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Death Best Friend Poems

These Death Best Friend poems are examples of Best Friend poems about Death. These are the best examples of Best Friend Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Man's Best Friend
Man’s Best Friend

Their unwavering loyalty will never adjourn,
they will patiently sit and await your return.
They will give you their best with unending love,
they are man’s...

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Categories: best friend, animal, dog,

Sweet Gizmo
Gilded in a shroud of leaves
Some of my favorite yet so abundant
They will hold you till you are no more 
Yet so much more than...

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Categories: bereavement, best friend, cat,

Premium Member Consciousness Correction
In life,
there are times when anxiety can set in.
Maybe from a person or a place,
then fear can follow.
Seems like anxiety and fear are best friends,

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Categories: best friend, emotions, fear,

A Friend In My Thoughts As a Lover
Where hast thou gone off to
What starlit sky hast thine saddened eyes gazed upon
From whence might I be able to witness
Thy form twist around in...

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Categories: best friend, heartbreak, romance,

The Spider Returns
All Hallows Eve regardless
Not Easter or birthdays
Tenacity of critters
Got me swirling in a haze

They get into the bathtub
The sink or in the car
Lord knows just...

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Categories: best friend,

Hummingbird Man
Every hum
How sweet
Rhythm the sound
Franklyn Greene the man
Had his own demand
Lived to proof
True Sportsmen
Solid foundation
Hourglass timed out
Whispers from the distance
Distances far and close
Yesterday’s past
Tomorrow’s everlasting

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Categories: bereavement, best friend, care,

To Know Love
it excludes me

I’ve never felt my heart flutter much
Seldom felt heat pool in my stomach,
or a yearning for another’s touch.

I’ve dreamt of a gorgeous white...

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Categories: best friend, emotions, love,

Premium Member Drift
~ For Mom ~

how …

to lay course
this treacherous journey
life …
when your true north
has been cleaved
from the …


* this is a form I created called “Bookend...

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Categories: best friend, death, grief,

Premium Member Angel Wine
When you slip away
   as you must
To be with the others
   waiting for you

My tears will be drop falling

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Categories: bereavement, best friend, death,

Premium Member Starlit Symphony
I still remember 
how you were
there in the dark,
holding my 
bleeding heart.
Whilst I wandered,
sleepless under
soundless spheres.

Now I search
for your starlit
that echoes,
as idyllic octaves,
from the last...

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Categories: best friend, death, death

Premium Member Falling Apart
My life fell apart
After 2035
After all the rest of
My brothers did die
I pissed on their graves
Though I shoulda been dead
With all the negativity
Swimming In my...

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Categories: best friend, corruption, death

The Voice of Loving Sentences
I came to your mind
I am like a sentence for you
You should not forget me in your mind and mouth
I want to see the world...

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Categories: baby, best friend, cinderella,

Natural Soporific Narcotic
Natural soporific narcotic

Recurrent suicidal thoughts 
vaingloriously wend along winding road
within windmills of my mind
(o'er a death cab for cutie weeknd)
yakking, yanking, and yawking zeal
becalming this...

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Categories: best friend, addiction, adventure, age, analogy,

Six Years
M' Sweetheart, after six long years of waiting
I have realized you will not come back again.
O, Heavens!  Burn with sorrow and bright lightning
For in...

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Categories: bereavement, best friend, longing,

A single tree in the middle of my desert

An image that has faded in memories
I wake up at broken clock time
Looking for a reflection of...

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Categories: anger, april, best friend,