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Dancing In Horror With Fate In Blackest Abyss Collaboration with Kurt Ravidas
Dancing In Horror With Fate In Blackest Abyss Collaboration with Kurt Ravidas I walk mountain storm, step out to cut deep its edge forever tempting that fall from its narrow ledge, in the midst of ravenous rage and great sorrows this beseeching spirit begs for more tomorrows; yet as silence echoes from tumultuous skies there is that cold ache telling me heaven denies! I wade dark poison seas, with heart's pains in my head begging night's deep cutting shadows leave my cold bed, from walls revealing hellish pits in dark abodes comes a beast, in its clawed hands agony it holds; shrieking, it pushes epic sorrows down my throat it surrounds my bed with its poison snake filled moat! I follow, trails into oblivion's black lairs weaving my own red blood into finely spun snares, with decaying memories as forgotten host dancing in tune with Fate's blackest accursed ghost, as fading calls beg me to wake, seek my retreat Raven smiles, summons me forth to its sweet bride meet! I cross the edge between the living and the dead. O, Raven, spread your wings and lead the way ahead through the sulphureous and bottomless abyss where ghosts of paramours lament for their lost bliss into each other's arms and echo of the vows of love fade slowly out in their postmortem drowse. I pass through hades which no mortals ever passed What mortals! Belphegor itself would be aghast at just a thought to look into the narrow eyes of the primordial chaos and fear. Here dies last light: a shine of stellas, a brilliance of trope, a glow of mind, a blaze of love, a ray of hope. "You came a long way," Raven smiles again. "Behold your true and only ladylove". And then my world - the hell, the darkness, the despondency, the fright - exploded like a supernova, and the light was so intense that all the words are not enough to turn it dark again… And it was you, my love. Alas! Exists no words to express how I feel is this just a dream or is it flesh and blood real epic shock, was a lightning bolt sent through my veins then Raven spoke, "I hold her because of your stains, come child, watch as I make her cry out in sweet pain, such is punishment for your youthful, evil gains"! I falling down, then broke into total despair from seeing my love chained, with red-soaked hair not then knowing the red was only red grape wine the threat was her sacrifice on which beasts would dine I could plainly see the immense fear in her eyes and with greatest anguish, hear her loud moaning cries! Raven spoke, " Please how do you like my newest bride"? I see your breaking heart, such pain can not you hide now ask her if to save your life, me she will wed or else on my command, this week, you will be dead With that threat, I begged her, to please let me die as I watched tears rain down from her sad blue eyes. O, dream, the creature from the darkness, the minion of the inferno that extends its dominion to the most distant nooks and crannies of my mind! Woe is me! Even in my dreams I cannot find oblivion, sleep of the dead. Upon the earth there is no place for me to hide from the dream’s curse. Nightmare! I rue the night and its infernal mare your ruthless torturer rides. I hear, over there, in darkness of my brain, your harrowing chains clank! blood drip! you ? cry in pain!.. I know it’s just a blank, a void, a nothingness that plays its hellish game with me, but my torn to shreds heart bleeds all the same. O, skies and hells! How can I stop this endless dream? I howl at the uncaring Luna, I blaspheme, I write the poems, I go mad, I go astray, I cry, I drink myself to death, I curse, I pray Nor devils from the deep, nor angels from above, alas, don’t listen to my plea and curse, my love. A Robert J. Lindley and Kurt Ravidas collaboration Dark poetry, Rhyme, ( Raven, First Contact, And Direst Dread ) Note: My great friend, has been a true and sincere honor to compose this dark tale with you. Your creativity, poetic insight into the world of words, horrors and apathy in the dark realm that haunts humanity and gifts our deepest fears, our most agonizing sorrows and frets truly awes me so. You have both my deepest appreciation and my sincerest thanks. God bless.....
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