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Short Bongo Poems

Short Bongo Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Bongo by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Bongo by length and keyword.

Premium Member A Giraffe, an Okapi and a Wildebeest
A giraffe, an Okapi and a blue wildebeest
Walked into a bar hoping to have an horde ‘ore feast
A bongo, an Asian water buffalo came in too.
I’ve decided to sneak out. How about you?


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Categories: bongo, animal, fun,
Form: Rhyme

Matt McConaughey
Hickory Dickory
Matt McConaughey
Player of bongo drums
But only nude

Masterly achieving
Blue-eyed, Irish actor
Very cool dude

Double Dactyl Poetry Contest (for paid membership)
Sponsored by William Kekaula...

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Categories: bongo, beach, celebrity, character, devotion, imagination, muse, passion,
Form: Double Dactyl
Banjo bongo bingo

I knew a Luke Banjo,
Who loved to see D’Jango
And often wore bongo…

A Nigerian Banjo
With craving for Tango;
A Tallying Bongo
And Packs of Sweet Ringo:
Guess his dog’s name: Bingo!

So, it’s A Luke Banjo,
In his life lots of - go
And a single lone – jo!

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Categories: bongo, addiction, character, fun,
Form: Rhyme
My favorite song
I cant remember the lyrics but it goes something like
then some lyrics about a girl
then the guitar goes
(ba ba ba papapapa
baaa babababa baaaa babababa
then there's a kind of cool rythm to it that sounds like a bongo being played under water.

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Categories: bongo, allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Twirling into the wind
Steps moving to a pace
Hips swinging to the beat
Ears Feeling the Timbre
The tune to a melody
Its base a Bongo
Shaking to a Maraca
Accents to a Trombone
He is the Lead
So she follows gliding
Rhyming with all shes got
His moves 
He hits the spot
Rhythm of the Heart
From start to finish 
Till the end they repeat
Twirling into the wind...

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Categories: bongo, art, creation, dance, love, lust, music, urban,
Form: Free verse

Somethin' 'Bout Us Colored Folks
This jive
You call
Jazz, well, my
Mama use to say,
It sounds more
Like pots
And pans
Just ripping and
Damn running down
These streets
Boy, you better
Learn how to read
This music and tell
People somethin’ ‘bout us colored folks
Cleo, dat Banjo and dem bongo drums 
Come straight out of mother Africa
We like to improvise and harmonize that
Funky off rhythm beat...

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Categories: bongo, introspection
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hometown Pleasures
Whip-cream dollop atop Granny Smith apple pie fresh from the oven. Poetry readings in coffee houses performed to a bongo beat. Saturday afternoon park baseball coach buys the burgers. Crash’in, Smash’in theme park bumper cars rac’in Indy cars. Cold beer hammock swing in summer shared with the dog. Things that really make America superb!

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Categories: bongo, america, appreciation, food, fun, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Family Conflict
Soft mallets play the xylophone
In comes the low note g on trombone
Two hard mallets add their sound
There's no dry bones around

Soon the sound of a low bassoon
Bongo drum adds its tune
Wind blowing the harsh melody around
Orchestra pitch now the sound

All this floating to the ground
Soon  the only thing to be heard
Loud bassoon making its words
Quiet, quite still; one lone note
Bass drum----boom...

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Categories: bongo, allegory, death, family, father, husband, imagination, life,
Form: Rhyme
I spilled a drink on my NEW JERSEY
I sometimes MISSISSIPPI cup
I am in such MISSOURI right now
KANSAS parila get whiskey up?

You shot an arrow INDIANA mull ?
Did you tell me that it was a boar?
NEW HAMSHIRE would help celebrate
And ALABAMA bongo out my MAINE door!

I'm WASHINGTON after tons of clothes
Don't call I'm ILLINOIS hurts my dome
Is DELAWARE of all that happened?
TEXAS anytime, we'll be home!...

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Categories: bongo, silly, word play,
Form: Rhyme

mammoth misophonia
like monarch butterflies

he’s hard of hearing ~
resolved to turn sound up

nails on chalkboard
multiplicity of bongo drums

she hears everything
the clink clink of

spoon against bowl
the chomp chomp

of each major bite
piercing the night

this acute butterfly
must flee or fight

teeth ground down
tongue bleeding

she kisses her man
good night


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Categories: bongo, pain, , cute,
Form: Free verse
Into the Demiurge
 Darkness envelops 
the city 
  the demiurge is open for business
    hookers on the street 
show their wares
   Speed freaks hearts 
beat like bongo drums
In the shadows 
   a needle pierces flesh 
Night people come out 
   in the shadows 
The smell of stale beer 
      and laughter 
comes from an after - hours club 
    The dark side of the city 
sings and dances as the 
   clouds block the  moonlight 
the night people 
   in the urban shadows...

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Categories: bongo, passion, urban, people, city, people,
Form: Ballad
The slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro
To the many hills that provide the most beautiful scenic views
To the people whose speech only provides melodic tunes of Bongo flava 
To the heat, that make every night a celebration 
To the cool waters, a swimmer's paradise, a fisherman's goldmine, a local's daily gift and a tourist's eternal camera shot
To the food, a signature that blends all the people, every tribe loving the other more
To the white peaked mountain, magnificent and always hiding in the clouds...

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Categories: bongo, beautiful, beauty, dedication,
Form: Verse
The cow was playing cowbells,
Giddy Goat joined in on his guitar,
The horse was hoofing bongo drums.
Animals started coming from afar.

The chicken clucked an egg out,
Pig was oinking right in time,
Duck was tinkling on her triangle
While dog was hammering on his chime.

Pussy picked up her piccolo,
Goose was flapping on his flute,
Donkey brayed on a big trombone,
It really was a farmyard hoot!

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Categories: bongo, kids, funny,
Form: Rhyme