The Age of Poet Destroyer

A diamond in the Frost ... I am Emily, gazing through the years, 
Like Poe from rancid taste and dark smoke shadows
Florescent waste escaping a decrepit yet dulcet wilderness
Backward capabilities frontal verse, I am her the almighty universe 

Ascending from yesterday's fall, literally and visibly
Swore to be everything you loathe most - a felicity of illusions
You will dream of me, a parasite you can't get rid of
Ripped open by paper and pen, rising to a new destination
A Destroyer begging to be free in search of a tender rhapsody
Blind by mediocre poets who tend a false nebulous star
No longer, will I impart into defeat - give in to trophy trust
The time of age, my allies whom I call my friends 
You are more than words on any God-Given-Day

To those unworthy of me, can march away from my parade 
Crying wolves, backstabbing clones, long gone stones
Each file is forgiven & forgotten, however, still trespassing 
Under a microscope, some remain to be a decade of lost words 
Grazing a forest grown for old news dripping water on my belly

No matter, after starvation, I found my way back to the same horizon
Finding time and space among a new docile nation
A buried treasure finding face among a fresh myriad generation
With anchors up, I'm headed full force, against every secret endorsed

I am the one you should not fear, I relish this wonderful community
I am she mounted above all years worn rising like a newborn sword 
Forged by the earth summon by the pirate's moon political creed
Ascending to a sweet ascension with the best kind of immunity
With paper and pen, I sit to please and prosper my poetry need
To you I leave --- Echoes of snow, numbing you with a poetic soul 

Love The Poet Destroyer

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 4/19/2017 1:26:00 PM
Dear Linda, You revealed your heart here. Every line is meaningful. Enjoyed. Without presence of Linda PS is looking like a tree having no leaves. Hope, you are fine with your near & dear. You might be busy in your personal life, but still please try to spare little bit time for us. A big hug from me..........with love//Manmath
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Date: 4/12/2017 9:09:00 PM
nicely done as always. happy easter to you :)
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Date: 2/13/2017 12:58:00 PM
Hey Linda. I just read THE AGE OF THE POET DESTROYER. Yeah!! I enjoyed it. Another success. VBR
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Date: 1/17/2017 10:32:00 AM
Poet Destroyer, wow! I enjoyed this poetry that you wrote. I hope to write like this one day.
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Date: 1/2/2017 7:31:00 AM
To be comfortable in one's own skin, to know truly who you are and live that, is the greatest gift you can give to mankind. Don't let the giving stop. Namaste.
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Date: 11/14/2016 4:53:00 PM
Keep writing this way. It would be an honour to last just to be destroyed by such.
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Date: 9/6/2016 10:39:00 AM
Linda. Today I have an opportunity to finally view some of your work. I must say that I wish I could write as well as you. Of all of the ones I've read I like this one the most. Please don't ever stop writing. Edward aka Eddie.
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Date: 8/27/2016 4:19:00 AM
Hey Linda, Hope all is well my friend. I love coming back to this piece of writing, I always enjoy reading it. Cant even remember how many times I have best lost within it :) Quincy
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Date: 7/24/2016 11:03:00 AM
Poetry is forever! Great write! Thank you for sharing.
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Date: 6/25/2016 9:23:00 PM
I have been away to long and it is a joy to know one of my favorite poets is still here. I will pay my dues soon and get back to writing poetry.Must write a poem about how Michael Ainsley has become Thalia Ainsley.Ah poor Michael has all but vanished .The new name Thalia is taken from Greek mythology ,the muse of pastoral poetry.good to be back
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Date: 5/6/2016 11:05:00 PM
Very very outstanding piece. Enjoyed every line. I am sure, pen of Linda is made of diamond. Fervently awaiting a new one at the earliest..............//:) hugs
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Date: 3/19/2016 7:45:00 PM
Rearing and bucking ride, you reach into a Place where much is but few to bring it out Nice
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Date: 3/14/2016 3:57:00 PM
What a great salute to this wonderful community of poets... I feel this piece is the real you, fully inspired! Thanks for writing this... hate to leave this in a comment, but is there anyway I can send a check or money order for a membership? I don't have credit cards. Thank you for your help Linda, and again, Awesome write! SMILE
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Date: 2/19/2016 2:18:00 AM
I dare not challenge the "Almighty Poet Detroyer"!
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Date: 2/17/2016 12:37:00 PM
Hi Linda, From start to finish we are on a roller coaster of emotions from your pen. We get on with joy and we go where you take us. Reading your poetry can be like being on a mystery train, we do not know the destination but we know we shall enjoy the Journey. Your images full of life. Your words find their way to sing. Your journey shall go on, and on, and on. Another excellent write from your pen Linda....Love. Vlad.
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Date: 2/7/2016 8:22:00 AM
Kudos ... I have to read this repeatedly ... an wonderful learning experience. Love, Bobby
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Date: 1/21/2016 1:21:00 AM
Are you kidding around? The poem is about the Soup, not, The Force Awakens. Who is the Emperor?
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A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 1/21/2016 1:45:00 AM
Riverbanks whispers
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 1/21/2016 1:41:00 AM
I have a feeling I know who the empor is..
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 1/21/2016 1:40:00 AM
Was I right.... cuz, I felt it was about the soup... I felt you were cleverly using the force..
Date: 1/13/2016 11:44:00 AM
I really like the Poet Destroyer. I shrink in the shadow of your expertise.
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Date: 12/29/2015 6:27:00 PM
LOVE. Your poem is deliciously elegant and I love the last line especially. But the entire poem is an exercise in how to write with feeling.
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Date: 12/6/2015 10:52:00 AM
Hi There, I have been away for a while and the first poem I read today is this one. Magnificent and breathtakingly eloquent and beyond.
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Date: 11/21/2015 10:33:00 PM
My dear Linda --- how exquisite! Your pen spills out words in a fashion that other poets dream of. Sheer magic!!
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Date: 11/20/2015 9:15:00 PM
Awesome write loved every line to the last word.....A 7!...-Love Ettie
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Date: 11/20/2015 4:23:00 AM
Imagination so real, your the destination on this level, No mediocre mainstream poets can understand and see what these writings can reveal, This world pillages, rapes and steals, I'm not an enemy, I'm real, can feel, So have a allegorical meal that's so divine, See the sign's of the language of this world, Spirits are our mindsets, you cant prove they're not so stop your quest, I request for you to invest in these writings, they're the best give it up for her, The Poet Destroyer
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Date: 11/12/2015 10:08:00 AM
Forgive me everyone, but I generally do not read long poems. However, with PD I am so fascinated with her rhapsodic style - kind of like a quickly changing dream sequence - that I must take the time to read. Not being a sort of modernistic writer, I love writers like you, dear PD. Love your images in imagination. Love, daver
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Date: 11/4/2015 4:23:00 AM
What a great write, there is a lot to think about composed in your words, makes me think. I have no fear that you will be the destroyer when poets put words to paper.
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