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Bison Poems

Bison Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bison poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bison.

New Poems

Premium Member Mighty Tatonka

From west-to-east they daubed the plains with dark
          The groans of horns and hooves to shake the earth
             ...Read More
Categories: bison, animal, appreciation, men, native american, nature,
Form: Sonnet

mighty beast the buffalo
might we tame the bison
his strength shall
pull our carts
and carry our grains
that we might then show
these people who
great we are that they
have been lame
in there ability to
even have this breed

yet these mens shall learn
that wild
is wild
and what is tamible can...Read More
Categories: bison, adventure, america, animal, business, celebration, film, food,
Form: Ode
The food was indeed, Greek.
My first Greek Frappe!
A most divine, heavenly treat.
Gods must have created this.
So far beyond good!
In gigantic glasses,with ice chips.
It was as good as an Ouzo on the rocks!

The Festival on Saturday was terribly
I wanted to leave,before...Read More
Categories: bison, america, angst, celebration, clothes, people,
Form: I do not know?
The Midget Matador
Near small Rapid City,
a man came up to me,
said,”Hey, I’ll show you a good time.”
I thought that meant girls,
turns out, as things unfurled,
the man had something else in mind.

We went to a garage,
a rusty, grease-stained blotch,
type of place you’d see...Read More
Categories: bison, adventure, character, conflict, humorous, journey, silly, violence,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Longfellow's Hades
My aunt was a weirdo: she talked to trees, walked around the house naked and used to read me “The Metamorphoses” by Ovid and “The Song of Hiawatha” by Longfellow as a bedtime story. “Oom-ta-ta, oom-ta-ta”, - dactyl waltzed, pages...Read More
Categories: bison, books, dream,
Form: Prose Poetry

Bison Hunt, Part II
...Bob’s gun went off with a resounding bang,
the bull lurched, then slumped slowly to the snow.
Bob let out a loud cry of primal joy,
and down to his kill the three of us did go.

He gave up a short chant in...Read More
Categories: bison, adventure, animal, dream, imagery, native american, nature,
Form: Narrative
Bison Hunt, Part I
There’s this bison ranch in west Nebraska,
not all that far away from the Pine Ridge,
most of the time they make money off meat,
though when the weather gets colder than a fridge

they like to offer folks a private hunt,
to take a...Read More
Categories: bison, adventure, animal, dream, imagery, native american, nature,
Form: Narrative
Altzheimers:Thief of Light
Altzhiemers: Thief of Light

My good old friend is a prisoner
tortured by his own sharpest tool
The shadows of Altzhiemers
Throwing a cloak of darkness
Over his bright green eyes
Eyes that I regularly looked to
For wisdom and sage advice
Forty-five years of our adventures
And brotherhood...Read More
Categories: bison, friendship,
Form: Free verse
The fleeting dawn has translucent crystal light
that shimmers and wrinkles my furrowed slack skin. 
Then a temperate touch, my terrors ignite
as beneath my waves, dark currents surge within;
since time began, I have carried human kind;
but still I yearn to swallow...Read More
Categories: bison, nature,
Form: Lento
Premium Member When the barn door closes
within this barn one has seen  the hours long spent
days on end without excuse but always with much content
before the rising of the sun to end of the horizon
cattle here, cattle there and aloft is  a American bison.

resting...Read More
Categories: bison, farm,
Form: Rhyme
Two Broken Souls, Part III
...“Time was I wouldn’t care for your sad state,
I’d have my fun and leave you to your plight,
but four years in a cell changes a man,
and I have set out to live my days right.

“Been in nothing but trouble since...Read More
Categories: bison, dark, depression, history, hope, pain, recovery from,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member She Wolf
My nostrils sniff the air seeking,
the various scents tantalising.
Then I smell the bison and throwing
back my head I howl to my pack.

The bison start to panic and flee
as we follow hot on their tails.
Distant between us shortening at 
each stride...Read More
Categories: bison, animal, howl,
Form: Personification
From Heaven's point of view, you are of abiding interest
You do not have to do anything. Just be. Life itself is THE success

From Heaven's point of view all that matters is your light divine
Hidden under bushels of flesh, of form....Read More
Categories: bison, animal, dark, earth, heaven, i am, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Indian heart
Indian heart

Native soul

Ancient primordial

And centuries old

Their land taken

It was stolen

Land of the bison

Land of the eagle

Heart beats wild

Their soul is free

But forced to live in misery

Proud people

Of a proud nation

No longer living

On reservations

Indian hearts

I shed tears for you

Indian soul

I mourn...Read More
Categories: bison, culture, eulogy, heart, meaningful, native american, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo
A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo,
You won’t believe it but I’ll tell it to you,
I was driving there and what did I see?
All the animals were set free!

The eagles were flying thru the air,
What destination? They...Read More
Categories: bison, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Black, Black Hills
Oh black, Black hills above the grass,
rising up like a giant hold-fast.

On your sides heros are carved,
cut by patriotic hearts.

Great stone needles rising high,
futilely reaching for the sky.

Bison graze and great elk roam,
through forest and prairie homes.

In late summer the...Read More
Categories: bison, america, appreciation, beauty, imagery, mountains, nature, vacation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Khatia Buniatishvili's Piano Concerto 1 by Tchaikovsky
Khatia Buniatishvili's Tour de Force of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto N° 1 in B-flat minor on Zubin Mehta's 80th Birthday*

… the caged-beast terrified defying the donderbus blasts vollies of muskets and cannons heralding the charge cavernous ton caisses blown asunder one...Read More
Categories: bison, appreciation, inspirational, music, war,
Form: Free verse
The wild abandon

The tree tottered
the soil loved the tree
the soil held the turmoil
like a poem holds the lines and stanzas
brimming with the extravaganza of the spirit

The grasses won't let it go
the whistle of the world called
the train was pulling out
the tree willing...Read More
Categories: bison, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Battle Rap
Battle Rap

...poet in da house...

Now have a listen, for I’ll be a kissing…I’m on a mission
And you’ll be a pissing your hemolysin…a smelly emission
My words glisten worth the admission…full of ammunition
You’re under submission a life in prison…meet the mortician
Like a...Read More
Categories: bison, fun, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Antithesis

In May, the lion’s ear blooms immaculately,
As if the night sky is on fire.
It excretes a ravishing untarnished beauty,
A mesmerizing compelling beauty
Only the mad mystics and poets can discern.
Here, put on these rubber sandals;
The pair with the ostrich plumes,
For the...Read More
Categories: bison, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Alaska, The Last Frontier
Alaska, The Last Frontier

Alaska; the wilderness state, the last frontier:
Where majestic mountains, 
Deliver streams into flowing rivers: 
Down slopes covered in forests 
Of Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock
That dominates the landscape.
The name Alaska originates 
From the Aleut word 'Aleyska,'
Meaning the...Read More
Categories: bison, celebration, culture, education, history, symbolism, tribute, usa,
Form: Verse
Bison Ranch
Massive heads dipping low to the ground,
teeth cropping every last blade of grass,
shaggy beasts that don’t hurry for anything,
the giants have no need to move fast.

I perched myself against the corral fence,
holding my four-year-old son in my arms,
he gazed, en...Read More
Categories: bison, animal, farm, father son, fun, light, nature,
Form: Cowboy
Weapons In America
America has always been noted for its Wild West and gun slingers.
Stage coach robberies and killing Indians was also in center of attention. Killing off entire herds of Bison and Buffalo was also alarming.
Bonny and Clyde, Valentine's Day Massacre and...Read More
Categories: bison, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
The Enigma of Yellowstone
The Yellowstone River runs through the heart
Of a bold and magnificent treasure.
An explorer's paradise from the start,
It has proven perfect for our leisure.

A natural wildlife home and preserve 
To bison and wolves and elk and mule deer.
Serenity reins, as creatures...Read More
Categories: bison, nature,
Form: Sonnet
Mystical Lore of the ThunderBeast

Great Spirit whispers on breathing breeze; 'It is time',
puce plume in saffron noon signals hunt's aborning,
ThunderBeasts' harrowing hooves erupt Great Plains grime,
soon will ail, widow's wail like a wild dove's mourning...

Ancient wisdom, ebony eyes, high cheekbones wide,
buffalo, he knows, mystical...Read More
Categories: bison, death, native american, nature,
Form: Rhyme