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Best Worm Poems

Below are the all-time best Worm poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of worm poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Agatha Christie Taught Me to be a Book Worm
Behind a chair 
        Below a desk
 with my bare feet on a wall, in my flannel pajama...

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Categories: worm, books,
Form: Free verse

The Worm Poem
A Certain Kind Of Death 

She was in love 
Their expression of it 
Was the perfection of it 
The way they shared 
What they had...

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© Nathan D.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: worm, baby, death, mother,
Form: Dramatic Verse
the worm poem
A Certain Kind Of Death 

She was in love 
Their expression of it 
Was the perfection of it 
The way they shared  
Was beyond...

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© Nate D.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: worm, upliftingbaby, care, family, husband,
Form: Epic
The Distance of a Worm Hole 6 2016
The distance between us is like a pencil line drawn on a page
like steam in air

like the drop of water that captures in its soul...

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Categories: worm, love, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member book worm

between pages 
of biology book
prankster presses worm

AP: 3rd place 2020

Submitted on March 9, 2019, for contest THE BOOK WORM sponsored by KAI MICHAEL NEUMANN ...

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Categories: worm, books, humor, word play,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member The Turning
The year has finally yawned and turned       
Upon a half-revealed shoulder.
A vibrancy, intrinsic to a reemerging 
Enforcement of the...

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Categories: worm, celebration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Strawman and the Moon
A straw man stood fixed upon timber firm, 
gazing at Autumn's gilded, moonlit prize.
He, the king of Earth and the winding worm,
she, the pale darling...

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Categories: worm, autumn, imagery, inspirational, romance,
Form: Sonnet
The Butterfly
Enroling  you a worm (cumbersome and)
hairy, you- scimitar of leaves
Knows the pain ,writhing pupae
Abandoned and convicted
Constricted hanging straightjacket
Squirming like a jackrabbit
Gagged nocturnally - ...

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Categories: worm, angel, beauty, butterfly,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A yarn of sunshine
"I've got sunshine" 

This heavyweight wind
jiggles the chimes limbs hanging
a thousand sound waves invade 
visible radiation

Dark moonlight tempest
blunders off the mountain top

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Categories: worm, allusion, desire, earth day,
Form: Tanka
All On A Summers Eve
The screen door droops lazily, slightly ajar
Crickets croon lullabies, heard from afar
Kid’s sticky faces, betray ice-cream bars
All on a summers eve

Legs peel off chairs, from...

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Categories: worm, nature, sea, seasons, uplifting
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hubby's Hair Cut
A corner shop, a busy street
your mother's hand, your dragging feet
I can almost set the scene.......A messy rack of magazines,
A barber pole,  some shaving...

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Categories: worm, childhood, husband, people,
Form: Rhyme
Sue dated an old bloke called Darren
He said surgery'd made him barren
But one errant sperm
Escaped from his ‘worm’
Now Sue’s had a baby named Sharon!



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Categories: worm, baby, humorous,
Form: Limerick
i do not have the power
to control what haunts
beneath night's sheets
nor the courage
to send them packing
from the depths 
of my mind
nor the words
to bid them...

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Categories: worm, memory,
Form: Free verse

"An ounce of hypocrisy is worth 
a pound of ambition" --Michael Korda

This everyone's want--
stretching an autonomy to unbuckle self-discovery

I got mites...

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Categories: worm, character, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dirty Laundry
(She's Got Cooties)

Bitter every night, she speaks of another man
In dialogues, she rips and shreds my brothers sheets
Her moves are naught more than an exposed...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: worm, abuse, betrayal, devotion, heartbreak,
Form: Epic
A Farm Yarn
When we were young boys on our farm.
A fish tale never meant any harm,
We oft were given a look,
When from such a tiny brook,
We claimed...

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Categories: worm, adventurefish, fishing,
Form: Limerick
It bounced off the truck
And then rolled down the highway
Apple turnover


How 'bout them apples
When Jonathan McIntosh
Won the spelling bee


Apple of my eye
Jenny had the sweetest...

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Categories: worm, food, funny
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Jukebox Gigolo
Old Zack Adams sits a slouch’n so sloppy drunk on a bar-room stool,
Wear’n his cheap-threaded cowboy suit and a stained satin shirt.
All the while a...

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Categories: worm, abuse, addiction, allegory, emotions,
Form: Quatrain
The Butterfly You Cannot See

Once a caterpillar between a dream and reality thought she could be beautiful
~so on she dreamed...
Creating a shell to protect
under the bright new moon

The Cocoon~


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© Cindy Lu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: worm, introspection, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nevermore
I write of a man named Edgar Allan Poe,
Whose dark, tortured soul could not rest,
His work is something every poet should know,
These stories are among...

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Categories: worm, horror, poetry, tribute, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Trials of Meretrix Canto I
When your befuddled mind
Forsakes upon the ragged edge
Of swirling darkness;
Where eternal night awaits
To sate upon purest innocence
Besides an open grave!
When the gravity of your perils

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Categories: worm, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Your Eyes Are There
The tree stays empty
No bird no breeze no glow worm
The soil looks morose  

Dense clouds have gathered
On and around the grey tree
Blooms are comatose


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Categories: worm, beauty, hope, life,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Caterpillar dreams
Ah what wondrous happenstance,
For a worm to reach by chance,
The form of a beautiful butterfly,
And sip the dew dew drops where they lie,
On silken petals...

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© Judy Ball  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: worm, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Humanity
Even so young, life is so precious 
Of human nature there is but one thing on her mind 
As the two year old sits on...

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Categories: worm, humanity, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Youth, Time, Night Sky And Heaven's Blessed Voice, Second Poets Tribute Series, Vladimir Nabokov
Youth, Time, Night Sky And Heaven's Blessed Voice

As I lay me down in lush verdant grass
Gazing into night sky as Heavens pass
Twinkling stars, to an...

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Categories: worm, appreciation, art, creation, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme