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System of events so dramatic it reinvents.
My wisdom over lends a static in a sense.
I give them my hands in return for amends,
Even though it is them who never understands.

Shackled and chained, felt internal pain.
Condemned to complain, alone I remain.
I forget my name, hide my face in shame.
Aiming for the fame, my souls put in vain.

Isolated feelings, as high as the ceiling,
Dealing with each one as time keeps on ticking.
I’m sealing the past, and starting a new beginning.
This living I’m seeing, no one should be given.

Sometimes I wonder, when I hear the thunder,
Is GOD asunder, because demons are under,
Waiting in numbers, in patience, in slumber,
At the end of a tunnel, throughout winter and summer.

I guess it could be worse, I could be in a hearse,
If I put my greed first, I lay deep in a curse.
Since my birth I was destined to disburse,
For what its worth, I’m willing to make it work. 

Copyright © Danny Martinez | Year Posted 2005

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I've Got A Heart

I've got a heart that holds the answers.
And I've got the strength to carry on.
And if you think you've got the questions.
I've got the answers, to what you need.
And I've got a clock that keeps on ticking.
I've got a heart that follows along..

I've got a heart that'll last forever.
I've got a heart that'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive..

I've got more than the Tin Man or Scarecrow.
I've got more that The Wizard Of Oz.

When I feel my health's in danger.
I drink from the hardy fountain of youth.
When I drink of that mineral water.
It gives my heart, just what it needs.
Just what it needs.
Just what it needs.

I've got a heart that'll last forever.
I've got a heart that'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive..

I've got more than the Tin Man or Scarecrow.
I've got more than The Wizard Of Oz.

And while my heart's holding out forever.
There will be nothing to keep us apart.
Our heart's will be in bond forever.
And we'll have the strength to carry on.

I've got a heart that'll last forever.
I've got a heart that'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive.
It'll keep me alive..

I've got more than the Tin Man or Scarecrow.
I've got more than The Wizard Of Oz.
Than The Wizard Of Oz..
Than The Wizard Of Oz..

Rock-Lyrics By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1985,2015..ALL rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2015

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Wrote A Note To Santa

The day drags its feet, despite my efforts to speed up its pace. I got up late, so that I could sleep away the morning hours, aiming for a shorter day. Yet it’s only half past ten and I’ve already eaten breakfast and put my dishes in the sink. Glaring at the clock for the umpteenth time, doesn’t help, it just keeps on ticking away; yet I swear that it hasn’t budged since the last time I looked. I already tidied up my room, and picked up last years toys. And I’ve even put some milk and cookies out, hung my stocking up over the fireplace and wrote a note to Santa; yet it’s only noon, now what? What am I going to do for the next eight hours? Why does it always take forever for sleep to come, when Christmas day is the next day?

Cloudy skies explode in puffs of snowy flakes, 
Harbingers of excitement and sweet sugar cakes. 
Ringing bells peal and chime, blessing Jesus’s birthday, 
Icicles hang from the trees in ornate display. 
Santa and his reindeer are coming out tonight 
To deliver gifts to each girl and boy's delight. 
Mommies and daddies are all smiles and hugs of love,
As youngsters eagerly search the skies above. 
Soon night yields to dreams of elves and a flying sleigh,

Drowsy eyes sent to bed to wait the break of day. 
All the months of waiting will soon be at an end, 
Yuletide spirits fill their hearts as fun and faith blend.

One paragraph of prose, followed by a rhyming couplet first letter Acrostic poem, spelling out “Christmas Day”.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Do You Get the Picture?

How can a day last for so long
and a year go by so fast?
I'm racing for the future
with my wheels spinning in the past.

If the rain never stops.
How come the wells run dry?
I feel I can cry a river 
but there's not a tear in my eye.

How come we only call on God
when we're in trouble, jail, or prison?
How can we hear what He says
when we're to busy to even listen.

If the laughter never stops.
When will the crying begin?
Everybody is looking to heaven 
while we're still living in sin.

The clock just keeps on ticking.
How much time do we have left?
The Lord's heard so much whinning
that He's probably gone deaf.

I found a needle in the haystack
after I was blinded by His Son.
I'm going to smile when I see Jesus.
Maybe you better run.

How can it be so quiet
when the music never stops?
Who made all these rules
and who's policing the cops.

If you never question authority 
are any of us truly free?
When did the land of opportunity
turn into the land of the fee?

Why do the poor always pay 
while the rich get richer?
Do you think the presidents poor
or do you get the picture?

How can we all be so damn poor
yet we still buy into all their lies?
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
and all our freedom dies.

Copyright © Allan Granstrom | Year Posted 2009

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Look at me I am frozen
because I was chosen
I'm his token 
that he had broken
leaving me mourning
while the waves cover over me
I'm lost in darken dreams
nothing is never what it seems
bye I cry while the waves ride high
into the tides of my pains
Oh, no hear comes more rain
I feel I'm about to go insane
Oh, why does my painful past 
keep coming back 
just to make me live it all over again
while the fears keep knocking at my door
while the tears pour
I can see you standing near
while you whisper words in my ears
O why me ? I cried 
where is myself worth 
while his evil words echoed 
as my spirit begain to sink
while my heart crash
and burned like ash
because of my broken past
We all know how this story goes
and how it has no end
the clock keeps on ticking 
tick, tock on the dote
until the old stain glass breaks
down I go into the darkness of a bad dream
I'm broken into pieces 
I drowning  into the darkness of you
I relentlessly started to fight for my life
but all I could do was sigh
because I didn't have no sight
for what is right
Oh, why did this happen to me again?
I don't want no more sins
I have tragedy with no remedy .

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

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Ye Ole Heart

If you wait long enough, things will surely start clicking Your elbows, your knees, then your eyes will start flicking You'll bump into doors Trip on things on the floor But everything's okay as long as ye ole heart keeps on ticking

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Sour bed-

As we lay here in our bed, somewhat like two strangers force to share the last hotel room at 
Mary K convention. At the morning table I try to hide behind my paper, trying as hard as I 
can to avoid an even modest conversation. 

As she stands at the stove and begins to slam cabinet doors in attempt raise some friction 
between us. I swallow down my last sip of coffee and grabbed my briefcase in attempt to 
avoid her sublime actions of frustrations. Doors slam as my tires peel off into the distance, 
as I felt her hawk like stare penetrating my bumper as I pressed my foot even harder to the 
pedal, as I attempted to lose her in the focus of my review mirror. 

Finally arriving at work nearly an hour early, my cubical soon becomes my sanctuary away 
from my marital aggravations at home. Once I began to settle into my desk, I soon release a 
sigh of relaxation. With each task completed…I soon began watching the big clock on the 
office wall as it just keeps on ticking. As I finally leave for the day and get into 
my car and with each turn of my wheel which brings me closer to my home…As I start to 
dread the very thought of having to turn that door knob. 

This place use to be my sanctuary away from this cold world and life’s little disappointments. 
Once inside, I drop my briefcase by the door…In a hurried rush to get up the upstairs before 
she realizes I'm home. This is not how I believed a marriage should be, yet I participate in 
these games of charade. Each of us too scared to end this game. So we both lie here in our 
sour bed of shame.

Copyright © Jay Anderson-Taylor | Year Posted 2009

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JUST FOR AN HOUR It's only an hour that I can spend with my Love Just sixty minutes but I'll take each second he can give When we're together we fit like a glove We're two peas in a pod, if only together we could live. This life is surely not the way we would wish Our schedules are a juggle of when we can meet We fiddle with calendars and timelines we squish We race to be together, we're run off our feet. But oh, it is worth it, if just for an hour A divine sixty minutes, and each minute it counts I kick off my shoes, and embrace his love's power The clock keeps on ticking as my love for him mounts. We smile at each other with love in our eyes We sip on our wine, our canapes we devour The way we must rush we sometimes despise But oh, it is worth it - if just for an hour. © ELR 2013

Copyright © Miss Wattle | Year Posted 2013

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In The Moment

Luke Dailey
December 25, 2014

Everything is topping up
The Lunatic has struck his luck
By waiting like a sitting duck
He found his “Stomach-tuck”

His stomach-tuck’s a golden goose
Or is it his final noose?
Everything is going round
But where is it going down

Is time a river or a line?
Nothing here is really fine
She used to be oh so kind
That was in a different time
Now she’s of the other kind

Hope is killing one by one
His mind and heart are one and one
Look at me, “What have you done?”
You were the only one

Take a trip down memory lane
What a pointless, silly game
If you don’t come out on top
Your mind will quickly pop

Lights are flashing red and blue
“Oh god what did I do?”
“I promise you this isn’t me.”
“Please will you believe me?”

I wanna go home it’s eating me
Wishing me to slowly die
I woke up in a suit and tie
Time just keeps on ticking by

No one sees, I sure don’t
Slowly closing in my throat
Waking up, it’s just a joke
God is crying in his boat

Is it raining or melting?
The Lunatic hears all the dings
The clock is rusted, time is gone
And his mind is too far gone

If you think he’s good you’ll see
What a joke he played on me

Time is gone, frozen
And nothing’s gonna fix it now
Nothing’s gonna fix it now
Who’s the one laughing now?

Luke Dailey

Copyright © Luke Dailey | Year Posted 2014

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And here I am again completely weird
But the clock it just keeps on ticking
But not the only reason why I'm tired
And my eyes they keep on flickering

When outside all these flashing lights
The sound of cars keep whishing on by
It's no good all these sleepless nights
If I could get some blink in shut eye

I keep on telling myself sweet dreams
Though most of the time they are vivid
It's like I'm jumping in and out of scenes                             
And only leaves one restless and livid

Yeah I defiantly need some more r,e,m's
It's like this bad case of sleep depravation
I'm often asked where is it that it all stems
Though I've never been one for relaxation

I need some more rapid eye movement
If I could get some of those sweet lullaby’s
Of course that would be an improvement
To those bags that are under my eyes

Thoughts keep going round in my head
If I could give some rest to my aching bod
I've just got to start getting myself to bed
Though still trying to find the land of nod

Something wanted to write about for a while
couple of verse not to happy with might update in futre
just getting some thoughts out of my head
im sure a lot of people can relate to this 
when in my ywenties did not need as much
but so much going on at times find it hard to relax
get in to that third stage of sleep 

Copyright © david scott | Year Posted 2013

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The Center of My Moment

Standing at the Center of my Moment
While writing these lines
I think of all the worlds moments
Taking up the worlds time.

Grains of Sand in an hour glass
dropping moment by moment
filling every moment with memories
that make up our lives.

It's 4:00 a.m. here and a whole new day a world away.
It boggles my mind when I think of time.
While I write these words, somewhere folks
are swinging or cooking or swimming, 
working, nuzzling, cuddling, walking, running!
Someone else is high tech. while I...
find my flashlight is best.

Teachers teaching us how to tell time
moment by moment a real gold mine.'
Bees are so busy collecting their honey 
and Wolves howl at the moon.
Dogs bark as kittens play.
Out from the lake swims a Loon.

I wonder how a moment can hold all of it.
Maybe it's just that they swirl and spin
Time keeps on ticking 
Each moment creating a din.

When I started to write this a few moments ago
I had no idea moments were like a big ol bowl!
Filled with memories that flow and flow. 

Copyright © Lydia Brescia | Year Posted 2012

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Questions without Answers

I find myself at a quandary,
A hopeless dead-end alley.
I sit, I think, I wait, I despair,
I rack my brain for remembrance.
I search seas and find nothing.

I am a sailor without stars,
An explorer without a compass,
A globe without a north.
Blank and lost I sit,
Hoping to remember.

I had it once, not long ago.
It was all there and answers flowed.
But still I sit here, thinking, thinking,
While the clock keeps on ticking, ticking.
Look at questions, remember the answers.

Search and strain, I comb my mind,
Remember, remember, it was all just there!
Round and repeat, search and repeat,
Over, and over, and over.
Time will run out, the answers will not come,
The fat lady is here, her song is sung.

Copyright © Clayton Poole | Year Posted 2011

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I'm chasing my shadow
Walking in circles
Caught in a daydream
That keeps spinning round

Speaking in riddles
Using unspoken words
Whispered so softly
Never making a sound

In a world of unknowing
Time has no purpose
The clock keeps on ticking
While both hands are bound

This place in my darkness
Life is contrary 
A world colored in abstract
Painting thoughts so profound

Copyright © Jared Ringeman | Year Posted 2017

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In life, it’s either pluck or luck
That helps you get ahead.
If lacking both, you might as well
Just not get out of bed.

For when you’re stuck in mire and muck,
In need of some unsticking,
You can’t depend on providence
As time just keeps on ticking.

The dumbest cluck may try to duck
When problems keep on pelting,
But just a touch of gumption
May prevent your core from melting.

We all get struck and have to suck
Some lemons while we’re living,
For most of us missed out
When luck and pluck were up for giving.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2014

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I look for myself

As I view a;; around me I wonder where the time went?
In the concept of time I was a speck that was spent
Nobody is left as I stand all alone
So I pick up the pieces and just go home.

I feel a bit betrayed I helped all that I could
I put my heart into it because I thought that I should
As I look at the returns they don’t equal what I put in
I wish for just this once it was my turn to win…

I gaze at the sunset as another day passes by
The beauty surrounds me the colors in the sky
I’m thankful for so my yet I feel a little empty
I’m feeling a bit lost in this land of plenty…

So many pieces I don’t know which to pick up
I feel like my life was inside that paper cup
Everyone ws done so it was just thrown away
So I just learn to live and fight another day.

Time keeps on ticking as ther clock unwinds
I still have my hope and the sun still shines
I just feel I’ve lost a little of my fight
I look for myself but I’m nowhere in sight,

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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A Deep Rooted Doubt

December 21, 2012!  ‘The day our world comes to an end’, is how the rumor flies
A deep-rooted doubt exists, as past predictions have all been so wrong.
Those last days of centuries past have  come and gone, like whistles in the wind
While Father Time just keeps on ticking oblivious to the song!

I imagine how broad is his smile when rumors hit the media scene 
Many worry, and plan for that “final” day, needless to say, hearts weep
Amongst scientists, and well known historians, this time, possibility may exist
But what can I do?  I’m no Amazon, barefoot, at five-feet three 

If by chance, it’s the end, could I possibly save myself?  My “plate’s already full”!
All it’d take to end my world is a strong current and a, three-foot wave
Maybe an unexpected lighting bolt if caught up in a storm. For these, caution will suffice
Out of my control; will not waste time as my life I can not save

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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Stinks Among the Stars

This poem’s stupid 
This poem stinks
Stinks as in shoes
Stinks like you
You are worthless
You are wrong
Wrong is right
Wrong defines bad
Bad people are shoved off
Bad things happen to the best
Best moments do not last
Best memories are taking
Taking stilly in a photo
Taking problems that mean nothing
Nothing stands up for doubt
Nothing is what lies at heart 
Heart beats to give me breath
Heart whispers what I regret
Regret is when we turn old
Regret is a feeling we seem to hold
Hold dear your closest friend
Hold on to the loved ones who hurt 
Hurt one another with lies of love
Hurt your Father who rests high above
Above is where death resides 
Above me, my grandparents lie
Lie that pulled your love closed 
Lie down to accept the end
End with a reset mind
End this poem that’s a waste of time
Time that keeps on ticking 
Time no one has on their hands
Hands that can’t stop moving 
Hands to offer a sense of humanity 
Humanity can’t think clearly 
Humanity is blind
Blind ones are known to see the most
Blind eyes are the brightest pupil
Pupil rests at the center of the eye
Pupil learns how to create a work of art
Art flourishes over all states
Art creates your very own world
World is where the people live
World hunger is what we strive to return
Stars cover up the night
Stars are what give life meaning

Copyright © Audrey Hays | Year Posted 2013

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To leave and die.
To Leave all behind. 
The things you started, and you began to startled. 
To be down by someone you adored. 
A simple smile you get. 
This isn't you are. This isn't what you really wanted but, time and the people you've known. Keeps you from leaving. 
Tears are flowing. 
Like water on falls. 
Unending unless someone can stop it. 
Like time keeps on ticking. 
You count it but it has no ending. FRACTAL.

Copyright © Joji Jebulan | Year Posted 2016

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Missing dad

The days go bye,this much is true
The world falls asleep,and awakes without you
The house is all ready,it's about to be sold
Just another address,with memories to hold
Time keeps on ticking and lifes going by
Trying to keep it together or break down and cry
My life without you isn't so bad
Cause I know your watching over me dad

                                  Shirley Willson

Copyright © Shirley Willson | Year Posted 2010

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Tomorrow becomes Today

The world keeps on spinning, always moving on.
What we have today tomorrow may be gone.
The winds of change are blowing, changing my mind.
As I look once more who knows what I might find.

Time keeps on ticking, another day goes by.
Maybe it’s time to give something new a try?
Nothing remains constant, we just have today.
The world could change if we all do as we say.

It is not always easy but a part of life.
Sometimes it is joy, others it is strife.
I believe we can learn to turn it all around.
You can’t fly, with your feet upon the ground.

Still the world is spinning, leaving the past behind.
We have to do what is right, for all of mankind.
The wind continues blowing now it starts to rain.
It can wash away all sorrow, erasing all the pain.

As the darkness comes it consumes all the light.
With the clouds there are no stars  in sight.
I stumble for a moment before I find my way.
I closed my eyes and tomorrow becomes today.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2012

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Time is obscured

The clock keeps on ticking as time goes by,
I sit here to think yet still wonder why?
As the day passes does it leave me behind?
While the clock is ticking is it time I find?

Darkness approaches as the night begins,
I stand in the dark just me and my sins.
I see what’s before me but there isn’t much light,
There is much more to seeing than just your sight.

Cast among the shadows I still see my way,
The ghosts whisper to me I hear what they say.
Why are they here I thought I left them behind?
Or is the darkness playing tricks with my mind?

They don’t seem unfriendly so I just ask,
Are they still here to help me with my task?
Or are they just a reminder of a life that has passed?
The answers don’t match the all the questions I asked.

The clock keeps on ticking now it is dawn.
The shadows and ghosts appear to be gone.
The sun shines down revealing what to do.
Darkness has passed night time is through.

I think to myself why do the demons come?
Why are they here and where are they from?
I resign to it does matter and bask in the light.
Maybe the demons won’t come back tonight.

The time keeps ticking I feel I’ve wasted the day.
I need to break free and send the past far away.
Suddenly like the light from the brightest star,
I see the distance before me is not all that far.

I find my way back as I see what’s in store.
As this window closes it opens a new door.
What shall happen next I’m really not sure?
I look to the clock but time seems obscure.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2012

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Tired is the shallow time
that keeps on ticking, with hands that climb.
Grasping on the beaded minute
and stapled to their winding arms.
Every hour keeps on passing
and yet this face just stays the same.
The gears inside are grinding ages,
how I wish there was a change...

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2009

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Time keeps on ticking, I've been here before,

searching my mind like a lost metaphor.

Parallel spots, and in between spaces,

Time can't heal what the soul replaces.

Looking for answers, finding no clues,

Life can't always catch what the heart pursues.

Standing still, but lost in the commotion,

looking for peace, and my fading emotion.

I am only me, I can't be nobody else,

I can't be full of sunshine, till the ice all melts.

Tired of time, and its imposition,

I find myself, but it's always with suspicion.

Closing the door, I open my heart

I want to stand tall, but still I fall apart.

Drowning in puddles, gasping for air,

I think of things that are no longer there.

To play the game is a chance I have gambled,

but my heart is heavy, and my brain is scrambled.

I close my eyes, to quiet the noise,

but thoughts can't heal what time destroys.

So many things, in so many ways,

the clouds reappear, and I'm stuck in the haze.

Life is a circle, going round and round,

you can't run away if your feet don't touch the ground.

Time is a just a battle I choose to apprehend

this is just a moment I hope to comprehend

Copyright © kara baker | Year Posted 2006

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I am the bend in the river

 I am the bend in the river
I am the path to the sea
I the Great Taker and Giver
the natural state of the free

 Come taste the moonlight in motion
floating on clouds in the sky
climb to the height of emotion
laugh 'til the joy makes you cry

 Run to the edge of forever
dance 'til the dawn of the dead
challenge the greatest endeavor
say what no other has said

 Somewhere a message is waiting
somewhere a child wants to know
too many days of debating
time to get ready and go

Ticking,the clock keeps on ticking
slipping like sweet sugared time
look at the choices you're picking
mourning to night in a rhyme

Out of your window tommorow
waits for no maiden nor man
burn off the mists of your sorrow
ALIVE,now at last!
make a plan.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

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Growing Pains

Sitting by the house furnace by the heat
my growing pains would lessen and I'd find relief
I would do this quite often while going through growth spurts
sitting on the warm floor in the hallway I would lurk

Now I'm middle aged and of course my full grown height
as I'm trying to age gracefully with all of my might
I know arthritis has invaded parts of my anatomy
and my eyes like to squint but at least I can see

Physically I've had a lot of wear and tear
from running around on concrete floors all these years
wearing special supportive sneakers helps quite a bit
as I'm not going to take this lying down and quit

Mentally I'm sound and still very much aware
that aging is just a natural process which I'll have to bear
I thank God every morn I'm still alive and kicking
as this body takes a licking but keeps on ticking

Am still learning new things most every day
and sense that time is flying by faster without delay
who knows, one day I might have to walk with a cane
hopefully realizing its just a part of my growing pains.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2018