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Jungle Orchestra
Music dissolved all enmity, 
Annulled natural chemistry, 
All regardless of consortia,
Came to hear the jungle orchestra. 

Maestro King Lion got all in tune,
Baboon was superb on the bassoon,
Four parrots made a splendid quartet,
Chimpanzee dazzling on clarinet.

Tiger gifted on piano keys,
Ivory’s...Read More
Categories: bongo, animal, fun, hope, hyperbole, music, peace, society,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Beggar's End
From back streets, alleys and hedgerows they came,
all sorts of people with children and dogs
filling the Chapel like a hall of fame;
the smell in the air had a whiff of bogs.

The best beggar in Worcester, that was Jack
a man of...Read More
Categories: bongo, death, funeral, grave, religious,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member A STATED E-mail
I spilled a drink on my NEW JERSEY
I sometimes MISSISSIPPI cup
I am in such MISSOURI right now
KANSAS parila get whiskey up?

You shot an arrow INDIANA mull ?
Did you tell me that it was a boar?
NEW HAMSHIRE would help celebrate
And ALABAMA...Read More
Categories: bongo, silly, word play,
Form: Rhyme
The Dead's Plea
When my body shall lie still
Like a fallen wooden idol 
And all the air gone from my nostril
When I shall be planted, never to stir 
 And my body enriching the soil
Don’t cry for me

I’ m now a salient silent...Read More
Categories: bongo, age, appreciation, creation, cry, dad, wisdom, words,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Swahili Praise
English verse>
gimme sum mutual praise
gimme sum mutual praise
gimme sum mutual praise
All them there people's of the world;
Coastal dwellers praising; All day long, all the day long;
Rejoicing, and repenting of their wrongs.
Everybody on the islands;
Everywhere on the coastal Regions on the...Read More
Categories: bongo, appreciation, community, endurance, engagement,
Form: Lyric


mammoth misophonia
like monarch butterflies

he’s hard of hearing ~
resolved to turn sound up

nails on chalkboard
multiplicity of bongo drums

she hears everything
the clink clink of

spoon against bowl
the chomp chomp

of each major bite
piercing the night

this acute butterfly
must flee or fight

teeth...Read More
Categories: bongo, pain, , cute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Burnt Bridge
1. Betrayal builds up with great energy
winning my man
comes with a heavy bill of cost.
The third, trying to make us two unhitched
brings out thunderous evil from a Timpani
coveting from a loved one
makes her a dipsomaniac
and not even the threat of...Read More
Categories: bongo, best friend, betrayal, boyfriend, lost, lost love,
Form: Lyric
Leotards versus jumpers but just what one per cent will actually climb a tree
One day an ancient barrel decided it had truly had enough as it tripped over a bale of hay on the staircase. ENOUGH he shouted ENOUGH. But the only thing to hear this cry was the walls and floors who...Read More
Categories: bongo, beach, beautiful, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Indirect interference into interesting iconographic inked inner initiative is not a carefully stepping clam, a carved tree cake nor a dune of a moon. Taking no bistro out for a walk or a cafeteria for a swimming lesson. For galas...Read More
Categories: bongo, autumn, beach, bible, blessing,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Her Pearly Whites Broke My Heart

Her Pearly Whites Broke My Heart

there you sat in the cafe  
in solitude, and in grace
so, so pristine
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
i wanted to touch you
i really did
and smell your essence and scent
our eyes briefly caught
i...Read More
Categories: bongo, beautiful, crush, sensual,
Form: Free verse

Got to get that cheese pronto

Those that talked guano

Got hit with an uppercut combo

mano a mano

I had a dog named Bronco

And landlords named Helga and Poncho

Knew this lady that lived in a condo

And worked at Costco


Being shipped worldwide, even garbanzo

Jane...Read More
Categories: bongo, poetry, rap, word play, words, work, write,
Form: Rhyme
what p y q is reporting
A bin in a sin is a din a Zen. But a booming bongo basket could always equate to a left hooked right winged shark. Oh gosh it's dark.. Oh dear. Oh no. A cracked out fish on a display....Read More
Categories: bongo, baby,
Form: I do not know?
The nucleus of a pin cushion is akin to the internal mechanisms of a sausage. A big massive drama but don't tell Dalai Lamar and the turtle doves will sing and swing in the breeze. A damsel in distress is...Read More
Categories: bongo, allah, analogy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Politics
setback in Congo

or what seems as if it is

all bongo bongo...Read More
Categories: bongo, africa, political,
Form: Senryu
My roots are strong stemming from bridges and scaffolds that embody the strength of a spirit Gracefully swaying in the wind
Dancing to a tune
Adjusted tempo to a rise and fall 
I move to the beat 
Battered and bruised 
Soles of...Read More
Categories: bongo, analogy, deep, feelings, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Twirling into the wind
Steps moving to a pace
Hips swinging to the beat
Ears Feeling the Timbre
The tune to a melody
Its base a Bongo
Shaking to a Maraca
Accents to a Trombone
He is the Lead
So she follows gliding
Rhyming with all shes got
His moves 
He...Read More
Categories: bongo, art, creation, dance, love, lust, music, urban,
Form: Free verse
A Good Cry

i wait at the river for the cry of the loon
                                                           ...Read More
Categories: bongo, introspection,
Form: Free verse

Golibe,Have you ever see me wanted to
 sing a song of love to you with my bongo?
I have tatooed our smiles, never allowed
Your names escape from my lips like Words.
I Have seen your heart danced upon the song
Of love.
Have you...Read More
Categories: bongo, africa, animal, art,
Form: Ballad
Mop Handle Blues or Rowland Thunder
Young Jesi Naomi channeling Trish Roland 
incarnate professedly. Hour: you dead now?
Tuba bongo blues like a freight train serenade 
in the American night. You slammed life against 
the wall, slammed it. Drank it down 
with booze stained splinters and mop...Read More
Categories: bongo, age, art, beauty, community, confusion, creation, family,
Form: Free verse
American Haikus

the moon falls west-ward
the tule fog saunters east
summer ends early

New Siblings

puppy petite gold
bouncing around black dog's space
I know you’re in love

Swimming in spring fog
wind plucked guitar string in time 
Tule music plays


fog braised Fillmore
ready for full moon to wane...Read More
Categories: bongo, adventure, america, beauty, bird, boat, community, emotions,
Form: Haiku
The slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro
To the many hills that provide the most beautiful scenic views
To the people whose speech only provides melodic tunes of Bongo flava 
To the heat, that make every night a celebration 
To the cool waters, a swimmer's paradise, a fisherman's...Read More
Categories: bongo, beautiful, beauty, dedication,
Form: Verse
The Concert
The Concert

I was scheduled to perform in an accordion concert,
I was just 8 years old as I recall,
There was a contest to see who can invite,
The most guests to come to the hall.

My dad invited the whole family,
All the gals...Read More
Categories: bongo, family, humor, kid, music,
Form: Rhyme
Beauty Not A Beast
When I first saw her, she is someone who’s worst.

We’re same in brains and talent like a likely curse.

I can’t be so wrong with what I feel,

Competition is obvious like we all want to kill.




I never expect...Read More
Categories: bongo, beautiful, beauty, friend, friendship,
Form: I do not know?
Shara's Christmas Journey
Lust of the flesh is sin.
Sin is lust of the flesh.
Try repeating this one once.
What word was miss-pronounced?
Hearing is believing.
With fellowship and greeting.
Duffing our sacred billow caps.
To gifts of public speaking.
Thin ones borrow.
Plump ones lend.
Relieved, believed, we sing along in...Read More
Categories: bongo, anti bullying, beauty, bereavement, community, fantasy, mother,
Form: Lyric
The cow was playing cowbells,
Giddy Goat joined in on his guitar,
The horse was hoofing bongo drums.
Animals started coming from afar.

The chicken clucked an egg out,
Pig was oinking right in time,
Duck was tinkling on her triangle
While dog was hammering on his...Read More
Categories: bongo, kids, funny,
Form: Rhyme