
I don’t know why some say chips are so bad
Tho we both know, not just one can be had!

And why do burgers have to put on pounds
With hot crispy French fries, by leaps and bounds?

And those sugary treats I so...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, food, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Family Ties
What is the meaning of 'family ties'
Is the meaning lost in lies

We strive to hold it all together
Although we're not birds of a feather

With different lives and much to do
we need our families, me and you

We laughed and cried, had...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, family, together,
Form: Rhyme
In These Last Days
In these last days
Knowledge grows by leaps and bounds; 
Science and technology are amazing, 
The invention of robots and gadgets abounds.

In these last days
Man is occupied by earthly endeavors; 
The world's end will come like a thief, 
Signs say judgment...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, hope, life,
Form: Verse
Little kids have a natural curiosity
that can catch us off guard too often.
Like little Bobby, who went into the kitchen and said,
"Mom, can I ask you a question"?"

"Okay", says she, "I've time for a few".
"I just wanted to old...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, children, humor, mom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bittersweet, Former Exultations
Bittersweet, Former Exultations

We met, in yesterdays, we long held dear
Once found our hearts leaped;
Great times, golden moments so clear,
sweet harvests were reaped.

An April day, blue sky sang out loud
Walking we, sang in tune;
Our love became deep and so proud,
Approaching the...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, beautiful, journey, lost love, nostalgia, remember, sad
Form: Rhyme
Advice to my pupils before I withdraw
To conquer you should at both ends the candle burn
By leaps and bounds seek long to sojourn
In the arena of knowledge imbibe from every stream
Lend an ear to your flaws,don't be so swift to overesteem 

You would later eventually society...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, dedication,
Form: Didactic
Bad News Travels Fast
Bad news likes to travel fast,
Much quicker than the good
And you can’t stop it even if
You pause to knock on wood.

It’s like a snowball, growing as
It barrels down a hill,
Unstoppable and uncontrolled
As oil from a spill.

Through phone or text or...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, health,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Your Daily Stress

Everyone needs a break from routine
It can drive us right to the brink
The stresses we feel just trying to get through
Are enough to drive us to drink

Doesn't take much, could be quite simple
Like changing the order of things
May not seem...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, health,
Form: Quatrain
Growing Up

Growing a little more every day
the clothes worn in summer
not fitting today

Growing each day by leaps and bounds
independent at play
new discoveries found

Growing and changing, days going by
baby curls are long gone
and your distinct infant cry

Growth spurts are often and seem...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, childhood, love, mother, son, mothers day, day,
Form: Rhyme
AC in Arizona
Lord only knows how the settlers survived
When in Arizona's desert they arrived

I visited there in late November
And the piercing heat I still remember

Air conditioning's great invention
Brought to this state renewed attention

The population grew by leaps and bounds
Many homes were built...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, funny, places,
Form: Couplet
Never Stop Dreaming
Treasures lost, treasures find
So many treasures deep within the mind

So much that once was lost
Has been found
Surpassing all your wildest dreams
By leaps and bounds
So many journeys have been taken
Behind these sleepy eyes
Soaring with glorious wings
Into the starlit skies
Discovering all the...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, imagination
Form: Narrative
Spiraling down the steps of life
Watching ourselves as we fall
Knowing not what to do about this strife 
As this black hole engulfs us all

Is this the purpose of our existence?
What's the point of being pure inside?
When our deeds are met...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, confusion, depression, hope, sad
Form: I do not know?
God is God and I am man
God is God and I am man
God made man from dirt and sand
God made woman from mans side
God gave woman for mans bride
God gave them both a garden fair
God gave it all but one tree that was there
God said don't...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, devotion, faithson, god, woman, garden, god, life,
Form: Rhyme
Love Anew
Love anew
July 25, 2010

My love for thee 
Is like the mourning dew
As it shows on the green green grass
And wildlife abounds
 At the sign of the first sun
As it peaks through the clouds
With its orange hue
The color is grand
And will...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, lovelove,
Form: Prose Poetry
~ (~) ~ This is Not for Me to Judge (Part #2 of 3) ~ (~) ~
But this is not for me to judge... for you. It is most certainly, just for me, to judge, alone, for 
myself, with Him. 

I feel Him now, don't you?

I am open to what you would deem. I am not...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, inspirationalme, me, universe,
Form: Prose Poetry
some fallen-leaves regarding longevity 6 - 7
i am to be blown off on the first bombardment 
then it is to be flown 
in the crowd of  fire-flies 
on the bushes of the scented-lemons 

and it is to see the memory race of the grown-up...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, fantasybody, day,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Blue Rose - More Than Just A Rose
It is so beautiful
It get it`s beauty from God
God has given it colour from rainbow
It`s smell is from the scent of God
God has given a blessing to it
The blessing is it get it`s charm
When someone by leaps and bounds
Takes ...Read More
Categories: by leaps and bounds, education, nostalgia, rose, rose,
Form: Light Verse