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Best Swift Poems

Below are the all-time best Swift poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swift poems written by PoetrySoup members

Chimney Swift
Chimney Swift

My precious chimney swift
Envy alone
Has named you so mundane
Tethered to the slightest pause
Amid your life upon the wing
Describing you as drab
Cigar shaped
And flying like...

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Categories: swift, appreciation, bird, psychological,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Narcissus meets his Nemesis - A Collab with Victor Buhagiar
POTW 15 July 2018       


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Categories: swift, desire, mythology, vanity,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member An Omen Of The Taste Of Twilight


is the wild magic of this place;
this wilderness I now roam alone
as its lifeblood seeps 
Afterlife mournful howls
across time and distance
go unanswered -
Oh, how...

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Categories: swift, angst, animal, death, fate, grief, longing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Just Desserts
I was at my favourite restaurant and I'd had a lovely meal,
if I finished all my food then a pudding was the deal
I’d relished every...

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Categories: swift, food, funny, humorous, rude,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Achilles, The Journey To Troy, Part Two
Achilles, The Journey To Troy, 
(Part Two) of (Part One-titled, Achilles, His Heart and Soul Were Mortal)

Achilles, The Journey To Troy

Woe! wretched horrors Olympic gods...

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Categories: swift, art, death, hero, literature, mythology, tribute,
Form: Rhyme

Cradled in the Arms of Midnight
Aloft, the gem was mounted in black velvet skies
A refulgent pearl, surrounded by glistening stars
Cradled in the arms of midnight, it hung in disguise,
exquisite as...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swift, moon,
Form: Rhyme
The Older I Get
I once heard the whisper of falling snow,
saw a spark in the eye of a coal-black crow,
felt the power and awe of a swift river's...

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Categories: swift, allegory, angst, health
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member A Housewife Unmasked
By day she goes about
the weary business of her dreary life:
a housekeeper, bookkeeper, shopper, chef,
   chauffer for two active teens, and 
hostess of...

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Categories: swift, wife,
Form: Free verse
A Former Great Nations Squandered Wealth I
Swept up into piles; everywhere 
Abouts; in collected heaps all 
Around.              ...

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Categories: swift, philosophy, senses,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Abandon Dead Trails And Thy Sybarite Lust
Abandon Dead Trails And Thy Sybarite Lust

If Nature's earthen-fires thy bosom holds
and thy heart's countenance mind's eye thus sees;
life serves best those adventurously bold,
walking worn...

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Categories: swift, appreciation, art, autumn, deep, life, nature,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Pandora's Temptation
For the third time Pandora stands before the box
Inlaid with jewels ivory and gold
In her hand is the key – she closely examines
Intrigued by its...

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Categories: swift, desire, hope, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Beginnings And Endings
Birth was suppose to come easier than this.
I pant quickly as I was taught, 
but pain evaporates my gallant front
and tears have come from eyes...

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Categories: swift, baby, birth, death, mother, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Captive Deep Blue Je Reviens

"Captive Deep Blue Je Reviens"

I walk beside you in your dreams,
you are always in me 
warm and pounding, twin heart, 
burning bright flame, beautiful...

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Categories: swift, longing, romance, sensual, valentines day,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Life Is For The Living
Today another angel got her wings
Promoted for a job well done on earth
Rejoice! In heaven, all the angels sing
His grace has filled her with angelic...

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Categories: swift, angel, death, grief,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The True Mother

“The True Mother”

What part of a heart
in another could one trust
when betrayal comes
like a silver bullet words and deeds
sharp piercing to burrow 
bleed out Life’s...

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Categories: swift, betrayal, imagery, love, mother daughter, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winter Guardians
Rows of heavy snow flocked pines
In varied heights stretch to touch
White cloud dappled azure skies.
Their blue-gray shadows cast across

Pristine snow and swift river's flow.
Steep hillsides...

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Categories: swift, beauty, nature, tree, winter,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Aching Sky
I knelt amidst the mountain's rise, beneath the weeping opal skies,
          There to measure Io's swoon...

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Categories: swift, adventure, beauty, fantasy, imagination, planet, science,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Batter Up, no longer
From outfield judging eyes await your plight, 
though sweat and stupor feign to your ruin.
Now pull up your trousers, cinch your belt tight...
glaring down from...

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Categories: swift, allegory, crush, endurance, passion, slam, sports,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member We Found Paradise, Its Valleys Wide And Soft Green
We Found Paradise, Its Valleys Wide And Soft Green

When your heart sang to this downtrodden and lost man
singing birds stopped singing to hear that melody;

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Categories: swift, appreciation, beautiful, life, love, music, romance,
Form: Rhyme
Of Ladies and Lords
He walked with her a good mile
and talked with increasing smile,
with wonder he sat,
for the gladness in her heart;
...spent her days with wild hope ---

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Categories: swift, fantasy, hero, love, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Prayer for the Bahamas
With broken hearts we turn to You
Our tears cannot help those in need
To countless souls we bid adieu
And hope You listen as we plead

Bahamians need...

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Categories: swift, faith, natural disasters,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tale Of Righteous And Just Demise Of Old Jack
Tale Of Righteous And Just Demise Of Old Jack

Old Jack had shot many before, once just for the sheer hell of it
Never squeamish about the...

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Categories: swift, art, creation, dark, fate, imagination, people,
Form: Rhyme
High Tide
High tide
sadness billows
swells over me in waves
massive, silent, overwhelming
melancholy ocean engulfing me
flailing, drowning in emotion
or maybe I'm being
too dramatic

It feels
that dramatic-
my universe slightly
out of orbit...

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Categories: swift, anxiety, bereavement, depression, emotions, grief, hope,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member THE JOURNEY
Once upon a weedy lawn
At Cedar Oaks Retirement Home
There sat my mother, weak and old
On an afghan knit to block the cold.

It was summer, but...

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Categories: swift, appreciation, child, daughter, devotion, family, forgiveness,
Form: Rhyme
A Visit From Santa Claus
It was Christmas Eve, not a soul made a sound,
And not so much as a mouse could be found,
The children had hung their stockings on...

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Categories: swift, christmas, eve, fantasy, holiday, tribute,
Form: Epic