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Big Brother Brother Poems

These Big Brother Brother poems are examples of poetry about Big Brother Brother. These are the best examples of Brother Big Brother poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Big Brother Could Be Watching

Haven't got time for those cynical people
They're never gonna drag me down
Life's too short for whining and complaining
In their own negativity they drown

For twenty-four seven...

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Categories: brother, anxiety,

Sibling Love
Sibling love is special and sacred
Very unique as mothers make it be
Starts with birth of children to moms
And exists till the very end of life


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Categories: appreciation, brother, childhood, emotions,

Beware, Big Brother’s everywhere
and playing major predator.

Forever he’s sniffing around
our data to peruse.
For this he has huge appetite.
Our details he can use.

In former times he’d...

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Categories: brother, corruption, fear,

Premium Member Memories and Tears


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Categories: bereavement, brother, childhood, cousin,

Premium Member My Big Brother

My big brother filled with love                           everyone saw his grace    ...

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Categories: brother, faith, hope, joy, life,

7 billion super kill
7 billion super kill 
i wonder too about all this
my idle mind goes into overdrive
i think of the 7 billion humans 
the ruling elite may...

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Categories: brother, anger, angst, anxiety, gothic,

MY brother
You were MY brother, to love or hate as I saw fit, 
and you and I would argue the  about the world and politics,

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Categories: bereavement, brother,

Premium Member My Pet Poems, Max
My Pet Poems, Max

I hopped onto Craig’s List, made a phone call.  

Next day, with a royal blue, nylon carrier, which had a small,...

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Categories: brother, abuse, care, dog,

Scenes from the Past
A soft bed, a good book, a big brother
Listening to stories that sweeten dreams
Expressively read to us by Mother

A fishing pole, bobber, and muddy streams

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Categories: brother, childhood, family, father,

Premium Member You Know Nuffin

Having a preacher as a brother, he's Ok, as far as a brother goes
But; I am forever Bible-bashing him, just to keep him...

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Categories: appreciation, brother, education, funny,

Premium Member The Plug Socket Tale
"so, didn't my big brother say, go on, just put your finger in there"
Indiana Shaw *o*

"Then, there was the time, he asked...

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Categories: brother, hilarious, humorous, muse,

Street Skiing
Early one Christmas morning, many years ago, 
after the earth received a new blanket of fresh fallen snow, 
and while the day was still dark...

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Categories: brother, memory,

A special 
the baby brother
the start
Tiny and beautiful
moms attention
eyes on him
cries, smiles, laughs
energy in boundless
what a joy to have this
Little Brother
Baby Brother forever

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Categories: anger, angst, brother,

Premium Member Sweet the Greet
Dedicated to my beloved big brother, Billy, and his unique journey

For years he lived on the street
with no food in cold and heat.
My bro's rough...

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Categories: anxiety, brother, conflict, culture,

Premium Member BROTHERS

I remember 
being maybe eight
you were my idol
my big brother
we used to laugh
and carry on
sometimes we’d
even dress as cowboys
but most of all
you were there
when times...

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Categories: appreciation, brother, family, friend,